YouTube: Most Popular Types/Categories

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Most Popular Types/Categories

The top 10 categories on YouTube for all viewers, of which men between the ages of 28 and 54 are a majority portion, are Entertainment, Music, People & Blog, Film, Gaming, Education, Comedy, How-to, News, and Sports. The top types of content for all viewers, of which men between the ages of 28 and 54 are a majority portion are commentary, product reviews, how-tos and tutorials, top lists, comedy, challenges, reactions, Q&A, interview, and docuseries.

Top YouTube Categories by Monthly View Count

  • Given that the majority of YouTube users are between 25 and 54-years-old, that 62% of YouTube viewers are male, and that males dominate 90% of YouTube's content categories, the top categories overall can be said to be the top YouTube categories of males between the ages of 25 and 44.
  • In 2018, the only YouTube categories dominated by female viewers were Makeup and Cosmetics, Skin and Nail Care, and Weight Loss.
  • The top ten overall categories on YouTube are the following.
    • The Entertainment category on YouTube has 200 million monthly views.
    • The Music category on YouTube has about 155 million monthly views.
    • The People & Blog category on YouTube has about 152 million monthly views.
    • The Film category on YouTube has about 60 million monthly views.
    • The Gaming category on YouTube has about 55 million monthly views.
    • The Education category on YouTube has about 40 million monthly views.
    • The Comedy category on YouTube has about 25 million monthly views.
    • The Howto category on YouTube has about 24 million monthly views.
    • The News category on YouTube has about 22 million monthly views.
    • The Sports category on YouTube has about 20 million monthly views.

Top 10 Types of YouTube Content

  • Assuming that the top types of YouTube content are popular with the average YouTube demographic of males between the ages of 25 and 54, the following is a list of the top 10 types of YouTube content according to MediaKix.
    • Commentary, which includes vlogs and conspiracy videos, is the top overall type of YouTube content.
    • Product reviews, which include unboxing videos, come in second only to commentary as the top type of YouTube content.
    • How-Tos and tutorials are the third-most popular type of content on YouTube.
    • Top lists, which include haul, favorites/best of, collection, and compilation videos, are the fourth-most popular type of content on YouTube.
    • Comedy, which includes skit, prank, and parody videos, is the fifth-most popular type of content on YouTube.
    • Challenges, which include meme videos, are the sixth-most popular type of content on YouTube.
    • Reactions are the seventh-most popular type of content on YouTube.
    • Q&A are the eighth-most popular type of content on YouTube.
    • Interview is the ninth-most popular type of content on YouTube.
    • Docuseries are the 10th-most popular type of content on YouTube.

Top 10 YouTube Channels by Subscriber Count

  • Assuming that the top YouTube channels are popular with the average YouTube demographic of males between the ages of 25 and 54, the following is a list of the top 10 YouTube channels in the United States according to number of subscribers:
    • PewDiePie's YouTube channel has 102 million subscribers.
    • Cocomelon's YouTube channel has 68.4 million subscribers (may not be popular with males).
    • 5-Minute Crafts' YouTube channel has 63 million subscribers (may not be popular with males).
    • WWE's YouTube channel has 52.4 million subscribers.
    • Dude Perfect's YouTube channel has 47.8 million subscribers.
    • Marshmello's YouTube channel has 41.8 million subscribers.
    • EminemMusic's YouTube channel has 40.1 million subscribers.
    • Ariana Grande's YouTube channel has 39.2 million subscribers.
    • Taylor Swift's YouTube channel has 36.7 million subscribers.
    • Katy Perry's YouTube channel has 35.8 million subscribers.

Top 10 YouTubers by Subscriber Count

  • Assuming that the top YouTubers are popular with the average YouTube demographic of males between the ages of 25 and 54, the following is a list of the top 10 most popular YouTubers according to number of subscribers:
    • PewDiePie is the most popular YouTuber in the world, with 78 million subscribers.
    • Dude Perfect has 37 million subscribers on YouTube.
    • Whinderssonnunes has 33 million subscribers on YouTube.
    • ElrubiusOMG’s has 33 million subscribers on YouTube.
    • JuegaGerman has 31 million subscribers on YouTube.
    • Fernanfloo has 31 million subscribers on YouTube.
    • Felipe Neto has 28 million subscribers on YouTube.
    • VEGETTA777 has 25 million subscribers on YouTube.
    • VanossGaming has 24 million subscribers on YouTube.
    • Smosh has 24 million subscribers on YouTube.

Top 10 ASMR YouTube Channels by Subscriber Count

  • According to Vox, ASMR is a content category that is growing in popularity among YouTube users. Assuming that the top ASMR YouTube channels are popular with the average YouTube demographic of males between the ages of 25 and 54, the following is a list of the top 10 most popular ASMR channels according to number of subscribers.

Top 10 Men's Fashion Channels on YouTube

  • According to RMRS, the most popular men's fashion channel on YouTube, with 1.7 million subscribers, the following channels are also popular fashion channels with men:
    • Charisma On Command has 1.4 million subscribers on YouTube.
    • BluMann has 1.1 million subscribers on YouTube.
    • BeerBiceps has 866,600 subscribers on YouTube.
    • Alex Costa has over 758,875 subscribers on YouTube.
    • Based Zeus has 724,950 subscribers on YouTube.
    • Jeremy Fragrance has 285,264 subscribers on YouTube.
    • Man For Himself (Robin James) has 192,600 subscribers on YouTube.
    • Gentleman's Gazette has 165,540 subscribers on YouTube.
    • Sangiev has 54,231 subscribers on YouTube.

Research Strategy

To search for the top 10 most popular types or categories on YouTube specifically for men between the ages of 28 and 53, we began by searching for directly available information from sources that compile media trends and data. Using sources such as MediaKix, DigitalTrends, eMarketer, and others, we attempted to find a list of popular types or categories on YouTube for millennial and gen X men. Unfortunately, the only data available was top categories, types of videos, channels, and YouTubers overall. They were not segmented by generation or gender.

Therefore, we turned our attention to sites that provide YouTube metrics and analytics, including sites like SocialBlade, which provided us with many types of top lists, but not by gender or age; StatSheep, which gave us individual channel statistics, but nothing broken down by gender or age; and SimilarWeb, which only provided us with general YouTube statistics. While there may be data available based on gender and age, these sites do not offer those numbers for free, if they offer them at all.

Finally, we turned to trusted media sites with the hope of finding channels that men between the ages of 28 and 53 are finding interesting. Sources such as TwinWord, 99Firms, RealMenStyle, and Vox provided lists of popular channels, YouTubers, categories, and types of content, but again, this information was for all YouTube users and not segmented by age or gender. Finally, we turned to triangulation to attempt to find the most popular types or categories on YouTube specifically for men between the ages of 28 and 53. We found that the average YouTube user is a male between the ages of 25 and 44. There are also high numbers of males between the ages of 45 and 54, although that age bracket is not as representative of the typical YouTube user as the younger age group. Still, with males leading females in viewership by a percentage of 62% to 38% and the high numbers of viewers between the ages of 25 and 54, we felt confident using the overall most popular categories, types of content, YouTubers, and channels as a proxy for those that are most popular with men between the ages of 28 and 53.

The only list for which there was U.S.-specific data available was the top YouTube channels by subscriber count list, as all other data appears to be global. U.S.-based data for the other lists may be available behind paywalls, but that was not apparent during our research. We believe that for the most part, the top global categories, YouTubers, and types of content, are similar to the top categories, YouTubers, and types of content in the U.S. We base this assumption on the similarities between the global and U.S. data from SocialBlade.
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YouTube Viral Videos in 2019

78% of adult men in the US use YouTube, whereas the total number of video views on YouTube from US users during the 30 days of November 2019 was 167.15 billion. Information surrounding the most popular YouTube videos among men in the US is given below.

YouTube Usage Statistics

  • 95% of the most-watched videos on YouTube in 2018 were music videos, whereas How-To videos are also gaining popularity.
  • 80% of 18-49-year-olds watch YouTube every month.
  • Up to 25% of YouTube searches in the US are related to music, while 60% of the searches are branded searches, i.e. "folks searching for channel names or YouTube personalities. This is a trend that continues beyond the top 10, with 49% of the top 100 searches being for specific YouTube personalities and channels."
  • Other US trends on YouTube include gaming videos and live videos.
  • 81% of parents in the US use YouTube to find content for their children.
  • 51% of US adults find YouTube important to look for things they haven't done before, while 28% use it to pass time, 19% use it to decide whether to buy a certain product or not, and 19% use it to things happening around the world.
  • The most viewed brands on YouTube

Overall Viral Videos Created in 2019

As per Insider, the top 10 most-watched videos in 2019 are
1. "No More Lies" by James Charles with more than 48 million views.
2. "Gordon Ramsay Savagely Critics Spicy Wings" by Hot Ones with more than 48 million views.
3. "Investigating Conspiracies with Shane Dawson" by Shane with over 38 million views.
4. "I Bought Everything In A Store - Challenge" by MrBeast with over 49 million views.
5. "We Believe: The Best Men Can Be" by Gillette with over 33 million views.
6. "Anthony Joshua vs. Andy Ruiz Jr." by DAZN USA with over 16 million views.
7. "Kylie Skin Review with Shane Dawson" by jeffreestar with over 26 million views.
8. "Soulja Boy Drags Tyga, Drake, Kanye West & Reclaims The Best Comeback Of 2018" by Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM with over 18 million views.
9. "R. Kelly Interview Cold Open - SNL" by Saturday Night Live with over 15 million views.
10. "The Spiders and the Bees" by TheOdd1sOut with over 47 million views.

Videos Potentially Popular With Men

Tubular publishes a list of the most popular videos. The videos potentially popular with adult men have been handpicked. These videos have been published in November 2019.
1. "TONES AND I - DANCE MONKEY (OFFICIAL VIDEO)" by "Tones And I" with over 144 million views.
2. "The Black Eyed Peas, J Balvin - RITMO (Bad Boys For Life)" by BlackEyedPeasVEVO with over 144 million views.

Top 10 YouTube Channels in the US

  • The top 10 YouTube channels in the US during November 2019 according to the number of views are Natti Natasha, Cocomelon - Nursery, Peppa Pig - Official, TinyLessonTime, Vlad and Nikita, Movieclips, Ryan ToysReview, Toys and Colors, WWE, and BabyBus - Kids Songs.
  • Most of these channels are for children, however, Natti Natasha (music), Movieclips, and WWE are channels that might be popular among men.
  • Natti Natasha's most popular video published in 2019 is "Natti Natasha X Romeo Santos - La Mejor Versión De Mi (Remix) [Official Video]" with over 220 million views. The most-watched video on this channel, published 2 years ago, has received over 1.9 billion views.
  • The most popular video by Movieclips was published a few days ago and has over 749k views.
  • The most-watched video by WWE was published a few days ago and has over 6.7 million views.

Research Strategy

We started our research by specifically researching popular videos among men aged 28-53 years old, however, this did not produce any useful results. We looked through industry reports, e.g. Vidooly, with the thought that such reports might publish information about the most popular videos among men. Not meeting success in the previous step, we switched to media and news articles thinking that there might be information that could be used to find the required information, however, all we found were videos that are popular with the general public without a breakdown for videos popular with adult men. As a last resort, we also tried looking through databases, e.g. Tubular, thinking that we might be able to apply filters to find the most popular videos with adult men in the US. Although a few filters such as month were available, results could not be broken down by age.
As an alternative, we have provided helpful insights that are relevant to the underlying goals. We have provided statistics surrounding popular videos, YouTube channels, and topics among adult men in the US. We have also shortlisted videos that will likely be popular among adult men based on their subject. We have focused on this alternate path with the thought that this might serve the purpose of this research to some extent since the exact required information is nowhere to be found.
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YouTube Content: Trends

Two trends surrounding YouTube content for millennial men are the popularity of influencer content and food-related videos. The information for male members of Generation X was not available. However, overall, Gen Xers favor nostalgic content, news, and do-it-yourself videos.


1. Influencer Content

  • YouTube is millennial men's preferred social media platform for watching influencer content, with the majority choosing gaming, sports, and food influencers.
  • It is the favorite of 41% of male members of this generation. Instagram is second with 25%. The statistics are reversed for millennial women, out of which 40% choose Instagram for influencer content, and 26% prefer YouTube.
  • Overall, influencer content is very popular among young Americans (both Gen Z and millennials). 71% of them follow it.
  • It is also one of the key ways in which millennial men learn about products they are interested in buying.
  • The popularity of influencer videos and the fact that influencers are often more recognizable than celebrities shifts creators' focus toward providing authentic, well-informed content.
  • Additionally, it can increase the overall amount of content published on YouTube, as more people are interested in sharing their personal experiences and knowledge, in the hope of becoming micro-influencers.
  • With influencer marketing being an effective way to reach millennials, more creators are also either posting or considering posting sponsored content.
  • One example of a channel that is leaning into the trend is Lewis Hitsentenger's Unbox Therapy, with 15.9 million subscribers.

2. Food Videos

  • According to the report by Think With Google, overall, nearly 50% of people watch food content on YouTube. However, millennials watch 30% more such videos than other demographics.
  • Millennial men are more likely than women to watch food videos on YouTube for entertainment. They are the most avid watchers of food shows with charismatic personalities.
  • 69% of millennial men watch branded food videos on YouTube. It's not an issue for them as long as its engaging, as opposed to "purely functional."
  • Millennial dads are the most engaged millennial group when it comes to food videos. They watch them for inspiration and to create meals. Their approach to cooking is very technical.
  • 42% of millennial dads will go to the store solely to buy products they saw on a YouTube video.
  • While the report is outdated, in 2018, The Recipe Guru called it "more relevant than ever."
  • Also, cooking and food are still millennial men's main passion and food-related videos are among their preferred influencer content, which further shows that the trend mentioned in the report by Think with Google is still present.
  • This trend is driving video-related collaborations between food brands, retailers, influencers, and chiefs. Those partnerships are needed to increase conversions and grab millennials' attention.
  • Also, it is fueling an increase in the number and popularity of unprofessional food videos, as well as of those that have a personal tone.
  • An example of a channel that is leaning into the trend is Epic Meal Time, a popular food show with 7.11 million subscribers. It is one of the millennial men's favorite ones.

Generation X — Helpful Findings

  • 75% of the people who belong to Generation X use YouTube specifically for watching nostalgic videos.
  • The most popular videos include those that are dedicated to past music events or people, old commercials, or past entertainment and pop culture.
  • Two other types of content they are most likely to watch are do-it-yourself videos and news.
  • According to Nielsen Insights, when it comes to TV ads, male Gen Xers prefer those that show real-life situations.
  • Gen Xers don't see much difference between professional and amateur content, which makes them equally likely to watch professionally-produced shows and YouTube videos.

Research Strategy

During our research through marketing sites, marketing, social media (SM) marketing and SM usage reports, as well as YouTube usage-related surveys, we discovered that while millennial men are sometimes analyzed together with Gen Zers (as "young Americans"), there are no studies, reports, or articles that provide trends surrounding YouTube content for men aged 28-53.

Furthermore, we discovered that there are no YouTube content-related trends that are particular for Generation X men. We started by searching marketing and social media-focused sites, such as The Drum, AdAge, AdWeek, Mediakix. We were looking for articles that would give advice on how to market on YouTube to Generation X, hoping that it would reveal trends related to their content consumption, as well as to content that targets them. While there were some insights available, none provided a breakdown by gender. Also, the information wasn't specific enough.

Next, we attempted to find reports on YouTube content for Generation X, or for the general population with a breakdown by generation. We hoped to find surveys, polls, and expert analyses of relevant trends. We looked into reports by different marketing and research institutions and think tanks. Among others, we found a report by Pew Research that analyzed trending content but without a breakdown by generation. We also found a report by Think with Google that was specific to Generation X. Unfortunately, it didn't provide a breakdown by gender.

Finally, we decided to try to find information on overall content trends for Generation X, hoping that they would allow us to gather an idea about what's trending on different kinds of social media platforms and media outlets. Then, we would try to find YouTube channels that are popular among male Gen Xers that provide the same type of content. While we did find information on the type of content that speaks well to this generation on marketing and business sites, there was no breakdown by gender. Also, while it is easy to find lists of channels that are popular among young Americans, such resources are not available for male Gen Xers.

For one of the trends for millennials, we used a source from 2014. More up-to-date information was not available, despite extensive research using the same tactics described above for Generation X. However, we verified that the trend is still relevant. The findings from the report are cited in sources from 2018. Also, multiple articles suggest that food-related content is preferred by this generation.
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Engaging Men Aged 28-53 on YouTube: Best Practices

Generating YouTube games that deeply involve the users, creating YouTube music that has multiple learning options for the user and producing YouTube movies supported by influencers & star actors are some of the best practices for engaging millennial men in the US. Best practices for engaging Generation-X men in the US include creating YouTube videos that remind them about the past years and creating YouTube videos that are very educational.

Overview of Youtube Usage in the United States

  • A study by Alexa indicates that the United States has the largest share of YouTube video viewers in the world and suggests that there is a high probability that at any given time, the person viewing a YouTube video is an American. Omnicore reporting on YouTube usage in the US reveals that about 73% of US people aged 18 and above use YouTube, that about 80% of adult males in the US use YouTube and about 70% of adult females use YouTube.
  • A Statista 2017 report shows that the most viewed videos among US millennial men were gaming (about 51%), music (about 15%) and movies (close to 12%). A report by 99Firm says that nearly 90% of YouTube usage in the US is by male persons meaning there is a high probability of getting a male Generation X using YouTube.

Engaging Millennial Men

Using Games That Deeply Involve Them

  • Gaming is the art of playing electronic games, in this case, on YouTube and the user can choose to watch the game played or to participate as a player.
  • To engage the millennial men, the YouTube video games need to be mind-capturing, have a wide variety of games, make the use feel part of a greater community and teach a new skill to the user.
  • Generating YouTube games of this standard is one of the best practices for engaging millennial men and it was reported to be the most viewed item on YouTube in a past Statista study. The list of the most viewed games in 2019 can be found here.

Creative Use of Music in Youtube

  • Youtube music videos involve the presentation of lyrics, voice, dance-styles, playing of instruments and interviews with singers.
  • It is among the best practices because a 2017 Statista report shows that 15% of millennial men view YouTube music and it comes second to gaming.
  • To engage the millennial men, the YouTube video must be rich in content to sooth those who are stressed, it must have tutorials on music and must occasionally host interviews with popular bands.

Use of Influencers & Star Actors in Movies

  • A movie is a digital presentation of action images meant to entertain & enlighten the viewers on the producer's topic of choice and the detailed definition of movie can be found here.

Engaging Generation-X men

Use of Look-Back Psychology in YouTube Videos

  • To look back is to reflect or think about an event that happened in the past years and a study by Google showed that many Generation-X men enjoy videos that remind them of some popular events and issues of the past years. Look-back featured as the most viewed content (about 75%) by this group making it one of the best practices for engaging this group. The YouTube videos generated for this group must capture issues that were global or United States sensations in the past years.

Providing Captivating Information in YouTube Videos

  • Detailed explanation of informational content can be found here. A study by Google revealed that about 70% of Generation-X men have keen interest in YouTube videos that provide useful information such as how to parent their children or how to use a new technology. To fully engage the Generation-X men, the informational YouTube videos must be very illustrative and easy to follow so that the users quickly get the context or learn a new skill

Research Strategy

To determine the best practices for engaging millennial men and Generation-X men in the United States, your research team first searched the US census website but this did not have any information specific to best practices for engaging these groups on YouTube. The team then searched for this information from the Pew Research Centre website but this did not bear fruit either. A third attempt to get the information from the Digital Marketing Institute website was also unsuccessful. Your research team thinks this information is not available either because such specific studies have not been done or the information is behind firewalls. We decided to search for information on the YouTube videos most viewed by Millennial men and by Generation-X men and used this information to generate ideas on the best practices. Our assumption was that the popularity of a YouTube video type indicates the use of a best practice therein.


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