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WWWQ 99.7 Personalities and Executives

WWWQ 99.7 radio shows include The Bert Show, Middays with Rachel Ryan, Afternoons with Adam Bomb, Late Night with Kesley Lately, and Saturday Night Q with DJ Rapko. Executives at the station include Louie Diaz, Sean Shannon, Vickki Shelton, and Tracey Kinney. Below is an overview of our findings.

Personalities and Shows

  • The Daly Download airs Sundays from 7:00am to 10:00am. It is rebroadcast on Sundays from 9:00pm to 12:00am.
  • The show's social media channels are on Facebook and Twitter.



  • Though there has not been a formal announcement from Cumulus, JJ Kincaid debuted on Q99.7 on Wednesday morning following the Bert Show. It is unclear if he will take over the slot from Rachel Ryan.

Research Strategy

We began our search by reviewing the on air program guide published by Q99.7 to obtain a list of the shows and on-air personalities. We then search Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn for each personality in order to provide a link to their social media profiles.

To obtain the list of executive at the station, we first scanned LinkedIn. However, we were unable to produce any results as most of the profiles specified Cumulus as the employer, rather than WWWQ or Q99.7. Using All-Access we were able to locate a list of executives and staff members of the radio station. After cross-checking the names against LinkedIn, social media channels, and a general press search, we found that the directory on All-Access was not up-to-date, as two of the names listed (Gary Lewis and Mark Renier) are no longer with the station. For the remaining executives, we search LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to locate all social media profiles available.

For recent news, we performed a general press search, as well as a press search on All-Access, Insider Radio, Radio Insight, and Talkers.com. In addition to the rebranding and exit of Byron Cooper that were previously noted, the only other recent news involved JJ Kincaid.
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WWWQ 99.7 Atlanta Apps and Third-Party Associations

Q99.7 in Atlanta has an owned app for Android and iOS. The station's morning show, The Bert Show, has a dedicated app for both Android and iOS that was developed by JacApps. In addition, listeners can use skill enable smart speakers to listen live. Third-party streaming services that allow access to the station include iHeart, OnlineRadioBox, ListenLive, TuneGenie, and TuneIn. Other than JacApps, there are no published relationships or associations between the radio station and Triton Digital, Spreaker, Omny Studios, The Complete Sheet, Dataminr, or StreamGuys. The parent company, Cumulus Media, has worked with Triton Digital, Omny Studios, and The Complete Sheet.


  • Q99.7 has an owned app available for Android and iOS. The app was developed by AirKast.
  • The Bert Show has a dedicated app for Android and iOS.

Streaming/Third-Party Access

  • Q99.7 can be accessed through a smart speaker such as Echo or Google Home by enabling the skill.
  • Q99.7 is available live on iHeart.
  • The station is available live on OnlineRadioBox. In addition, the OnlineRadioBox app can be downloaded on Google and iOS.
  • It can be streamed live on ListenLive provided by Triton Digital.
  • TuneGenie plays Q99.7 live as well as providing a link to purchase songs on iTunes.
  • Q99.7 is available live on TuneIn.


  • While WWWQ Q99.7 Atlanta is not specifically mentioned, Cumulus Media, the radio station's parent company, is noted as being associated with Omny Studios. In 2019, Triton Digital acquired Omny.
  • Additionally, Cumulus Media is listed as a Triton Digital podcast partner.
  • Westwood One, the national facing arm of Cumulus, is partnered with Wise Brothers Media, authors of The Complete Sheet.
  • The app available for the Bert Show was created by JacApps.
  • Despite a thorough search of industry sites such as AllAccess, RadioWorld, and Inside Radio, a general press search, scouring the websites of Triton Digital, Spreaker, Omny Studios, The Complete Sheet, Dataminr, or StreamGuys, we could find no direct relationship or association with WWWQ Q99.7 in Atlanta. In addition, we were unable to find any relationship or association between Cumulus Media and Spreaker, JacApps, Dataminr, or StreamGuys.

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