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WOW! Cable Company Overview

WOW! started in 1996 and has grown to serve 19 markets in the Southeast and Midwest regions of the USA. The company has seven c-suite executives and has an annual estimated revenue of $1.2 billion. TDA_Boulder is the company's agency of record, helping to modernize and brand its advertising and marketing initiatives.


  • WOW! Cable, or known in full as WideOpenWest, first started in 1996, in Denver, Colorado. The company operates on four principles, including integrity, respect, spirit of service, and accountability.
  • Initially, the company set out to deliver cable TV services in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. However, they grew steadily by adding other related services needed by customers, including high-speed internet, HDTV, digital cable, DVRs, as well as local and long-distance phone services.
  • In 2012, WOW! bought Knology, Inc., using the opportunity to launch its services to customers in Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, South Dakota, Kansas, Iowa, and Minnesota. The company has a reputation for listening to the needs of customers, using that feedback to offer new services that have driven its growth.
  • The only fundraising event by WOW! was in a December 2015 Private Equity round that brought in $125 million.
  • In May 2017, the company registered its IPO on the New York Stock Exchange, NYSE, opening with $17.00 per share.
  • As of 2018, WOW! served a total of 19 markets primarily in the Southeast and Midwest regions of the USA, including Illinois, South Carolina, Maryland, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, and Georgia.
  • Avista Capital Partners privately owns the company, and its corporate office remains in Denver, Colorado.

Leadership Team

  • WOW! has seven executives on its c-suite.
  • Teresa Elder serves as the company's Chief Executive Officer, helping to create new businesses and bring people together and aligned with WOW's combination of customer focus, technological leadership, and a workplace culture favorable to employees. Before joining WOW, Teresa held leadership positions at significant companies such as Clearwire (now Sprint), AT&T Broadband (now Comcast), and others.
  • Rich Fish is the Chief Financial Officer at WOW! He joined in January 2013 to oversee the financial, business development, and operational activities of the company, as well as guide it to become a leader in the telecommunications sector.
  • Nancy McGee, Chief Marketing & Sales Officer, leads the marketing and sales initiatives of the company, reports to the executive team and ensures everyone at WOW! shares a commitment to the company's customers, as well as to each other. She has over 25 years of experience after holding significant roles at MediaOne, AT&T Broadband, and others.
  • Don Schena, Chief Customer Experience Officer, focuses on helping the company deliver its WOW! experience of one community, one customer at a time, and one connection by providing customers with technology and solutions that matter to them. He is responsible for WOW!’s vision and strategy for all customer-facing activities and has over 25 years of executive-level experience in the telecommunications sector.
  • Bill Case joined WOW! in September 2019 as its Chief Information Officer, with a responsibility to transform the company’s overarching approach to technology, project management, and IT. Also, he spearheads the "Technology Transformation Team" of the company and has over 25 years of work experience.
  • Craig Martin became the General Counsel of WOW! in 2000 and is in charge of the legal and regulatory affairs of the company. Craig has more than 20 years of experience, having provided legal services to companies in the cable industry across the US.
  • David Brunick, the Chief Human Resources Manager at WOW! has about 30 years of experience. He helps to transform the company's HR functions to become more strategic to drive business performance through the attraction, training, and recognition of top talents.

Agency of Record


Financial Data

Research Strategy:

We investigated the directories of WOW! in search of information about the company, as required. Also, we examined reports on company intelligence platforms, including CrunchBase, Inc., ZoomInfo, and others, to find needed insights about the company not available on their website. Additionally, we researched relevant news and media domains such as PR Newswire, Ad Week, and others for information about the agency of record of the company and some creatives by, as requested.
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Nancy McGee Biography

Nancy McGee is 61 years old and holds a Bachelors's and Masters's degrees from the University of Denver. She possesses more than 25 years of experience in her sales and marketing career and worked for Adelphia Communications, AT&T Broadband, and MediaOne and Starz Entertainment before joining WOW! Cables as the chief marketing and sales officer.


  • Nancy McGee holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration as well as a Master of Science degree, both from the University of Denver.

Work Background and Experience

  • Before joining WOW!, she served as Starz Entertainment Marketing's executive vice president, where she was in charge of social media, the network's brand, as well as its advertising and all the affiliate marketing in the company.
  • Nancy served as the Chief Marketing Officer for Adelphia Communications, AT&T Broadband as well as MediaOne before assuming her role at Starz Entertainment.
  • Also, she served as an adjunct faculty member as well as an Advisory Board Member of the Daniels College of Business.

Social Media

  • She is on LinkedIn (, and twitter (


  • Nancy McGee shows a lot of interest in her career path and loves to support and mentor people in the career to exceptional growth and lead her employer companies to revenue growth and improving their customer base.

Role at WOW ! Cables

  • She has worked as WOW! Cable's chief marketing and sales office for 22 months.


  • As the chief marketing and sales officer at WOW! Cables, she has overseen the launch of Home Phone and Home Phone Plus, for $9.99 per month.
  • The product offers value for money to people who work from home, young families with children as well as people who would like to have landlines to complement their mobile phones for convenience.

Research Strategy

To provide a biography of Nancy McGee of WOW! Cables, we started by searching through the company's website for any information about Nancy McGee. Later, we looked through articles by industry experts and media houses to find information regarding her role and the various accomplishments she has had at WOW! Cables. Also, we found information regarding her previous work experience in the articles about her.

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WOW! Cable Press Search

Twelve unique news articles published within the past 12 months about WOW! Cable cover topics such as new hires, company growth, outages, and partnerships.

WOW! Names John Roy as Vice President of Engineering Operations

  • This article was published on November 14, 2019, by Cision PR Newswire.
  • WOW! Internet, Cable & Phone announced it had appointed John Roy vice president of engineering operations in a continued expansion of the company's technology team.
  • Roy has previously held leadership positions with major telecommunications companies including T-Mobile, Layer3 TV, Comcast, MediaOne, and Charter Communications.

WOW! Internet, Cable and Phone Services Now Available to Nearly 200,000 Ohio Residents with Addition of Parma Market

  • This article was published on October 24, 2019, by Cision PR Newswire.
  • WOW! Internet, Cable & Phone announced the expansion of its services in the Cleveland, Ohio market to provide residents in the Parma suburb with Internet access.
  • The expansion means that more than 200,000 Ohio residents now have access to WOW!'s services.

WOW! Elects Barry S. Volpert to Board of Directors

  • This article was published on October 22, 2019, by Cision PR Newswire.
  • WOW! Internet, Cable & Phone announced that Barry S. Volpert had been elected to the company's Board of Directors.
  • Volpert is the CEO and co-founder of Crestview Partners and is expected to "provide strategic guidance as [WOW!] continue[s] to build value for [its] investors through [its] team's focus and innovation for [its] customers."

WOW's Network 'Edge-Outs' Spur Sub Growth in Q3

WOW! Names Mark Veyette as Senior Vice President of IT Operations

  • This article was published on November 5, 2019, on Yahoo! Finance.
  • WOW! Internet, Cable & Phone announced that Mark Veyette had been appointed the company's senior vice president of IT operations.
  • As the company focuses on building its technology team, Veyette's responsibilities will be to "oversee IT functions and procedures, including application deployment, server and device management, computer operations and help desk services."

WOW! Acting Early to Combat Rising Programming Costs

  • This article was published on November 4, 2019, by Cablefax.
  • WOW! announced a rate increase to its out-of-contract customers beginning in December rather than waiting until the first of the year as in the past.
  • The company did not expect a "spike in churn" as a result of the increase despite video being "under pressure from a number of other factors."

News 10 gets displaced man's cable/internet bill credited back to $0

  • This article was published on September 13, 2019, by NBC News 10 WILX.
  • A customer who was forced to leave his home due to massive flooding in Portland, Oregon continued to be billed for his WOW Internet service even though he attempted to call the company and suspend his service.
  • The news channel contacted WOW! twice and was able to get the man's account credited to a $0 balance.

WCIV, WTAT signals restored for antenna, DirecTV, WOW! viewers

  • This article was published on September 12, 2019, by ABC News 4.
  • Some WOW! Cable viewers suffered an outage on September 11 when ABC News 4 and other stations in South Carolina were forced to "make adjustments to [their] broadcast signal" by the FCC.
  • Since WOW! distributes the channels' over-the-air signals to viewers, its subscribers were unable to view these channels during the outage.

WCMH NBC4 off-air for some viewers during electrical upgrades overnight

Rocket City Trash Pandas announce exclusive telecom partnership with Wow!

  • This article was published on October 22, 2019, by Telecompaper.
  • WOW! Internet, Cable & Phone announced a long-term partnership as a corporate sponsor with The Rocket City Trash Pandas to provide high-speed voice, data, and Internet services to the team's minor league baseball stadium in Madison, Alabama.
  • The team and WOW! will "work together to support and sponsor educational and military programs offered by the Trash Pandas throughout multiple seasons."

WOW! Announces Changes to its Technology Leadership Team to Support Company Growth

  • This article was published on September 16, 2019, by Cision PR Newswire.
  • WOW! Internet, Cable & Phone announced that Bill Case had been promoted to chief information officer of the company.
  • Matt Bell's departure as chief technology officer was also announced in this press release.

Viamedia and WOW! Internet, Cable & Phone Sign Multi-Year Deal to Renew Advertising Sales

  • This article was published on September 3, 2019, by Cision PR Newswire.
  • Viamedia, a cross-media advertising company, announced a "multi-year agreement with WOW! Internet, Cable & Phone... to continue selling advertising on the multichannel video programming distributor's (MVPD) behalf in 10 markets nationwide."
  • Viamedia has been working with WOW! since the telecom company's inception and will continue to "represent the advertising sales for WOW! in Augusta, Charleston, Cleveland, Columbus, Evansville, Knoxville, Huntsville, Montgomery, Panama City and Tampa."
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WOW! Cable Competitors, Pt 1

The competitors to WideOpenWest (WOW) Cable include CenturyLink, Inc. Sparklight, Grande Communications, Frontier Communications, Charter Communications, Cox Communication, and Comcast Corporation. Below are the explicit findings on the competitors.

WideOpenWest (WOW) Cable Overview

1. CenturyLink, Inc.

  • CenturyLink, Inc. is an integrated technology company.
  • The company offers an array of communications services to its business and residential customers. The services offered by the company include cloud solutions, security, communications, network services, voice, and managed services.
  • The company has its headquarters in Monroe, Louisiana. Apart from serving the American market, CenturyLink, Inc. also serves global consumers across Latina America, North America, Asia Pacific, and EMEA.
  • The communications offered by the company include local and long-distance voice, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), broadband, information technology, Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS), network, public access, private line, Ethernet, data integration, hosting, video, and other ancillary services.
  • The value proposition of the company is to provide helpful technology that enables the delivery of applications and cloud infrastructure with built-in security to maximize success in helping the customers achieve their digital goals.

2. Sparklight

3. Grande Communications

  • Grande Communications is a telecommunications firm headquartered in San Marcos, Texas, United States. The company uses fiber optic and cable networks to deliver broadband services to residential and business customers.
  • It offers local and long-distance telephone services, internet access, and digital cable services to about 1.3 million people. Grande Communications also offers DSL, fiber, and copper internet services. Its DSL is available to about 28,000 people, copper internet service is available to businesses in 53 zip copes, while its fiber service is available to businesses in 187 zip codes.
  • The value proposition of Grande Communications is to provide the best, affordable, and flexible communications and entertainment services to its customers.

4. Frontier Communications

5. Charter Communications

6. Cox Communications

7. Comcast Corporation

  • Comcast Corporation is a telecommunication company headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States.
  • The company provides television programming, video streaming, cable television, high-speed Internet, and communication services to its customers in America and worldwide.
  • Comcast has two primary businesses, which include NBC Universal (it operates in four segments, namely Cable Networks, Filmed Entertainment, Broadcast Television, and Theme Parks) and Comcast Cable (it operates in the Cable Communications segment).
  • The brand used by the company is called Xfinity.
  • The value proposition of the company is to create the best technology and entertainment that links people to the moments and experiences that matter most to them.

Research Strategy

To find the list of competitors to WOW! Cable, we began our search by going through its official website to understand the products it offers, its business model, location, and market niche. After understanding the company well, we went through business directories such as ZoomInfo, Owler, Crunchbase, among others, to look for its competitors. We were able to compile the seven competitors to WOW! Cable based on the products, business model, and market niche using the above sources. To find the required information on the competitors selected, we went through their official websites and other reputable sources such as Reuters.

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WOW! Cable Competitors, Pt 2

WOW is nations leading broadband providers, ranked as a sixth-largest cable operator in the United States based on its number of customers (807,900) serving residential and business customers in approximately 300 communities for over 20 years in multiple states of US including Alabama, Florida, and Georgia.

Wide Open West (WOW) Cable

Competitive Advantage
  • CenturyLink, Inc. is the first competitor of WideOpenWest (WOW) Cable.
  • WOW is nation-leading broadband providers founded in 1996, serving residential and business customers in approximately 300 communities for over 20 years in multiple states of US including Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and others.
  • WOW is the sixth-largest cable operator in the United States ranked by several customers wherein it has 807,900 customers who subscribe to their services.
  • In 2018, WOW cable has been recognized as a national best and brightest company to work for.
  • For the fifth time along with winning similar city‐specific awards in past years based on their excellence in employee relations, creative compensation programs and their ability to recognize employees.
  • WOW offers competitive services and delivers affordable prices and is nationally recognized for providing the best customer experience in the industry.
  • The company offers a wide range of products and services including "high-speed data "HSD", cable television "Video", voice over IP-based telephony "Telephony" and business-class services to a service area that includes approximately 3.0 million homes and businesses.
  • WOW offers its wide range of products and services across residential and business services customers which are either bundled or offered individually wherein it is the first Internet provider to offer 1 Gig service across all customer segments.
  • The company by customer reviews is best known for its streaming-friendly unlimited data policies and for providing local, reasonably priced bundle plans.
  • WideOpenWest Cable has been rated ow based on customer reviews for their limited availability in various regions along with no self-installation options and restriction of best prices through 1–2-year agreements.
  • The company has an average social media presence wherein it has around 61k+ followers on Facebook and 9k+ followers on Twitter.
Annual Revenue
  • WideOpenWest, Inc. (WOW) cable annual revenue in year 2018 was $1,153.8 million.
Cities /States/Countries It Has Footprints/Locations
  • WOW has made its footprints around 300 communities in the following states of US-Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Ohio, South Carolina, and Tennessee.


Competitive Advantage
  • Century Link inc is a global leader in enabling digital business by connecting organizations to their customers and enabling the delivery of critical applications and cloud infrastructure with built-in security wherein the company has 450k+ route miles of fiber globally, 150k+ on-net buildings.
  • The company has a strong customer base spread in the US and across 60 countries with more than 45,000 employees serving globally.
  • Century link has a global spread serving a broad range on the customer in around 60 countries serving a wide range of products and solutions including networking, security, hybrid cloud, and IT solutions, voice and unified communications and connected security, IT Agility solution across various industries.
  • The company has a strong customer base including industry brands such as Buffalo Computer Graphics, Informant, MangomoloYouth Dynamics, Sysomos, Visteon, Denver Broncos, Utah Education Telehealth Network, and others.
  • Century link has a limited social media presence wherein it has around 3000 followers through Facebook and around 16k subscribers through YouTube channel.
  • Century Link has been criticized for its customer service and installation services through consumer reviews and has gained a low rating from customers.
Annual Revenue
  • The company has an annual revenue of $23.44B in the year 2018.
Cities /States/Countries It Has Footprints/Locations
  • Century Link has made its footprints across the US in states such as Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver and other along with other 60 countries including Canada, UK, Germany, Brazil, Chile, and the other Asia Pacific and European countries.

Your Research Team Applied The Following Strategy

To obtain the comprehensive insights on the competitive advantages of the WOW Cable and its first competitor-Century Link Inc that was identified in the previous request titled "WOW! Cable Competitors, Pt 1", we primarily examined the official websites of each of the companies and researched through their details on history, press release, resources, products, eCommerce store, and reports along with details explored through their official social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).
Additionally, each company's related news articles from credible sources including CNBC, Forbes, US news, and others along with consumer reviews from consumer affairs and highspeedexperts where explored to identify insights related to their industry expertise and perceived weakness in comparison to their competitors. All the details related to each one's competitive advantage, their strengths, their perceived weaknesses, any publicly available revenue, and cities/countries where they have a footprint have been detailed in the key findings section.
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WOW! Cable Competitors, Pt 3

Sparklight's focus on serving customers in non-metropolitan markets means that it faces less competition, but there have been complaints of customer service deterioration since it rebranded from Cable One to Sparklight. Grande Communications offers higher speeds at affordable prices, but it is only available in Texas. A competitive landscape of Sparklight and Grande Communications, including their competitive advantage, their strengths and weaknesses, their annual revenue, and geographies where they have a footprint, has been provided below.


Competitive Advantage


  • Sparklight's customers are located primarily in non-metropolitan, secondary markets that have less competition as compared to major urban centers. The company is diversified in terms of regions and hence, an economic downturn in a specific region would not have a major effect on its overall business.
  • The company has a deep understanding of its customers. This is because it conducts a lot of research and surveys in order to gain insights into how to better serve its customers. Its employees also provide local services by donating their time and resources and through education programs.
  • Sparklight offers its residential and business data customers internet products at faster speeds than those of most of its competitors. It has also made significant investments to increase its broadband capacity and reliability.
  • Sparklight has a low-cost structure which can be attributed to its focus on retaining its highest value customers rather than trying to get as many customers as possible and the lower costs of operating in non-metropolitan markets in comparison to metropolitan markets. Due to its competitive plans and cost structure, it can offer its customers attractive pricing and compelling products.
  • Sparklight is customer-focused in its organization, sales, and service. It offers a same-day service guarantee in most of its markets. It also uses customer satisfaction data to benchmark its customer satisfaction over time and relative to its competitors. The company got the highest score in "J.D. Power’s 2018 U.S. Internet Service Provider Satisfaction Study for the western region."
  • It also focuses on employee satisfaction, acknowledging the tight link between customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction. Its employee satisfaction, which is measured monthly, has been consistently high for the past 10 years.
  • Sparklight has an experienced management team with an average industry tenure of over 20 years and an average tenure at Cable One of over 10 years. The company's employees are deeply knowledgeable about the market and are committed to the company's strategy.


Annual Revenue

Geographical footprint

Grande Communications 

Competitive Advantage


  • Customers love Grande Communications because of its constant and reliable service, responsive customer service and support, fast internet speed, and lack of data caps.
  • Grande offers high speeds at affordable prices. Its download speeds are comparable to those of Xfinity, Verizon Fios, and Frontier, so its customers pay less for higher speeds. Grande is affordable enough for casual internet users, but also fast enough for power users such as gamers and streamers.
  • The company does not have any data caps, which are common among most providers. Customers are not charged for overages and there is no throttling of speeds.
  • Grande does not require customers to sign long-term contracts, and unsatisfied customers can leave without facing any early termination fees.
  • Grande provides customer service in the form of chat, which is the preferred option. It also offers support via user guides, FAQs, and calls. Grande has 24/7 support, which is better than other providers.


Annual Revenue

  • Grande Communications generates an estimated $220 million in revenue annually.

Geographical footprint

  • Grande Communications has a footprint in the following cities: Austin, Dallas, Waco, Temple, Corpus Christi, Midland, Odessa, San Marcos, and San Antonio.
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WOW! Cable Competitors, Pt 4

Some competitive advantages of Frontier Communications include offering attractive packages to attract and retain customers, while some competitive advantages of Charter Communications include penetrating the market to gain more customers instead of raising the price of its products. Below are the explicit details of both companies.

Frontier Communications

Competitive Advantage

  • To maintain and generate new revenues, Frontier Communications offers attractive packages to achieve customer retention, win back former customers, and attract new customers.
  • Also, to beat its competitors, the company frequently introduces new products and upgrades and up-sells services to its customers.
  • The company provides the best customer service among most of its competitors.
  • Frontier Communications offers a shorter scheduling period for customers' appointments, has expanded customer service hours, and completes follow-up calls and reminders for service appointments.
  • Also, the company has a higher number of employees selling its products.
  • A big selling point for the company is the fact that they provide high-speed internet in rural areas.
  • In addition, its ISPS services don't require a customer to sign a contract (its competitors require a customer to sign a one or two year contract for this service), and Frontier also offers zero caps on its internet services.


  • Frontier's performance in new markets is usually superb. The company's expertise helps it to enter the new markets and makes a success of them; this has helped the company grow.
  • The company has a strong base of reliable suppliers of raw materials; this has enabled it to overcome any supply or production challenges associated with raw materials.
  • Frontier has a strong distribution network which reaches the majority of its potential market, including rural areas.
  • The company is very good at product innovation; it has the best record of developing new products.


  • Frontier's organization structure limits expansion in adjacent product segments; this structure is only compatible with the present business model.
  • The company is not good at merging with firms that have a different work culture.
  • Compared to the leading players or its competitors, Frontier's investments in its R&D are very minimal. Thus, when it comes to the innovation of new products or services, the company's progress at inventing them takes a long time to establish.
  • When it comes to product demand forecasting, the company is not very good at it. Because of this, it misses opportunities compared to its competitors.


Geographical Footprint

  • Frontier provides its products and services to customers in 29 states of the United States.

Charter Communications

Competitive Advantage

  • Charter Communications is the second-largest cable provider in the US.
  • The company offers its services to 27 million customers through a large cable infrastructure.
  • The company is an economic giant, therefore, competing with the company requires an enormous up-front investment that its competitors lack; hence limited competition.
  • The company uses volume strategy. So, instead of increasing the prices of their products and services, the company focuses on increasing its penetration in the market to gain more customers. To achieve this, it keeps the prices low, which is why many customers sign up.
  • Most telecommunication companies such as AT&T, Sprint, among others, in the United States, use Charter's WI-FI network to deliver their wireless services. This increases the revenue of the company and reduces competition.
  • Also, the company is on the forefront to launch a 5G network; this will be the most significant competitive advantage for Charter Communications.



  • The gaps in the products sold by the company give the competitors a foothold in the market.
  • Charter Communications has the unutilized capacity in bandwidth usage; this affects the operational efficiency of the company.
  • Compared to its competitors, the company has a higher attrition rate in its workforce. Because of this, the company spends more on training and developing its employees.
  • Charter's financial planning is poor. The company's asset ratio and liquid asset ratios show that it can use the cash more efficiently compared to what it is doing now.


Geographical Footprint

Research Strategy

To find information about the companies' competitive advantage, strengths, and weaknesses, we went through their official websites and examined reports by credible external directories such as CIS Market, Barrons, Mbaskool, Fern Fort University, among others. Next, to find the revenue of both companies, we began by going through their websites and platforms that provide the companies' overview, including their revenue, such as ZoomInfo, Owler, Statista, among others. Fortunately, after going through all these sources, we were able to find the relevant information to answer the research criteria.

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WOW! Cable Competitors, Pt 5

Cox Communications, a leading service provider in the USA, has expanded services in every region in the USA. Comcast Corporation provides affordable and reliable services, and has extensive coverage in the USA. The attributes listed above give the two firms a competitive advantage.

Cox Communications Analysis

Competitive Advantage

Cox Communications Strengths

  • The company is the nation's leading service provider.
  • They have expanded services to every region throughout the USA.
  • Cox Communications has high quality and reliable services.
  • The company is one of the largest telephone carriers in the USA.
  • The company had over 20,000 employees in 2016 (the latest publicly available information).

Cox Communications Weaknesses

Cox Communications Annual Revenue

  • Cox Communications' revenue was $11 billion in 2016 (the latest publicly available information).

Cox Communications Locations

Comcast Corporation Analysis

Competitive Advantage

Comcast Corporation Strengths

Comcast Corporation Weaknesses

Comcast Corporation Annual Revenue

Comcast Corporation Location


From Part 02
  • "Ms. McGee is WOW!’s chief marketing & sales officer. She joined WOW! on February 2018. Prior to joining the company, Ms. McGee served as the executive vice president of Marketing for Starz Entertainment. She also previously served in senior marketing and sales leadership roles for multiple-system operators including Adelphia Communications, AT&T Broadband and MediaOne."
  • "Nancy McGee is a Chief Marketing and Sales Officer of the company. She joined the Company on February 12, 2018. Prior to joining WOW, Ms. McGee served as the Executive Vice President of Marketing for Starz Entertainment. She also previously served in senior marketing leadership roles for multiple-system operators including Adelphia Communications, AT&T Broadband and MediaOne. "
  • "McGee is an accomplished marketing executive with extensive experience in the media, cable and telecommunications industry, having served in a number of senior marketing leadership roles for over 25 years. Most recently, McGee was the Executive Vice President of Marketing for Starz Entertainment where she oversaw the network's consumer brand, digital, social media, advertising and affiliate marketing support. "
  • ""The $9.99 price point is a great value for anyone, but particularly people who work from home, young families with children and older customers who value the security and convenience of having a landline in addition to their mobile phones," said Nancy McGee, chief marketing and sales officer at WOW!."
  • "McGee has served in a number of senior marketing leadership roles for over 25 years. Most recently, McGee was the EVP of marketing for Starz Entertainment, where she oversaw the network's consumer brand, digital, social media, advertising and affiliate marketing support. Prior to that, McGee held the role of CMO with responsibility for marketing and sales for pay-TV companies, including Adelphia Communications, AT&T Broadband and MediaOne."
  • "Led nationwide consumer marketing, sales and product strategy for largest cable operator in the country. Collaborated with regional marketing teams to develop and execute national brand, product, pricing and direct marketing approach to improve customer experience and satisfaction, subscriber growth, revenue growth, and margin improvements across product lines."
From Part 04