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YouTube Expressions: US

The ten most popular topics on which US YouTubers post videos include Educational & Animations, Music & Dance Performance, Video Game, Entertainment, News & Politics, People & Blogs, Home & DIY, Funny Animals, Food & Drinks, and Makeup/Beauty Tutorials.

Research strategy

In order to identify the ten most popular topics, we commenced our search by examining YouTube. We tried to look for popular topics by using YouTube's search tool. However, the search proved to be narrow and did not provide information on how many YouTubers posted videos under the same genre or topics. Following this, we used a website called, which provides a comprehensive list of highly relevant keyword suggestions for a particular platform. This search attempt only provided the list of keywords used by most people.

As our second attempt, we searched for articles pertaining to the most popular topics on YouTube. Influencer Marketing Hub, MediaKix, and Lifewire are some of the sources we looked into. However, this search proved to be futile as, we did not find any relevant information.

Finally, we used a website called Tubular to identify the required information. We obtained the data by creating an account on the website to gain partial access to their content. The website revealed the top channels on YouTube, based on their genre. So, we took the top viewed channels into account, identified their genre, and ranked them based on their views to find the ten most popular topics US YouTubers post videos. Since this was the only available information on the public domain, we were unable to determine the most popular topics based on the total number of unique users posting on that particular topic.

Ten most popular topics the u.s. youtubers post videos

1. Educational & Animations — 2,789,835,241 views
2. Music & Dance Performance — 786,256,549 views
3. Video Game — 340,782,826
4. Entertainment — 253,575,433
5. News & Politics — 241,498,840 views
6. People & Blogs — 223,078,281
7. Home & DIY — 192,191,576 views
8. Funny Animals — 176,063,214 views
9. Food & Drinks — 136,051,474 views
10. Makeup/Beauty Tutorials — 105,553,950 views

Travel is the 11th most popular genre on YouTube with 46,820,764 views.

Additional findings

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YouTube Expressions: Europe

Although the information regarding the most popular topics European YouTubers post videos on is unavailable, we have gathered the available information to provide useful data: How-To, Animal, Gaming, Challenge, Vlogs, Product Review, Pranks, Celebrity Gossip, Unboxing, and Parody are the most popular video categories posted on YouTube. Below is an overview of our findings as well as an explanation of our methodology.


To determine the most popular topics European YouTubers post videos on, we began our research by searching through YouTube's official portal for any statistics on the subject. We also leveraged YouTube's official blog in an effort to find any data that would provide insights on the most popular topics among European YouTube content creators. Our search only produced YouTube user and revenue statistics as well as an overview of YouTube's creator guidelines and video policies.
Next, we searched through marketing sites producing YouTube statistics for marketers such as Izea, tech review sites such as BusinessofApps, Europe-based tech-oriented marketing sites such as PreApps, and statistics sites such as Statista as well as national and International media resources such as The Guardian, New Europe, BBC Europe, EuroNews, Reuters, and Forbes. We also searched through digital marketing sites including OmniCore and European tech review and news sites including TorOnTech and Our strategy only produced additional YouTube usage statistics, information on the most popular topics viewed by YouTube users globally, and news about YouTube's dispute with the European Union over the controversial European Copyright directive.
Our third strategy was to search through YouTube's official analytics platform, YouTube Analytics, as well as other YouTube-oriented analytics tools such as Statsheep, Klipfolio, and Vidooly but they all provide overall comparative analyses for channel owners and nothing on the popular topics/types of videos posted on YouTube in Europe. Expansion of the scope to global focus using the aforementioned resources did not produce anything on the subject but instead replicated the statistics already found in our initial searches. The information on the most popular topics European (and even global) YouTubers post videos about is unavailable because there seems to be no research conducted on the subject. This can be because there is a vast amount of data to be analyzed since about 300 hours of video is posted on YouTube each minute.
As a last resort, we decided to triangulate the required information using the available information. As mentioned above, our research had produced the most popular topics among YouTube users globally. We assumed that these would also be the most popular topics/ content types among YouTube content creators with the logic that it would make sense for them to concentrate on producing popular content. We also made the assumption that the same topics would be as popular in Europe since European trends were considered in the surveys. We were then able to search and determine the approximate number of videos in the said categories to ascertain the credibility of the garnered data as well as that of our assumption.

Useful Findings

Combining the data provided by Influencer Marketing Hub and Octoly Magazine, the most popular types of YouTube videos are Unboxing, Educational, How-To, Vlogs, Gaming, Product Reviews, Comedy, Animal, Haul/Shopping Spree, Celebrity Gossip, Challenge, Pranks, and Parodies videos. Wonder's research shows that the approximate number of YouTube videos in each category globally are:
How-To videos: 3.4 billion
Educational videos: 3 billion
Animal videos: 2.6 million
Gaming videos: 2.5 billion
Challenge videos: 1.5 billion
Vlogs: 390 million
Product reviews: 242 million
Pranks: 236 million
Celebrity gossip: 183 million
Unboxing: 139 million
Parody: 128 million

Therefore, based on our assumptions, logic, and findings, we can conclude that European YouTubers would most likely post How-To, Animal, Gaming, Challenge, Vlogs, Product Review, Pranks, Celebrity Gossip, Unboxing, and Parody videos on YouTube.

Additional Findings

Three of the top-five YouTubers globally, namely PewDiePie, ElRubiusOMG, and Smosh, are based in Europe. PewDiePie has almost 95 million subscribers and earns about $12 million annually from his videos. Over 50 million content creators from 88 countries have shared their videos on YouTube in 76 different languages to date.

YouTube's average cost per view (CPV) is $0.044 with the most expensive categories being "Home & Garden and Healthcare & Insurance" and the least expensive being the "Health & Beauty" category. Most male users watch strategy and soccer games on YouTube while most female users search for beauty videos.
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YouTube Expressions: Latin America

Information about the most common or unique video postings is not available publicly. YouTube facilitates information about the country, day, month, gender, uploader type, video, age group of the YouTuber, but for this information, the application requires the user to submit a query.


To answer every aspect of the research criteria of this request, we used Youtube's Analytics API software, credible blogs, social media pages, and marketing reports. Unfortunately, we were unable to address or provide an answer to the research criteria. Our research process has been detailed below.

For finding the most popular topics Latin American YouTubers post videos on, we first tried finding the total number of YouTubers who are from the Latin America region. We did this with an intent to use the information in conjunction with survey data of YouTubers in Latin America that report posting about certain topics. Taking this strategy forward, we searched for popular topics but instead found popular influencers from Latin America and the topics they post about on YouTube. We also found that the number of times particular videos about certain topics were viewed. Unfortunately, there is no data available in the public domain that has information on the kinds of popular topics created and posted by location.

Since the geographical scope of this request involves the vast region of Latin America which includes many countries, so we applied another approach to provide an answer to the research criteria. We searched for the most popular Latin American countries that had the highest YouTube usage. We intended to find the most popular country with the highest YouTube usage and then search for the most popular influencers of the country and finally narrow down on the topics they post about the most and get more views and takes on. Even though this seemed a bit far-fetched, it was an attempt to get the topics that are of importance to the Latin American YouTubers even if it will be a representative of the whole. However, we realized that influencers are not really focused on one topic and most of them made videos about their daily lives. Other topics that we identified include music, comedy, culinary, beauty, education, fitness and workout.

Next, we tried Youtube Analytics software to find out what metrics YouTube used and see if we could find any parameters they had developed to measure the most popular topics created and posted. However, we could only find metrics like watch time, average view duration, average percentage watches, re-watches, audience retention, and unique viewers but no data on individual posters. The YouTube analytics software also has a function where you can find data on users by country, day, gender, month and age group. This information has to be sought directly from the YouTube API which is subject to deprecation policy defined in terms of service. We believe that this data even if it exists has not been made public by YouTube. One other source we searched was Socialblade which also provides analysis about YouTube traffic and usage. Again, we were only able to see the posts made by Latin Americans but not the number of times unique videos were posted on particular topics.

Even though the Youtube Analytics API seems to have information that might lead to what is needed to answer the research criteria of the request, it requires a web or software developer with an ability to create queries. While we were not able to answer the request, we have provided some critical findings from our research.



  • 95% of the total Latin American Population watches videos on YouTube.
  • Video preferences of Latin Americans include YouTube videos that are funny, entertaining, informative or educational, inspiring or motivational, and live or animated.
  • Famous Latin American influencers post about several topics including comedy, gaming, makeup tutorials, beauty, style, and travel.
  • From the total social media visits by Brazilians, 16.7% visits are to YouTube.
  • One of the biggest markets of YouTube is Latin America and the most engaged audience for the app is aged below 34 years.


  • Youtube uses several metrics for measuring user activity, ad performance, and estimated revenue. Some core APIs include subscribers gained, subscribers lost, viewer percentage, likes, dislikes, shares, and several others.
  • The information points one can obtain from creating a query using the Youtube API include country, day, month, gender, uploader type, video, age group.

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  • "It can even claim to be the world’s second largest search engine - after Google itself. "
  • "In 2017 Google turned their attention to people watching YouTube on their televisions sets. "
  • "Since our last update, YouTube has continued to grow and evolve. As of Q4 2017, YouTube now has 1.5 billion MAUs with 50% of video views coming from mobile devices alone."
  • "Every day, billions of YouTube users watch billions of hours of video. Those watching aren’t limited to Western countries either. YouTube now offers localized versions of its video sharing platform in 90 countries and 80 different languages."
  • " From vlogs to unboxing videos, top YouTubers in YouTube's creative community have completely redefined entertainment, learning, shopping, and more."
  • "Vlogging is one of the easiest ways to get started with a YouTube channel because you don't need any extra equipment other than a device with a camera that can capture video content."
  • "In the world of high-end consumer electronics, unboxing is a big deal—and a huge trend on YouTube. When a new product is launched, these types of videos start popping up and catch audiences' attention who are searching for the product to decide whether it's worth buying for themselves."
  • "Unboxing videos show what you get from a product, but often times prospective consumers go looking for people who've already tried, tested and used the product (or service) for a certain amount of time. "