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Wholegrain Digital: Competitors

Yoyo Designs, Platypus Digital, and Torchbox all utilize social media platforms, as well as website messaging to communicate their services to potential customers. While Yoyo Design brands its business as being focused on humans that use technology, Platypus Digital and Torchbox hint that their services are focused on charitable organizations and NGOs.

Yoyo Design

  • Yoyo Design market their services to potential customers on their website by posting testimonials from top clients they have worked with.
  • They also have a section on their website that provides case studies of multiple clients they have worked with, and the result.
  • On their website, they state that their approach to work is both collaborative, iterative, simple, and effective.
  • According to the company's website, Yoyo Design differentiates itself from their competitors by utilizing their experience and digital insight to develop a methodical tool — Rubics, which enables them to develop a robust strategy for every project. The Rubics involve research, planning, and activation.
  • They state that the core of their business is focused on its customers. On their website, they state that "in a world obsessed with technology, they are obsessed with the humans who use it."
  • This statement was also repeated on their Facebook page.
  • Primarily, Yoyo Design markets their service on their website with several sections on the website revealing information on the services they offer, and importantly, what their clients have to say about them.
  • Furthermore, Yoyo Design is actively marketing its services on social media platforms. They constantly market their service on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Platypus Digital

  • Platypus Digital brand their services around working with charity organizations. On their website, they provide case studies of clients, especially charities, they have worked with and the successes they achieved with them.
  • They hint that they manage "Google Ad Grants, Grants Pro, and paid Google Ads accounts" for charities, and also utilize Facebook advertising to embark on "Facebook fundraising and supporter acquisition campaigns" for their clients (charities).
  • Platypus Digital differentiates itself from their competitors with a specific focus on working with charitable organizations.
  • Having worked with charitable organizations for several years, they utilize the wealth of experience they have gathered over the years from "unique challenges, pressures, and opportunities" to work with their clients.
  • With a specific focus on working with charitable organizations, Platypus Digital communicates to potential customers that they’ve "spent years in charity roles, as well as agency and startup jobs. They’ve blended that experience of what gets results online to create a great service for charities."
  • Platypus Digital utilizes social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to market their services.
  • They also communicate their services to the public on their blog page.


  • Torchbox publishes case studies on organizations they have worked with, and the result of working with them on their website as a means of promoting their services to potential customers.
  • The company brands itself as a digital agency that works with "people who are trying to make the world a better place" such as charities and non-profits.
  • Torchbox differentiates itself from other competitors by utilizing Drupal and Wagtail — an open-source content management system (CMS) designed by Torchbox — to design and develop websites for organization looking to impact on the world such as "universities and academic institutions, globally-renowned think tanks, fundraising charities, campaigning NGOs, and leading membership organizations."
  • Torchbox opines that their "bespoke, data-driven campaigns deliver record-breaking results across the full digital marketing spectrum for charities and NGOs."
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UK Digital Marketing Manager Persona

DMMs in the UK typically join online groups such as Online Marketing, Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing Optimization, and Online Marketing Manager/Digital Marketing Manager.



  • More than half (53%) of DMMs in the United Kingdom are male.
  • Around 47% of DMMs in the United Kingdom are female, according to Payscale.

DMMs in the UK by Experience Level

  • Regarding the level of experience, merely 2.2% of DMMs in the United Kingdom are at the entry level.
  • Nearly half (43.6%) of DMMs in the country are listed as early career.
  • Mid career professionals account for 38.8% of all DMMs in the United Kingdom.
  • About 14.0% of DMMs in the United Kingdom have achieved experienced level.
  • Finally, just 1.3% of DMMs in the nation have reached late career level.


  • In the United Kingdom, the average salary for a Digital Marketing Manager is around £32,691

Sources of information

  • According to Dave Cain, a DMM in the United Kingdom, below are some must read websites for those in the profession:

List of LinkedIn groups joined by DMMs in the UK


  • Kieran Walker has a genuine adoration for digital, along with its innovative duty to sharing brand stories, strengthening growth, and enhancing consumer experiences.

What they want from a digital agency partner

  • Chris Parker, a digital marketing manager at the Royal Bank of Scotland, was impressed by PSM’s, a digital agency partner, attention to detail and insights.
  • Cahir O'Doherty, a digital marketing manager at Ricoh UK & Ireland, was fascinated by the higher conversion rates and ROI witnessed after working with PSM.

Research Strategy:

Though information on the types of resources referred by DMMs in the U.K. and the online groups joined by them was readily available, we could not find detailed data on the types of media consumed, motivations and what they want from a digital agency partner. One of the probable reasons for the unavailability of such information could be that since different types of people can become a DMM, there are no existing studies on their collective personas and demographics, as individuals occupying the same position can have varying personas and demographics. Additionally, it is possible that DMMs refer to similar online resources as we discovered during our research. Below is a detailed outline of the research strategies we employed to acquire the requested information.

Industry and market research reports:

Our research began by directly searching for any industry reports or market studies on digital marketing managers (DMMs) in the United Kingdom. We wanted to find any pre-compiled articles that would provide information on the persona and demographics of DMMs in the U.K. We came across numerous reports published by PayScale, Digital Marketing Institute, and ITJobsWatch that contained some details on demographics such as gender, experience level, and average salaries of DMMs in the U.K. However, none of the reports presented any useful information on the types of media consumed, sources of information, motivations, and what they want from a digital agency partner.

Profiles for DMMs in the UK:

We then searched through the online profiles of DMMs in the country. We wanted to conduct an exhaustive search through multiple profiles for DMMs in the U.K. through LinkedIn, and build the requested information using their interests, groups, and resources shared on the platform. Using this strategy, we observed the LinkedIn profiles of the following DMMs: Dave Cain, Charlotte Kristoffersen, Cagla Durmusoglu, and Kieran Walker. After checking through these profiles for their publications, shared content, and resumes, we identified various resources recommended by DMMs, and online groups like Online Marketing, Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing Optimization, and Online Marketing Manager/Digital Marketing Manager joined by DMMs in the U.K.

Quotes and commentary by DMMs in the UK:

Next, we explored leading news publications for any article that could provide us with useful information on the personas and demographics for DMMs in the U.K. Our goal was to locate news articles or press releases containing any commentary or quotes by some DMMs in the nation. We found an article published in Marketing Week that included an interview from Katrina Craigwell, a digital marketing manager of General Electric. However, she resides in the United States. Furthermore, we came across the website for People Shaped Marketing, a digital agency partner, that contained testimonials written by DMMs in the U.K. The testimonials found on the website were useful in answering what DMMs want from a digital agency partner.
After exhausting the strategies mentioned above, we concluded that limited information was available on the types of media consumed, sources of information, motivations, and what they want from a digital agency partner.

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UK Marketing Director / Chief Marketing Officer Persona

The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) plays the role of building brand awareness through understanding the customer and using digitization techniques across the company. Furthermore, a CMO is expected to use social media channels and attend conferences with other CMO in an effort to network and promote the company.






  • CMOs based in the UK are often expected to increase digital capabilities, considering that marketing success is based on a prominent online presence.
  • CMOs often work with digital agencies because the rise in technology means more work and competition with other marketing companies.
  • As part of the marketing structure, CMOs work with the digital agency to provide an efficient stream of solutions and marketing visibility.
  • CMOs strive to build partnerships with digital agencies that promote collaboration for long-term marketing solutions.
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Wholegrain Digital Perceptions

Analyses of available consumer reviews of Wholegrain Digital through customer review platforms and social media analytics platforms show that Wholegrain Digital enjoys a very strong, healthy perception. Majority of the customer reviews, including those from London-based customers, highlighted their satisfaction and quality of Wholegrain Digital's work.

Current UK (London) Consumer Perception

  • According to the most recent Facebook review on Wholegrain Digital, the reviewer expressed his satisfaction and further recommended the company to "anyone who is need of Wordpress experts with a keen eye for design."
  • Among several review feedback found the company's website, Andy Jones of Network Rail, headquartered in London, expressed how impressed he was with Wholegrain Digital. He revealed that the Wholegrain Digital's work produced a successful outcome, delivered as scheduled, and with the necessary quality.
  • On Clutch.co, the majority of the review feedback provided by clients and customers is highly positive, as the least rank the company received was 4.0 stars out of 5, while the maximum is a perfect 5. This aggregates to an average of 4.5 stars out 5 from seven EU customer/client reviews (most recent).
  • Furthermore, of these EU reviewers on Clutch.co, three are London-based reviewers. The first London-based reviewer, from Morpheus Wellness Solutions, had this to say: "They go out of their way to work with you on a custom solution."
  • The second London-based reviewer, from Totaljobs, had this to say: "They have a level of expertise and experience that is exactly what I need," while the third, from Gym Design Consultancy, said: "They were friendly, engaging, and understood exactly what was required."

European and General Perception/Sentiment: Web and Social Media Platforms

  • According to a tweet sentiment visualization analytics platform, the general sentiment of Wholegrain Digital on Twitter range from being subdued to being calm and relaxed.
  • According to another sentiment analytics platform, the overall sentiment/perception across the web and social media platforms is mostly positive by 65%. The rest of the sentiments (minority) are neutral by 33% and/or negative by only 2%.

Research Strategy

To address this request, we began by searching through Wholegrain Digital's website and popular consumer review platforms with UK coverage, such as G2, and Clutch.co. We wanted to identify, analyze, and determine the consumer perception of Wholegrain Digital from its European customer/client reviews. However, we found that there was fewer European-based reviews, except those provided on Facebook, company website, Featured Customers, and Clutch.co. However, there were only a few European-based customer reviews. We equally searched for industry/peer reviews through credible platforms, such as Forbes and Top SEOs, but found no relevant information, as Wholegrain Digital isn't listed in their database.

We expanded our search to include reviews beyond Europe but quickly found that there weren't many reviews from customers nor industry/peer reviews. While we found that some platforms, such as Crowd Reviews, DESIGNCOMPANIESRANKED, and G2 but there is yet to be any reviewer to provide any feedback. We equally expanded the search for global industry/peer reviews but still found no reports or reviews. Featured Reviews provides case studies and customer testimonials of the target company's customers. However, they are mostly locked out from viewers. Moreover, the available ones are completely obtained from the company's website.

Nonetheless, to provide more insights into the brand perception and customer sentiments of Wholegrain Digital, we utilized several webs & social media analytics platforms and user/visitor analytics to achieve this goal. According to the company site's traffic analysis, we found that majority (over 52%) of its visitors, monthly, are from Europe, with the US having only 5%, with a huge declining monthly visitor growth of 69.3%. Furthermore, the monthly user growth for European visitors stands high at 39.53%. For these reasons, in providing the general sentiment across the web and social media platforms, we assumed that these sentiments are for Europe.

We have used data from older sources but we have done that due to its relevance in providing insights into the consumer perception of Wholegrain Digital.

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From Part 02
  • "The average salary for a Digital Marketing Manager in United Kingdom is £32,691"
  • "Most digital marketing managers work in an office setting during regular business hours."
  • "Digital marketing managers need to have sharp communication skills, as they typically manage a development group to reach their objectives."
  • "Digital marketing managers develop and implement marketing projects. They come up with advertising strategies and campaigns to promote products or services on the web. "
  • "They often focus on increasing sales through brand recognition and loyalty. A digital marketing manager must be well-versed in e-commerce and be able to keep up with the rapid changes in the digital marketplace."
  • "I’ve a real passion for Digital & its innovative role in improving consumer experiences, telling brand stories & driving growth"
  • "I love learning from digital / marketing industry blogs & courses"
  • "Working closely with Phil and his PSM methodology was an incredible experience. His insight and attention to detail was impressive - watching him map out the different customer journeys for each of our Personas was an education. What's more it worked - sales have more than doubled"
  • "A stunning visualisation of our complex and diverse customer groups that has given us a 1380% ROI in 6 months. Conversion rates are through the roof on every campaign now that we are working from these Personas. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending that you use Phil to build yours too."