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  • According to the US Census Bureau of Statistics, the average median household income for Allegan, Kent, Ottawa, and Muskegon counties are as follows:
--Allegan — median household income $58,487
--Kent — median household income $57,302
--Ottawa — median household income $63,962
--Muskegon — median household income $46,077
  • Most people within Grand Rapids work in the following areas: Administrative (12.7%), Production (10.6%), Sales (9.5%), Food Service (8.4%) and Management (7.4%).
Some of the publications or blogs that West Michigans might read include:


To begin our search, we scoured through many statistical databases and websites hoping to find particular information on West Michigan upper middle-class habits (product preferences, online habits, activities and so on). We searched through the US Census Bureau, knoema.com, the CIA website, the Place Database, ESRI, Public Insights, State Master, and Fact Finder, but found no relevant data for the topic. The data available on these sites was either simply not relevant, not connected to Michigan or too general. We found useful insights on the median household income of different counties in West Michigan which we have included in our findings.
We shifted our research strategy to look for surveys that might have been conducted that indicate how people with a higher income in West Michigan spend or their purchasing habits. We checked through local university websites such as wmich.edu, gvsu.edu, and calvin.edu, but found that no surveys conducted in the West Michigan area or Michigan at all related to the topic. We also looked through local news releases and articles to find any pre-compiled data on how wealthy people behave and what they prefer. After searching through news sites such as grtimes.com, mLive, and Muskegon Local, we did not find any information on the spending pattern of Michigan residents.
We also looked through many nation-based sites like CNBC, Business Insider, and Money, hoping to find any topic-related data that could be focused on each US state. However, we failed to identify relevant data to the study. As the largest city in West Michigan, we were able to find significant data on Grand Rapids which we used as a proxy for West Michigan in order to provide some helpful findings.

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