Zane Hijazi

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Zane Hijazi Collaborations

Examples of companies that have collaborated with Zane Hijazi over the past two years include Blue Apron, Two Hats, Epic Games, Six Flags, National Pork Board, Smule, and Tinder.

Blue Apron

  • On March 30, 2018, Zane Hijazi published a sponsored video on YouTube that featured him and his friends cooking a meal kit from Blue Apron.
  • The description of the video also featured the link to a special Blue Apron’s web page where the first 100 to sign up will receive a $40 discount for the first two weeks of their subscription.

Two Hats

  • On April 3, 2018, Hijazi published a sponsored video on YouTube that featured him and his friends drinking Two Hats beer.
  • The description of the video featured #WaitWhat, and it was only revealed to be a sponsored post only after 10 minutes into the video.
  • The video attracted over 3.98 million views and around 170,000 likes.

Epic Games

Six Flags

National Pork Board


  • On May 3, 2019, Hijazi published a video sponsored by Smule.
  • He spent the first minute of the video promoting the social network for music and encouraging viewers to sign up and sing with him before the video started playing the actual content.
  • The video attracted over 1.79 million views and around 91,000 likes.


  • On September 24, 2019, Hijazi and King appeared on a YouTube video published by Tinder.
  • In the video, the Vlog Squad members reacted to a series of Tinder tips and provided some dating advice.
  • Hijazi has also published a post on Instagram that featured #tinderpartner and #swipelife to promote their collaboration.
  • The Instagram post received over 861,000 views.
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Zane Hijazi

Zane Hijazi is interested in sports, and a mobile game called Best friends, and he is currently working on making videos for his YouTube channel. His growth strategy is being consistent and evolving in the content they are posting. He has many social media handles like Tiktok, Twitter, Instagram, etc.,

Causes Zane Hijazi Is Interested In

Personal Interests And Hobbies

  • He is interested in playing mobile game, Best friends which he plays all the time.
  • He loves sports, and he attended his first basketball game with his brother in 2017.

Current Projects

  • Currently, he is working on making videos for the YouTube channel. It is mentioned that they release a new video every Monday and Thursday of the week, and the last week's video was about Buying his dream car and the analyzation about who is the dumbest person in his squad.


Growth Strategy

  • In an interview with Influenceia in 2018, Zane mentions consistency as the key to his growth. He says people should not stop when they see any hurdles. They have to keep growing in their path, and also, have to evolve with the content they are posting.
  • Zane used Hashtags to popularize his content, and he also used an algorithm to know when to post the videos.
  • One of the key factors for his success is the group of friends, who are also YouTubers, vine and vloggers like David Dobrik, Jason Nash, Alex Ernst, etc., and he also collaborates with them.
  • Zane Hijazi wanted to be a travel director, but along with his good friend Heath Hussol, they started a Vine and became very popular. Then he started a YouTube channel, which currently has about 3.61 million subscribers.

Social Media Handles

Research Strategy:

We started analyzing his YouTube channel to get some insights about his interests and the videos he posts, We found that he feels passionate about topics like dating advice, Hair transplant, etc., So we have listed them in causes he is interested in. We then started gathering his social media handles from Facebook and YouTube accounts. We scoured through media sources such as insider and business insider news to determine the hurdles and growth strategies. Finally, for the hobbies, we scoured through his Facebook and Instagram account and updated the key findings.


From Part 02
  • "You guys know I love @BestFiends and play it all the time. If you haven't already you gotta check it out for yourself and download it now!!"
  • "We already know that Zane Hijazi has strong feelings about the (sometimes questionable) dating advice floating around the internet. As it happens, he also has definitive thoughts on a number of other topics, including but not limited to the “Game Of Thrones” finale, skydiving, and writing “good vibes only” in your Tinder bio."
  • "Apart from Paul and RiceGum, a few other notable YouTubers advertised the site, including channels like Reaction Zoom, Zane Hijazi, and Guava Juice. "