WhistlePig And Competitors: Marketing Campaigns

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WhistlePig And Competitors: Marketing Campaigns

The most recent marketing campaigns for WhistlePig, Woodfort Reserve, Bulleit Distilling, and Diageo’s Crown Royal have been outlined below. Each company has used a different strategy to win the interests of their consumers. The approaches ranged from the use of social media to partnering with local artists as well as to incorporate food, entertainment and sports. Our team has edited the original document, to provide you with a more comprehensive and robust brief, as per your request.


We found information on all competitors except Heaven Hill Distilleries and Few Spirits. To have a complete report on all competitors, we went searching for reports from industry experts. As a result, we found articles from The Drinks Business, The Spirits Business, and Chicago Tribune. The Drinks Business provide data on the appointment of a new master distiller — the Spirits Business named Heaven Hill Distilleries as one of the whiskey brands to watch in 2019. The article also shared on how Heaven Hill has plans to pump US$65 million into enhancing its operations in Bardstown, Kentucky. Finally, the Chicago Tribune shared that Few Spirits is shifting its focus to South America and Africa where they have not imposed retaliatory tariffs. However, in none of these articles or reports, was information provided on the marketing campaign of these two companies.

Our second strategy involved sourcing data from company websites of Heaven Hill Distilleries and Few Spirits. Few Spirits' websites did provide several articles; however, they are outdated and did not provide any information on the company’s marketing campaigns. We saw one article that was published in 2018. However, it spoke of a book signing, but said nothing about the company's marketing campaign. Heaven Hill Distilleries’ news articles shared no information on their marketing campaigns, but instead focused on partnerships and projects.

Our third strategy involved sourcing data from social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. On Facebook, several posts about Heaven Hill Distilleries highlighted the various products they offer. In terms of Few Spirits, their twitter page had several posts on the company’s American Whiskey. Similarly, their Twitter and Instagram pages highlighted their product offerings but did not indicate their campaign strategy. Our findings on WhistlePig, Woodfort Reserve, Bulleit Distilling, and Diageo’s Crown Royal are highlighted below. Our research team has expanded our findings to create a more robust and detailed answer to your question.


Bulleit launched Bulleit Frontier Works, a series of campaigns where Bulleit collaborates with people who are pushing the frontier of their craft or expertise in 2017. The campaign is still active on the Instagram platform and can be viewed, at here.

The company, in collaboration with New Frieze York, partnered with local artists in communities around the world to create Bulleit Bottle impressions. These artists created their pieces by laying paper on top of Bulleit bottles. They used their medium of choice to create an impression by pressing down on the bottle’s raised lettering. The partnership also resulted in Bulleit inviting adult visitors at Frieze New York to join in on the campaign by tagging photos of their artwork on Instagram using the hashtag #FrontierWorks. The bottle impressions celebrate and bring life to the frontier spirit of artistic expression. Local New York artists included Taylor McKimens and Tara McPherson.

In July 2018, Bulleit bourbon got inked by some nations best tattoo artists for a launch of limited edition Bourbon bottles series. Bulleit paired with Shawn Barber, Jason Kundell, Jess Mascetti, and Thomas Hooper to create four unique tattoo designs on the "iconic Bulleit bottle." Each bottle contains a Hashtag with a QR code, in which the customer can to access "an interactive augmented reality experience, bringing each artist’s design to life digitally." The art on each bottle represents the city in from where the artist lives.

Additional major events that took place during the campaign included the 3D Printed Experience; and the Neon Project. Barton Graf assisted the company with the Neon portion of the campaign.


The company launched its most massive responsible drinking campaign in 2018, which was called The Water Break. The campaign aimed to remind American football fans to take regular water breaks, aiming to encourage responsible consumption on match days. The Water Break campaign began with a 30-second advert on television during the season opener in September. To further highlight their message Crown Royal partnered with former professional footballers Brian Westbrook, DeMarcus Ware and Ed Reed. This campaign marked the second year the company used football advertising to promote social responsibility. The campaign can be viewed via the link provided, at here.

The campaign launched, with a "nationally televised 30-second commercial" on September 6, 2018 and continued throughout the first half of games for the entire football season, which is approximately 4 months.

A representative from Crown stated in response to the ad "the NFL is the number one reaching media platform in the country. If you want to be involved in consumer passion points, and get maximum reach, there really is no bigger platform."


Ahead of the company’s biggest advertising event, the Kentucky Derby, Woodfort worked closely with Facebook to create a mobile video campaign that would capture the attention of its audience. Along with Facebook, Woodfort also partnered with creative agency Kertis Creative. This partnership aimed to re-purpose Woodfort's TV commercial into two mobile-optimized video ads for the platforms of Facebook and Instagram. For the campaign, the company targeted a broad audience of adults aged 21 and older interested in whiskey or the Kentucky Derby. Key influencers were also targeted using a Custom Audience as well as Employer targeting. The campaign can be viewed via the link provided, at here.

The campaign is a yearly promotion, with the 2019 Kentucky Derby bottle released this past February. The release coincides with the "20th anniversary exhibit of its Kentucky Derby bottles at the Frazier History Museum in Louisville." The limited-edition "2019 Woodford Reserve Derby bottle" is the work of Keith Anderson and features "thoroughbreds racing across the bottle."

The campaign will last approximately 4 months, ending alongside the end of the Kentucky Derby which is May 4, 2019.


With the debut of WhistlePig’s PiggyBack Rye Whiskey to the US market, the company will launch an all-encompassing marketing campaign. This campaign is under the tagline “Together We Rye.” The brand will be brought to life across several platforms such as sports, entertainment, and food. The campaign will reach WhistlePig’s current and future fan base. So far the company has collaborated with G.Stone Motors for the campaign. The campaign can be viewed via the link provided, at here.

The company received "a $55 million revolving line of credit from JP Morgan Chase, extending the existing $40 million line with JP Morgan Chase, which was received in April 2018", around the same time of the launch of its campaign. This credit will allow Whistlepig to accelerate the aging and production of premium rye whiskey, in the United States market. This campaign is still active, making it slightly over a year-old and can be found on the Instagram platform.


In conclusion, we have presented the most recent marketing campaigns for WhistlePig, Woodfort Reserve, Bulleit Distilling, and Diageo’s Crown Royal. In each case, we have identified the duration of the campaign, the agencies that created or promoted the campaign, the platforms utilized for each campaign, and a link to actual campaign.