Wholesale Consumer Electronics Distributors (2)

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Wholesale Consumer Electronics Distributors (2)

Key Takeaways

  • Information about wholesaler consumer electronics distributors of Apple, Xbox, Nintendo, and GoPro that offers dropshipping to consumers is limited in the public domain. Only a few companies were found during the research.
  • Many company websites were researched but they are either only wholesalers or only drop shippers or do not sell products from the mentioned brands.
  • Only four companies meeting all the criteria were found in the public domain. They are two Chinese firms that dropship to the US (they have worldwide services) and are named Chinavasion and DHgate, and two US firms named VistaShops and Malcom Distributions.
  • Given the lack of names that meet all the requested criteria, we expanded the list with two wholesale drop shippers that offer consumer electronics. They are Petra and Cmple.


The report includes the names, websites, and brief descriptions of Chinavasion, DHgate, Malcom Distributions, and Vista Shops, which are companies that fully met the offerings requested for the research. Given that the information available in the public domain is limited on the researched topic, we added information on two companies that do not sell products from the selected brands but do operate in the consumer electronics space.

Vendors of Apple, Xbox, Nintendo, and GoPro Products

1. Chinavasion
  • https://www.chinavasion.com
  • Chinavasion focuses on cross-border export e-commerce and is committed to selecting top suppliers and optimizing quality goods, always supplying top-class customer service, according to its website.
  • It is a wholesaler placed in China that dropships to customers in the US. It sells products from Apple, Xbox, Nintendo, and GoPro.
  • Example: It offers free shipping of Apple´s iPhone to the US in an estimated shipping time of 8–15 business days, from stocks placed in China.
2. DHgate
  • https://www.dhgate.com/
  • It focuses on cross-border directly from high-quality factories from China to the consumer everywhere. It dropships to the US products from Apple, Xbox, Nintendo, and GoPro. It has a local warehouse in the US, which allows US 3 day-delivery for many products, according to its website.
  • Example: It offers free shipping of Apple´s iPhone to the US in an estimated shipping time of 10–15 business days, from a stock placed in China.

Vendors of Apple, Xbox, and Nintendo Products

1. Malcom Distribution
  • https://mcdvideogames.com/
  • According to its website, they sell video game hardware and software and accessories for Xbox and Nintendo, among other video game brands, as well as some Apple products.
  • All goods they sell are brand new factory sealed in original packages.
  • They offer wholesale drop shipping. (Some restrictions may apply, according to its website)

Vendors of Apple Products

1. Vista Shops
  • https://vistashops.com/
  • It sells a wide range of Apple products but it seems that the range of products from Xbox, Nintendo, and GoPro is very small or nonexistent. It offers dropshipping in the US.

Vendor of Consumer Electronics but not Apple, Xbox, Nintendo, and GoPro Products

1. Petra
  • https://www.petra.com/
  • According to its website, Petra is the industry’s consumer technology authority—distributing products for more than 800 brands. It offers dropshipping and is located in the US.
2. Cmple.com
  • https://www.cmple.com/
  • It is the industry´s wholesale of consumer electronics accessories.
  • According to its website, Cmple.com specializes in providing dropshipping with hundreds of items at the lowest possible prices.

Research Strategy

For this research on Wholesale Consumer Electronics Distributors, we searched in the public domain to find companies that met the criteria of being a wholesaler of one or several of the requested brands (Apple, Nintendo, Xbox, and GoPro) and offering drop shipping in the US to consumers. For each potential firm, we reviewed the website to check offered products and services. Since only a few companies met the criteria according to the information available in the public domain, we included other websites that have wholesales of consumer electronics and offer drop shipping in the US, as requested.

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