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Overview - Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel’s most popular works include New Girl and 500 Days of Summer. Deschanel’s love for music led to her forming the band She & Him with Matt Ward in 2008 and performing a duet with best friend and 500 Days of Summer co-star Joseph Gordon-Levitt in 2011. Over the past two years, Deschanel has partnered with companies such as Huggies, Capital One, and Crocs. Below, we will provide a complete, in-depth overview of Deschanel.

Work Experience And Educational Background

The highest level of education attained by Deschanel is high school education. She is a graduate of the Crossroads School for Arts and Sciences in Santa Monica, California. Deschanel dropped out of Northwestern University to pursue acting full time.
Deschanel made her television debut at 17 years old on Veronica's Closet (1998). Her first film role was in Mumford (1999). Deschanel has appeared in 56 TV shows, films, and shorts in her career. She has directed one episode of the TV show New Girl in 2016 (House Hunt). Deschanel was also a producer from 2011 to 2014 and co-executive producer from 2014 to 2018 of New Girl.

Interests/Hobbies/Likes And Dislikes

Deschanel’s interests/hobbies/likes include music, fashion, and American Girl dolls. It is assumed that her interest in music inspired the creation of her band She & Him. Her interest in fashion is likely to have sparked while making her own theatrical clothing. Deschanel used to create storylines for her dolls when she was younger and has also thrown a party at an American Girl Place.
Deschanel hates being called “adorkable.” Besides hating the term, she also hates the stigma that it carries. “Adorkable” is a combination of "adorable" and "dork" and largely associated with Deschanel’s character in New Girl.

Personal Background, Upbringing, And Life Preferences

Deschanel was born in Los Angles, California in 1980. Her father, Caleb, was a cinematographer, while her mother, Mary Jo, was an actress. Deschanel’s older sister, Emily, is also an actress. She married singer Ben Gibbard in 2009, but divorced in 2012. Deschanel married producer Jacob Pechenik in 2015. The couple has a daughter (Elsie) and a son (Charlie).
As her father was a cinematographer, Deschanel had to travel a lot while growing up. She has mentioned that she “hated all the traveling” as she had to leave her friends and go to places where there were no food or things that she liked. Deschanel and her family have a preference for a “flexitarian” (flexible vegetarian) diet. Their diet consists of mostly vegetables, but they do not completely stay away from meat.

She & Him

Deschanel and singer, songwriter, and producer Matt Ward formed She & Him in 2008. The band has released six albums to date. Deschanel has co-written and performed every song with Ward. The latest album, Christmas Party was released in 2016. Their latest project was a tour called A Very She & Him Christmas Party in December 2018.

Brand Partnerships/Endorsements

A press search has revealed that Deschanel has signed many brand partnerships/endorsements deals since making her debut around 20 years ago. Thus, we will only provide only an overview of three partnerships/endorsements made over the past two years. In September 2017, Deschanel partnered with Huggies for an event that involved the company donating three million diapers. In November 2018, Deschanel joined Capital One’s The Purpose Project to encourage people to explore new places. Deschanel starred in Crocs’s Come As You Are marketing campaign in March 2019.

Major TV Shows And Movies

Deschanel has over 50 acting credits to her name. Below is a list of TV shows and movies which have been mentioned the most often in her biographies and interviews.
  • Almost Famous - Anita Miller (movie released in 2000)
  • Elf - Jovie (movie released in 2003)
  • 500 Days of Summer - Summer (movie released in 2009)
  • New Girl - Jess Day (TV show from 2011 to 2018)
  • Trolls - Voice of Bridget (movie released in 2016)


A press search and an examination of the list of awards that Deschanel has won or nominated according to her profiles on IMDb, Fox, and Biography.com have revealed that she has not received any awards related to music or modeling. She & Him has not been nominated for any awards, but Deschanel has received a Grammy Award nomination for her original song So Long (Winnie the Pooh). In 2018, Deschanel and her husband were honored at the Heal The Bay’s Bring Back The Beach Awards Gala for their philanthropic work. Below, we will provide an exhaustive list of acting awards that Deschanel has received.

Hello Giggles

Deschanel, Sophia Rivka Rossi, and Molly McAleer founded HelloGiggles in 2011. It focuses on publishing articles related to “beauty, fashion, entertainment, lifestyle, female empowerment, culture, relationships, friendship, career, and issues that matter most to young women’s lives.” The website was acquired by Time Inc. in 2015 and became part of Meredith Corporation in 2018. HelloGiggles’ latest development was the launch of a biannual print edition in April 2018.

The Farm Project

Deschanel, Jacob Pechenik, and Greg Campbell founded The Farm Project in 2016. Their goal is to empower “initiatives that reconnect people with food.” The Farm Project launched its first five-episode original series Your Food’s Roots with Zooey Deschanel, in 2017 on Facebook Watch. The topics covered by the show included “overfishing, bread production, organic vs. non-organic food products and alternatives to meat.” The Farm Project’s latest project was the Lettuce Grow program launched in March 2019 to encourage “Americans to grow 20% of their food at home.”

Interviews That Showcased Deschanel’s Personality

Deschanel has stated in the past that unlike her character in New Girl, she is not “quirky” or “adorkable” in real life. However, an examination of her interviews has revealed that there is still a “funny” side of her. While published articles do not explicitly showcase her personality, several video interviews have showcased her “funny”/comedic personality. They include videos that featured Jimmy Kimmel and James Corden interviewing her in 2018.

Best Friend

It is widely known that Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are best friends. They first met on the set of Manic in 2000 and later co-starred in 500 Days of Summer, which was released in 2009. Deschanel has stated that she hoped to do “a thousand more movies with him because he’s simply the best.” The best friends also performed a New Year’s duet in 2011. Gordon-Levitt’s is very active on Twitter.

Most High-Profile Feud

Deschanel’s most high-profile feud involved her former manager Sarah Jackson. In 2015, Jackson filed a lawsuit against her for unpaid commissions related to HelloGiggles. Deschanel countersued Jackson for allegedly pushing her to “leave CAA (Creative Artists Agency) as a form of punishment for the agency not getting another CAA client to sign with Jackson,” and claiming that Jackson knew “CAA was the better choice for her career, and that she got no acting work while with UTA (United Talent Agency).” In February 2018, a judge tentative ruled that Deschanel was “primarily to blame for not getting a film role in 2013.” A settlement between both parties was reached in April 2018.

Most Controversial Event

Besides her feud with Jackson, the most controversial event in Deschanel’s career involved injuring a horse. In 2013, Deschanel paid $17,169 (£13,000) to lease a horse called Literati from Patty Parker. She allegedly returned the horse in an “injured and unusable” state. In 2014, Parker sued Deschanel for injuring the horse.
The outcome of the lawsuit has not been revealed. An extensive search did not reveal any controversies or scandals directly related to Deschanel’s social media posts, topics of interest, or public statements. Please note that sources older than two years were used to provide the above information as Deschanel has not been involved in any controversies over the past two years.