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Wiese USA

 Wiese USA is a renowned brand name when it comes to material handling solutions market in the US. They offer everything from fleet management to servicing and maintenance for the entire entourage of different kinds of material handling equipment.


  • Wiese USA facilitates its customers with a broad range of material handling equipment to choose from; 12 core equipment types are listed on its website. These include aerial lifts, dock, and door, electric forklifts, IC forklifts, high capacity forklifts, warehouse products, personnel and utility vehicles, safety products, terminal tractors, railcar movers, used equipment, and floor care equipment.

Aerial Lifts

  • The company offers eight different types of aerial lifts from popular brands like Genie and JLG. These pieces of equipment can be bought and rented as well, and used versions of these products are also provided.
  • Aerial lift equipment categories include trailer-mounted boom lifts, telescopic booms, articulating booms, scissor lifts, material lifts, aerial work platform lifts, push around boom lifts and telehandlers.
  • Under the dock and door category, the company has everything from industry and specialty doors to industrial fans, dock levelers to seals and shelters. They also provide services like environmental inspection, dock installation, maintenance, and repairs.
  • Wiese has three main IC forklift (internal combustion) types included in its offerings, which include IC cushion tire forklifts, IC pneumatic tire forklifts, and rough terrain forklift. They also offer different types of electric forklifts and pallet trucks.
  • In the railcar movers category, Wiese has Trackmobile's best rail cars, which include Atlas, Titan, Hercules, and Viking. Spare parts of these rail cars are also available, and everything from fuel filters to driveshafts is made available by Wiese USA.
  • Wiese USA's product offerings also include handle semi-trailers, terminal containers, and roll trailers. Floorcare category includes products like sweepers, scrubbers, sweeper-scrubber combination units.


  • The company has three programs under its services category for individual material handling equipment parts; these include Promatch® Parts Program, Genuine OEM Parts, Parts Fast, or Parts Free Program. Additional information about these programs can be found here.
  • The rental service category includes a selected set of material handling equipment, which can be rented after consulting with Wiese's rental specialists. The rental can be for both long and short time periods. Equipment included under the rental category are CAT lift trucks, scissor lifts, sweeper scrubbers, terminal tractors, railcar movers, pneumatic tire trucks, boom lifts, electric forklifts, pallet jacks, cushion tire trucks, and narrow aisle equipment.
  • Wiese USA has a full-fledged fleet management plan for its customers, and this plan is fully customizable according to the needs of the client. The company also sells safety products like horns and seat belts, amber strobe lights, fire extinguishers, swivel seat w/ rear horns, and forklift safety lights.
  • There are different types of maintenance programs as well, which include Automatic" Maintenance and Planned Mainatince and others.

Value Proposition

  • The company claims to offer "best-in-class, durable, and dependable material handling equipment for a wide variety of applications and industries — ranging from manufacturing to warehouse and distribution."
  • This value proposition statement reveals a lot about Wiese to its customers, reading this, people will get to know that Wiese is not only a dealer of material handling equipment, but it also does it well by offering equipment that is best in class, durable as well as dependable. The statement also states that they offer a variety of equipment, which is very important since consumers will not have to look for other companies if they need different kinds of material handling equipment. Being a one-stop destination for all sorts of material handling equipment is an important part of Wiese USA's value proposition.

Competitive Advantage

  • Wiese flaunts an industrial experience of more than 70 years, which is surely an advantage because the company has been in the industry for so long, they are well versed with the functionality of the industry. Being in business for more than 70 years also highlights business stability.
  • Additionally, the company caters to a wide variety of industry segments- from manufacturing to distribution to warehousing. The company is able to do this because they have a broad range of material handling equipment, which is again, a decided advantage since each of these industries has different needs and being able to fulfill all these needs makes Wiese USA an ideal choice for clients or consumers who are operating across several industry verticals.
  • Not only is the company offering different products, but it is also innovating its product and service offerings and facilitating its clients with the most advanced and latest equipment. Wiese USA has also been awarded the MCFA's 2020 Dealers of Excellence award, which is provided to dealers who are providing "superior customer service and innovative material handling solutions."
  • Wiese USA also has industry recognition; it has received several awards, and some of the most prestigious ones include Supplier of the Year award from 2019 Annual Made in Missouri Leadership Awards (MMLAs), Columbia Honors Award under the Gold Partners category and Dealers of Excellence award by MCFA.
  • They are operating in more than 28 locations in the US, which is a pretty massive advantage since they have a bigger market to exploit and are more accessible to its customers.
  • Wiese also has a golden advantage, and it is undoubtedly the Wiese team, which includes nearly 1000 team members, experts, and specialists. Having a huge team that is certified and qualified is essential for providing the clients with the best advice they need. They have 600 factory-trained technical experts, too.

Values and Mission Statement

  • The mission statement of Wiese USA says, "simplify our customers' lives by delivering complete material handling solutions with excellent service."
  • Its core values include being entrepreneurial with a sense of urgency, treating people with respect, achieving excellence at work, being reliable, maintaining integrity and accountability, and showcasing leadership and teamwork at its best.

Target Audience

  • The company is working for clients that are located across several industry verticals like manufacturing and warehousing. In addition to this, material handling equipment is generally used for different purposes such as assembly, storage, packaging, transportation, and others, and any industry with such needs (the need to transport stuff in and out of factory outlets, packaging, and storing products) will likely require material handling equipment. Market reports suggest that the material handling equipment industry has several end-users such as "automotive, electronics, chemical, pharmaceutical, aviation, and others."
  • Some of Wiese USA's clients include Abengoa Bioenergy and Port of Kimberling Marina & Resort.

Social Media Analysis

Wiese USA has its official accounts on YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook. YouTube has about 572 subscribers, the LinkedIn page showcases 2,747 followers, and the Facebook page features 1,203 followers.


  • The types of posts posted by Wiese USA on its Facebook page can be categorized into six broad categories; the first and the most frequently posted posts include job postings. Between April 2018 to February 2020, the company has mostly posted about job vacancies; these posts include application links and a description of the job. The second most frequently posted posts are anniversary posts; these posts are posted to congratulate Wiese USA's employees on their work anniversary.
  • Wiese USA has also posted about its company values, and one such post was where the company posted about how important is business integrity to them.
  • The company also features its clients in its posts, such as this post from March 2018, which highlights Port Of Kimberling City Table Rock Lake as its client.
  • Additionally, Wiese USA also posts about the awards and recognition it has received. Other posts from the company include posts wishing Thanksgiving Day and Christmas.

Frequency of Posts

  • Between 2019 and 2020, the company has been pretty active on Facebook with multiple posts being posted every single day, but these posts are only about job vacancies and employee anniversaries.
  • All other categories of posts mentioned above have been posted in 2017 and 2018.

Public Reaction

  • Some of the comments from the posts include "Merry Christmas," "One of my favorite things about working for Wiese (Wichita) was having a pocket card that had the acronym on the back. My branch really took it to heart," "1 team one customer," and "Big forker."


  • The LinkedIn page mostly featured job postings, but one thing that was different here was that the company was not as actively posting as it was on Facebook. The average frequency of posts was one post in about three to four months. The home page features only three posts, two about a job posting, and one about the company values and company history.
  • There was only one public comment across these posts, which is "Very much of the success of this company lies within its values to "Honor God, Value People and Feel like Family". Nothing makes me more proud than to be part of this family. Thank you, Harold and Chip!"


  • The company is not active on YouTube (2019-2020), the last video posted by Wiese USA was posted in 2019. The frequency of posts is about one video in a year. In 2018, Wiese uploaded about four videos, each of these videos featured different products and services from Wiese. The 2019 video provided an inside view of the dock and door division of the company.
  • There was only one comment across the 2018 posts, "That was Great! I loved seeing how it all came together." The video that was uploaded in 2019 had no public comments.

Conclusive Statement

  • The company projects itself as an ideal institution to work for, and it also highlights itself as an industry leader by posting about the awards and recognition it has received. The posts also showcase core company vales and Wiese USA also posts about how much it values its customers.
  • Given the current situation (2019-2020), it doesn't seem like Wiese USA has a marketing strategy for Facebook because the company has only posted about work anniversaries and job postings. While the company has won awards in 2019 and 2020 as well, but there were no mentions about these awards on its Facebook page. They haven't posted about any festivities either (New Year or Christmas Or Thanksgiving). There were no posts about the company values or customers or products or anything specific to the company's operations in the material handling industry. In general, there were no marketing-related activities on its Facebook page for the year 2019 and 2020.

Marketing Campaigns

NowSpeed and Captiva Studios have worked for Wiese USA, but no details have been disclosed by any of these companies about the digital campaigns that were created for Wiese USA.

Captiva Studios

  • Captiva Studios was responsible for creating a YouTube end screen video, for capturing high definition photographs and videos of Wiese USA's products.
  • The YouTube end screen video was titled "Wiese USA Forklift Rentals," it had about 502 views, eight likes, and two dislikes. This video was uploaded on Aug 23, 2017.
  • The video featured a rental expert from Wiese USA who described their rental offerings and how Wiese Rental functions.


  • In the video, Wiese projects itself as one of the largest fleet rental services in the US; it also highlights that it has several years of industrial experience in the rental fleets segment. Wiese promises its clients that they shall have maximum efficiency with Wiese's rental fleets.

Additional Information

  • In addition to this, Wiese USA also utilized 99Designs for creating posters for the brand. 99Designs portal is a network of individual designers, who can be employed for creating posters, adverts, and digital creatives.
  • Wiese USA started a contest on the portal to create a poster for Wiese USA's mission statement. The winning poster can be found here.
  • Wiese USA has also worked with BigDAWGS Promotion for creating video greeting cards for the launch of the new Jungheinrich industrial truck. BigDAWGS Promotion is a digital book creator; they also created the video book for Wiese USA.

Wiese USA — Competitors

The Bailey Company, ProLift Material Handling, Alta Equipment Company, Southeast Industrial Equipment Inc, and MH Equipment are some of the key competitors of Wiese USA.

The Bailey Company

  • "The Bailey Company is one of the nation's largest forklift truck dealerships." It is also authorized to sell "other material handling equipment from Cat Lift Trucks, Crown Equipment, Mitsubishi Forklifts, Jungheinrich, and Hoist, as well as the full line of Camso, Maine Industrial Tires, Monarch Tires, and others."
  • The company is operating in 12 locations, which are strategically located in Georgia, Kentucky, and Tennessee. Tennessee is one of the main functional markets of Wiese USA. It has also been felicitated with the MCFA's 2020 Dealers of Excellence award.
  • The estimated annual revenue figure for The Bailey Company is $106.65 million.

ProLift Material Handling

  • ProLift Material Handling is a full-service material handling equipment company; they offer everything from IC forklifts to boom lifts to aerial platforms. They deal in new, used, and rental material handling equipment.
  • The company has eight main locations in Kentucky, West Virginia, Indiana and Ohio. The estimated annual revenue for the company is $35 million. ProLift has received the President's award by Toyota, too.

Alta Equipment Company

  • Alta Equipment Company offers a one-stop solution for all material handling equipment consumers, they do it all, from servicing to maintenance to providing new, rental and used material handling equipment. They deal with different types of aerial lifts, forklifts, and specialty equipment.
  • They have 17 offices located in different parts of the Midwest region, including Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana. The estimated revenue for the company is $350 million.

Southeast Industrial Equipment Inc

  • "Southeast Industrial Equipment is Southeast’s largest material handling equipment dealers; it provides customers with a comprehensive range of new forklifts, lift trucks, and used industrial equipment for sale, lease, or rent."
  • They have ten office locations, which are located in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Virginia. The estimated revenue for the company is $100 million.

MH Equipment

  • MH Equipment offers everything from forklifts to aerial lifts; it also sells rail car movers, and other material handling industrial equipment. Its core operations are limited to the material handling equipment industry.
  • "They have 28 servicing locations throughout Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia."
  • Annual revenue for the company is estimated to be $75 million.

Research Strategy

In order to provide 2-3 marketing campaigns for Wiese USA, we searched through their social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube), marketing agency profiles, creative portals (99 Designs) and several other types of resources but we were unable to locate any marketing campaigns for the company. We have found several marketing agencies that have worked with the marketing team of Wiese USA; however, none of them have shared any particular details about the digital campaigns conducted by them.

First, we searched for case studies about the company's marketing campaigns or initiatives. We combed through portals like AdAge, AdWeek, Campaigns Live, and several others; these portals usually contain mentions about creative advertising or digital campaigns, but no such relevant mentions were found for Wiese USA.

Second, we searched through their social media accounts to find any prevalent social media campaigns, but their social media accounts didn't showcase any such marketing initiatives or any relevant posts about the company to its products (between 2019-2020).

For videos that were created for the company's YouTube page, we have provided information about the agency and the engagement the videos had on YouTube. Since no marketing campaigns were located for the company, we have provided a set of marketing-related initiatives from the company.
Due to the lack of publicly available data, we have used some archived sources in our response.

For company revenues, we have utilized third-party resources like Hoover D&B and Zoominfo because the competitor companies have not released financial data in the public domain.