Wind Turbine Power

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Wind Turbine Power

The ideal amount of energy on the average, generated by a wind turbine in a year is 11.376 gigawatt-hour. On the average, an 1000 square foot open-plan office consumes 17,460 kWh in a year, while 11.376 gigawatt-hour will last for about 652 years when running at full capacity daily without interruption.

The Average Wind Turbine Power Generation:

Research Strategy:

We started our search by looking up reliable news agencies such as and, for published articles regarding the power ratings of wind turbines, and for information to use in calculating the amount of power generated in one year (since power is given by the rate of energy consumed). From the information found, we were able to triangulate the average amount of power generated by 1 wind turbine in a year.

To calculate length of time 11.376 gigawatt-hours will power an 1000 square foot open-plan office, we used a comparative power calculator to deduce the average power consumption of an 1000 square foot open-plan office in a month, while making the following assumptions:


  • Since it is an office plan, there are more than 6 people using the office.
  • The office consumes 20% more than an average electricity consumption rate.
  • The power supply is continuous.
We made use of this calculator, as it best fits our list of variables, and also because no building type, appliance type or hours of usage was mentioned.


Average Amount of Energy Generated by a Wind Turbine:

1 MHI Vestas will generate = 312 GW-hr / 11 = 28,363,636,363.636 Watt-hours per year = 28.363 GigaWatt-hours per year.
  • 7,779 onshore wind turbine + 1,932 offshore wind turbines = 9,711 wind turbines.
  • So, 9,711 wind turbines generates 56 million MW h of energy per year,
  • 1 wind turbine will generate = 56 GW-hr / 9,711 wind turbines = 5,766,656,369.066 Watt — hours per year = 5.766 GigaWatt-hours per year.
  • Therefore, Average power output of a wind turbine is given by;
(28.363 + 6 + 5.766) / 3 = 11,376,764,246.234 GigaWatt-hours per year = 11.376 gigawatt-hours per year.

  • The above value is an ideal value as the turbine capacity factor is not considered because each turbine has a different value of capacity factor.

Length of Time it Would Power an 1000 Square Foot Open-plan:

  • Using 1,455kWh as the average power consumption of an 1000 square foot open-plan office in a month:
In 12 months (1 year), the office would consume 1,455 kWh * 12 = 17,460 kWh
  • Therefore, number of years 11.376 gigawatt-hours per year will last;
1 year = 17,460kWh
x years = 11.376GWh, making x years subject of the formula
x years = 11,376,764.246234 / 17,460 = 651.59 years.

Approximately 652 years.