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Women Travel Stats

U.S. women play a dominant role in domestic travel and travel expenditure as they account for 92% of the total travel expenditure in the U.S. and are "responsible for 72% of travel decisions." It is no wonder that U.S. female travelers contribute approximately $1.693 trillion to domestic travel expenditure.

Below is a detailed overview of our findings.


In the U.S., women are "[r]esponsible for 70% of travel decisions and 92% of travel purchases." In 2016, the industry generated $2.3 trillion in travel expenditure. According to Statista, spending for domestic travel by U.S. residents accounted for an estimated 80% of total travel expenditures in the U.S., a whopping $1.84 trillion ($2.3 trillion / 80% = $1.84 trillion). According to Visit California, women account for 92% of U.S. travel spending, approximately $1.693 trillion of domestic travel expenditure ($1.84 trillion * 92% = $1.693 trillion). Fifteen percent of women are inclined to spend more than $263 per day and tend to "spend more on clothes and duty-free products."

Women account for an estimated two-thirds of travelers in the U.S., in addition, women make up 54% of affluent travelers who make $250,000 or more per year, a 12% increase from 2010 when women made up 42% of affluent travelers. Fifteen percent of women are inclined to spend more than $263 per day. Women also "spend more on clothes and duty-free products."

Data from a Trafalgar survey of "1,000 U.S. women (aged 18 to 60-years-old)" backs this sentiment:

• 86% of U.S. women are not afraid to travel, regardless of any deterring event;
• 73% of U.S. women find that traveling makes them stronger; and
69% of U.S. women find traveling to be inspiring.


When it comes to vacations, women in the U.S. tend to book tour providers. The types of tours women prefer include active, marine, "yolo" or local living. Active tours include hiking, kayaking, cycling, and tracking. Marine tours involve river cruises and sailing. The "yolo" style tours, which mostly attract 18 to 39-year-old travelers, are fast-paced and budget friendly. Local living tour styles are geared towards cultural experiences. Seventy-three percent of female travelers prefer to travel with their families or significant other, while 10% are solo travelers who looking for deeper experiences. Women who travel alone are likely to make three or more trips "in a given year." For those traveling for deeper experiences, these may include opportunities to connects with locals, forge bonds with people and places all to make the most memorable and enriching experience. According to data from a Trafalgar survey of "U.S. women (aged 18 to 60-years-old), women travel for a number of reasons:

73% of U.S. women view travel as "a source of independence;"
52% of U.S. women travel to escape;
36% of U.S. women travel to enjoy;
• 32% of U.S. women travel to reflect and grow;
31% of U.S. women travel to learn; and
17% of U.S. women travel to "test their limits."

It is no wonder that one of the latest trends in this industry is "[f]emale-focused adventure companies." These companies focus on providing women with their ideal getaway. In 2016, leisure travel expenditure for domestic and international travelers in the U.S. stood at $683.1 billion. We know that 80% of this spending was conducted by U.S. residents and that U.S. women account for 92% of travel spending, therefore, U.S. women spent $502.762 billion on direct leisure travel in the U.S., in 2016:

$683.1 billion * 80% = $546.480 billion
• $546.480 billion * 92% = $502.762 billion.
Undeniably, driving may have contributed a fair amount to the domestic leisure travel expenditure by women. In 2017 women drove 112,038,453 miles for trips compared to men who drove 111,024,202 miles for trips.


According to GTI Travel, when compared to their male counterparts, U.S. female business travelers exhibit five stand-out traits: women pack sooner and pack more; women care more about their safety
When traveling alone, women are mostly concerned; women spend more; women feel under-prepared; and travel assistance is very important to women.

U.S. women who travel for business account for 47% of female travelers. The mode of travel often varies, in 2017 women drove 73,353,208 miles for business, a little less than men who drove 83,483,971 miles for business. Sixty-seven percent of U.S. women business travelers travel by private care, 57.8% by air, 34.1% share a car, and 2% by rail. The majority of these women (68%) "prefer to stay in hotel chains."

According to the U.S. Travel Association, direct business spending by resident and international travelers amounted to $307.2 billion in 2016. Of these travelers 80% were U.S. residents traveling domestically and women made up 92% of total travel expenditure, bringing the total business expenditure in the U.S. (by female U.S. business travelers) to $226.01 billion:

$307.2 billion * 80% = $245.76 billion
• $245.76 billion * 92% = $226.01 billion.


U.S. female travelers account a for a large portion of domestic leisure and business travel. Women are also the largest domestic spenders and account for $502.762 billion of direct leisure travel expenditure and $226.01 billion of direct business travel expenditure.

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Female Impact on Travel Market

Hotels and other players in the travel industry cater to female travel preferences by offering: women-only hotel floors, comfortable and professional looking travel clothing, Girls Getaways, and ride share services with exclusively female drivers.

The Ellis Hotel in Atlanta, and The Hamilton Hotel in Washington, D.C., each offer a secure floor exclusively for women. Clothing manufacturers are creating apparel that "enable women to go directly from a 15-hour plane ride[,] directly to a board meeting." A Girls Getaway package in Fort Lauderdale includes a hotel stay, museum tickets, and restaurant vouchers. Lastly, See Jane Go, a ride share company with exclusively female drivers, is offering service in the Long Beach and Orange County area. Per your request, we limited our research to travel within the United States. Our deep dive is below.

Pleasure vs. business travel

Arguably, any of the products and services we researched could be enjoyed by either business or pleasure travelers. The women-only floor at the Hamilton Hotel makes a point of stating it caters, "specifically to the needs of the female business traveler." The secure floor, accessible by a special elevator key, could be appealing to a solo business traveler. Solo female travelers may also appreciate a ride share service like See Jane Go, especially when traveling around an unfamiliar city. Girl Getaways could be added on at the end of a business trip, but the need for a group to participate may limit some business travelers.

Women's only hotel floors

Hotels in the United States are catering to women by offering entire exclusive floors with plush amenities. The Ellis Hotel in Atlanta features a women's only floor, which can only be accessed using a designated keycard in the elevator. The floor has 10 rooms, featuring amenities such as, "comfy slippers, plush robes, Gilchrist & Soames toiletries, mineral bath gel, a body scrub pad, a curling iron and a flat iron." Guests staying on the women's only floor also receive a L'Occitane gift bag full of products and a miniature print of the painting, "Chelko Heart."

The Hamilton Hotel in Washington, D.C. also features a floor just for women, "catering specifically to the needs of the female business traveler." Like at the Ellis, the floor is accessible with a special elevator key. Amenities include, "plush spa bathrobes, full bath, magnifying mirror, magazines, luxurious skin and hair care products, [and] personalized concierge services."

travel Clothing

Clothing brands are stepping up to meet the needs of female travelers, particularly those traveling for business who need to look professional. Earlier this year, Fast Company ran an article, "10 Small Luxuries That Will Upgrade Women’s Business Trips in 2018." One item featured was a complete outfit made by the sleepwear brand Lunya. The "5-Piece Travel Kit" is an ensemble consisting of undergarments, a sleeveless shirt, a long sleeve shirt, leggings, and a laundry bag. The garments, "feel like pajamas, but are simple and classic enough to be dressed up if you need to look respectable." The clothing set has been well-received, with 58 reviews and a 4.5 out of 5 rating on Lunya's website.

ADAY's Up In The Air jacket was also featured in the Fast Company article. The black zippered jacket is, "designed to enable women to go directly from a 15-hour plane ride[,] directly to a board meeting." The jacket's material is stain and wrinkle resistant.

girls getaway packages

In Fort Lauderdale, multiple venues and attractions have come together to offer pleasure travelers the, "Girlfriends & Glamour Getaway." The package includes a stay at the Riverside Hotel’s Executive Tower, tickets to NSU Art Museum, a food and beverage credit, a Water Taxi pass, welcome gift bag, and complimentary valet parking. Girlfriends & Glamour is offered Thursday through Sunday, through October 1st.

Canyon Ranch day spa in Las Vegas offers a "Girlfriends Getaway" package for groups of four or more. The package includes, "robes, sandals and complimentary beverages in the delightful relaxation lounge." Groups receive credits and discounts towards spa and salon services, as well as the day spa's restaurant. The package is through December 26th, with some blackout dates.

Ride Share Service: See jane go

A California ride-share service has created a solution for the uneasiness female travelers may experience when having a male cab driver. See Jane Go describes itself as, "a ride-hail option designed just for women." All drivers are female, and male passengers are only allowed when accompanied by a woman for the entire duration of their ride. See Jane Go currently operates in Long Beach and Orange County, and offers service at Long Beach Airport and John Wayne Airport. Their website states they are working on getting permits to other southern California airports. Both pleasure and business travelers would appreciate this service.


To wrap it up, we provided examples of hotels, clothing manufacturers, and a ride-share service catering to women travelers by offering female-centric products and services. Additionally, hotels and day spas are offering Girls Getaway packages.