Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging Companies (USA and Global)

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Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging Companies (USA and Global)

Some additional US-based companies that provide wireless charging solutions for electric vehicles include Plugless, Momentum Dynamics, and Wave. Some additional companies outside the United States providing wireless charging solutions for electric vehicles are Elix Wireless, Connected Kerb, Magment, Wireless Protocol, Sprint Power, and Powermat.


Momentum Dynamics

  • Momentum Dynamics is headquartered in Malvern and is a global market leader in high-power EV wireless charging.
  • The company was recently recognized as the winner of Mechanical Engineering Magazine's 2019 Emerging Technology Award.
  • Momentum dynamics uses automated and highly-efficient inductive charging systems. Their technology is "based on the scientific principle of resonant magnetic induction, and provides fast, automated opportunity charging for electric vehicles with no moving parts."
  • Momentum Dynamics' wireless charging system is used in electric vehicles but most common in public transport vehicles, delivery vans, and auto fleets.
  • The company was formed in 2009.
  • According to PR Newswire, Momentum Dynamics, "the global leader in high-power wireless charging for electric vehicles, and CEVT, an innovation company for Zhejiang Geely Holding Group based in Sweden, have demonstrated high-power wireless charging on a passenger vehicle with autonomous parking."

Elix Wireless

Connected Kerb

Key Emerging Trends Expected for the EV Wireless Charging Industry

Wireless Dynamic Electric Vehicle Charging (DEVC)

  • According to a market report by Transparency Market Research, one emerging key trend in the EV wireless charging market is the new wireless dynamic electric vehicle charging system.
  • The new system "has potential to charge an electric vehicle dynamically up to 20 KW at the speed of 100 km/h" and is currently being demonstrated by Qualcomm.
  • Another company at the forefront of this trend is Honda. The company is currently undertaking research and development to come up with a new dynamic technology that "that can allow dynamic charging at a power of 180kW (300A, 600DC) when the electric vehicle is traveling at a speed of 160km/h."

Increasing Electric Vehicle Sales

  • According to Mordor Intelligence, another key trend is that electric vehicle sales have been growing and they will continue to grow in the coming years. The spike in sales is attributable to an "increase in regulatory norms, by various organizations and governments, to control emission levels and to propagate zero-emissions vehicles. "
  • This trend has resulted in auto manufacturers ramping up their research and development expenditure, which "had a strong impact on people, as there was a considerable change in the purchase pattern from conventional IC engine vehicles to electric vehicles. The change has not decreased the sales of IC engine vehicles but rather created a promising market for electric vehicles in the present as well as for the future. "
  • The growth of electric vehicle sales is expected to "increase the need for charging equipment and wireless charging, which claims to reduce effort put in to charge the vehicle. Wireless charging is expected to gain popularity and have a growing market in the near future."

Europe is the Fastest Growing Market

  • Mordor Intelligence posits that Europe will be to be "the largest manufacturing hub, and also the largest market for wireless charging stations."
  • This growth can be attributed to the availability of viable infrastructures to support electric vehicle sales. According to the research, Germany, the United Kingdom, and France are expected to be the "biggest markets for wireless charging due to a combination of economies of scale, high levels of income, and being an automotive manufacturing hub."
  • Companies capitalizing on this trend include Audi, BMW, Daimler, Toyota Motorsport, and Toyota Motor Europe, WiTricity to drive wireless EV charging interoperability.
  • As per Mordor Intelligence, the "foundation for the market for wireless charging is already visible from the yearly increasing sales of electric vehicles in European countries, like Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom, among many others."