Women and Dementia

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Women and Dementia

Dementia is one of the top ten causes of death in the US. This research has sought out to present the definition, overview, key statistics, challenges, and case studies of innovations. Slides 1-9 of this presentation have been populated and a sample of these insights have been presented in this write up. In addition, we have provided three case studies of innovations that are or would be of benefit to the dementia community. These case studies are A-Better-Visit app, AR Customized Technology Solutions, and OmniVR.


Case Study 1: A-Better-Visit App

Case Study 2: AR Customized Technology Solutions

  • This is a Dementia Australia project.
  • This project aims to address issues such as communication with loved ones, memory, and meaningful engagement.
  • Recruits were gathered from various Dementia Australia events. A total of 28 people participated in this innovative project.
  • The participants would interact with the Cubelets which were mini modular robots.
  • Assessments were carried out at four different times. Time 0, Time 1, Time 2, and Time 3 which was the baseline (prior to trying out the technology), two weeks in, four weeks in, and eight weeks after the four-week check in, respectively.
  • From the results of this exercise, they were able to draw the following conclusions:

Case Study 3: OmniVR Virtual Rehabilitation System

  • Jeol Landau, the co-founder of Allure Group, speaks proudly of their technology, the OmniVR.
  • Using an advanced 3D camera and software that is able to mimic their movements, this technology enhances the mobility of the patients and facilitates a virtual world interaction.
  • This is a fun experience for patients to put in their physical work out as some activities can be set up as a game. Additionally, the software communicates the state of the patient with their caregivers.
  • This technology has already been implemented by the Allure Group in Bedford Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation in Brooklyn, New York and is already providing real results.
  • Medford Multicare offers their dementia patients the opportunity to interact with various gadgets to improve their experience such as OmniVR.


Key Insights into Dementia