Yotpo, Reevoo and Trust Pilot average revenue per client / pricing

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Revenue Per Client - Yotpo

Yotpo is a reviews and user-generated content (UGC) marketing platform for online businesses. The average revenue per client is $40.67 million, which is the result of the total revenue of $6.1 million divided by total number of clients (150,000) as of June 2016. Some client's of Yotpo broken down by size-number of employees are Reditt, Sharethis, and Addthis (medium), and Facebook Like, Instagram API, MailChimp and Zendesk Embeddables (large).


Yotpo is a reviews and user-generated content (UGC) platform that specializes in offering marketing services to online businesses. Yotpo's collects a lot of user-generated content, such as reviews, community Q&A, photos, and more for companies, and then makes it easy for the companies to use that content all over the Internet, including product pages, Google and Instagram. Yotpo has so far been through 7 rounds of funding and their total estimated funding amount is $101 million. Yotpo says about themselves that they offer seamless integration with 26 eCommerce platforms which include Shopify, Magento and BigCommerce. It also allows for integration with all biggest help desk software apps such as Zendesk, desk.com and Freshdesk.

Yotpo was established in 2011 and has its headquarters in Tel Aviv, IL. Yotpo has $6.1 million in revenue and currently employs 124 people. The top competitors of Yotpo are Bazaar Voice ($206.3 million), Trust Pilot ($22.1 million), eKomi ($13.6 million), Reevo($12.5 million), Feefo ($10.6 million), Power Reviews ($8.3 million).


According to Owler, the estimated revenue for Yotpo is $6.1 million. They serve approximately 150,000 customers. This leads to the triangulation as follows:
Total Revenue / Total Number of Clients = Average Revenue Per Client
$6.1 million / 150,000 clients = $40.67 per client
The average revenue per client is $40.67.


According to Owler's breakdown of Yotpo's clients, they serve both mid-sized businesses such as Reditt, Sharethis and Addthis, as well as large businesses such as Facebook Like, Instagram API, MailChimp, and Zendesk Embeddables.

The top 5 regions where Yotpo is used are USA (68.01%), Great Britain (8.89%), Australia (4.81%), Canada (4.15%), Netherlands (3.18%).


Yotpo is a platform that specializes in offering marketing services to online businesses, with an average revenue per client of $40.67.
Yotpo serves mid-sized businesses like Reditt, Sharethis and Addthis, as well as large businesses such as Facebook Like, Instagram API, MailChimp, and Zendesk Embeddables.
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Revenue Per Client - Reevoo

Reevoo is a private company, and therefore they do not publicly publish details on their financials and clients. However, I have been able to roughly calculate that Reevoo makes approximately $265,957 in annual revenue per client. It is also estimated that Reevoo also makes the largest share of this revenue from the travel industry.

In 2005 Richard Anson, Ben Griffiths and Guy Logan created Reevoo in order to help customers choose what to buy. Today, the company exists in 60 countries and in 30 different languages. Reevoo states that they're "relied on by customers around the world to make better decisions, and by brands to connect with their customers." In short, the company provides company reviews to help shoppers make better buying decisions. The solution that Reevoo offers provides personal recommendations from shoppers for shoppers. Reevoo claims that this is a more effective marketing tool than conventional marketing. Their solution connects brands with customers through real reviews, customer conversations, and engaged experiences.

Reevoo are a private company, and therefore they do not release their financials publicly. However, it is estimated that their annual revenue is $12.5 million. They employ 95 people, meaning that currently they are a medium size company.

In addition to not releasing financial details, Reevoo also do not release other statistics regarding the running of their company. For example, there is no data online telling us how many clients the company has. This is not unusual given that they are a private company. I searched on the company's website for press releases and other general information, as well as searching through online articles and news stories relating to Reevoo, but this information was not available as a definite figure or as an estimation.

However, I found a list of Reevoo's clients on their website: Lexus, Kia, Peugeot, Volvo, Hyundai, Vauxhall, LV, British Gas, Legal and General, Money Supermarket, Npower, Jesse's, Nintendo, Lenovo, Beko, Dr Martens, Nissan, Honda, Whirlpool, Pandora, British Airways, Jardine Motors Group, Direct Line, HomeServe, Black + Decker, The Good Guys, Unieuro, Cottages.com, ebuyer.com, Heathrow, Dixons Carphone, Titan, Indesit, Parkdean Resorts, AmericanGolf, Apollo, Europcar, Golfbreaks.com, Admiral, The Car People, Eurocamp, Berghaus, PixartPrinting, APH, TSB, Millennium Hotels and Resorts and Atom Bank.

There is no indication whether this is an exhaustive list, but due to the lack of data available I have used it to make a rough calculation of revenue generated per client.

I divided the total annual revenue of $12.5 million by the total number of clients (47) which totaled to = $265,957 per client.

As financial information on Reevoo is not available it is not possible to break down their revenue based on company size.

Reevoo tell us that they have clients within the following industries: Automotive, manufacturing, regulated industries, retail and travel. Again, as there was no data available which provided a breakdown of revenue per industry I made a calculation to roughly estimate this.

In order to calculate the revenue generated by each industry I first did a rough check that all companies were of the same size (more or less) and therefore can be assumed to be generating roughly the same revenue. While it is out of the scope of this response to analyze all 47 clients, I have looked at the company sizes of ten clients spanning all categories and have found that most are very large companies of similar sizes:

1. Lexus: Large company, 10,001+ employees
2. Kia: Large company, 50,000 employees
3. Peugeot: Large company, 50,000 employees
4. Vauxhall: Large company, 35,000 employees
5. Lenovo: Large company, 60,000 employees
6. Pandora: Large company, 21,200 employees
7. Jessops: Large company, 501-1,000 employees
8. Beko: Large company, 10,001+ employees
9. British Gas: Large company, 29,041 employees
10. British Airways: Large company, 40,000 employees

From this we can assume that the revenue may be split fairly even between the companies.

Next I added up the total number of clients within each category, I found that Reevoo has ten automotive clients, seven manufacturing clients, 10 clients from regulating industries, nine from retail, and 11 from travel. I then used this data to calculate how much revenue is being generated from each industry:

Automotive: $2.65 million
Manufacturing: $1.86 million
Regulating Industries: $2.65 million
Retail: $2.39 million
Travel: $2.92 million

To calculate these figures I followed this formula: Average revenue per client ($265,957) multiplied by number of clients within the industry.

From this we can see that travel is generating the most revenue, followed by automotive and regulating industries equally. However, this based on the assumption that all clients are weighted the same in terms of revenue generation.

To sum up, Reevoo makes approximately $265,957 in annual revenue per client. In addition to this, it is estimated that they make most of this revenue from clients in the travel industry, followed by the automotive and regulating industries equally, the retail industry and finally the manufacturing industry.
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Revenue Per Client - Trust Pilot

Trustpilot is an online website that serves as an online customer review community and a customer review management tool that enables businesses to connect and build trust with current and potential customers. Trustpilot's Revenue Per Client is approximately $123.5, obtained from triangulating Trustpilot's revenue of $22.1M with 179,000 businesses/clients the company says it currently serves. Trustpilot lists the following client sizes: small and medium clients, as well as enterprises.


Trustpilot is an online review community that was established in 2007. It's a Danish company, founded by Peter Mühlmann. The company currently has over 500 employees, and represents 40 different nationalities. They claim to be "one of the world's largest online review communities." Trustpilot has 45,000 new reviewers each day. They currently experience more than 1 million new reviews each month. So far, the website received over 32 million reviews of 179,000+ companies. The company presents itself as a "customer review management tool that helps you connect and build trust with customers and potential customers". The platform allows you to "automate your review collection process, gather feedback, improve organic search results, increase CTR and conversions on paid search with Google Seller Ratings, and amplify your online presence with Trustpilot."


According to Owler, Trustpilot's revenue is $22.1 million.
As already noted in the overview, the company claims to serve 179,000 businesses.

This leads to a triangulation:
Revenue per Client = Total Revenue / Number of clients
$22,100,000 / 179,000 = $123.5

Average Trustpilot's revenue per client is $123.5.

In order to give some insights into the distribution of revenue when it comes to Trustpilot, we consider this resource that links to Trustpilot's plans/subscription amount page, which has the lowest paid subscription of $299/month. When compared to the calculated revenue per client, it is safe to say that many clients among the 179,000 are freemium clients.


In order to understand the different sizes in clients that use Trustpilot, we used g2crowd which enables customers to rate Trustpilot. On this website, Trustpilot has a rating of 4.2 out of 5 from a total review from 53 clients. Clicking on "Company Size" tab reveals that these reviewers are from companies ranging from less than 50 employees (25 reviews) to enterprises that have 51-1000 employees (26 reviews). Hence, we can say that Trustpilot has clients that are small businesses (less than 50 employees) medium businesses (50-250 employees) and enterprises/large clients (251-1000 employees).

Issuetrak is an example of a Trustpilot customer and has reviewed Trustpilot on g2crowd. This company has 50 employees and is therefore a mid-sized business.

National Funding is an example of a Trustpilot customer and has reviewed Trustpilot on g2crowd. This company has 184 employees and is therefore a mid-sized business.

Northern Arizona University is an example of a Trustpilot customer and has reviewed Trustpilot on g2crowd. This company has 272 employees and is therefore a large business or an enterprise.

The only testimonial we were able to find on Trustpilot's website comes from Staples. The company profile reveals that they have around 45,565 employees. This can confirm that Trustpilot serves a wide range of businesses.


Trustpilot's Revenue Per Client has been triangulated to be approximately $123.5, obtained from taking into account Trustpilot's revenue of $22.1M with 179,000 businesses that the company currently serves as their clients. Trustpilot serves clients of all sizes.