Welding Connector Manufacturers

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Welding Connector Manufacturers

In the initial hour of research, information on the product range related to welding connectors, available model numbers, link to the product catalog/webpage, industry standards followed, available certifications, and intermateability of the connector components were provided for Lenco Welding Accessories Ltd. For the full research, similar information has been provided in the attached spreadsheet for the following ten (10) North American welding connector manufacturers: Tweco, Praxair, Miller Electric Manufacturing Co., Lincoln Electric Holdings, Jackson Safety, DINSE, W.W. Grainger, Hobart Welding Products, Illinois Tool Works, and US Forge. Also, snapshots of these products (wherever available) have been pasted in the spreadsheet. A brief overview of each of these ten manufacturers is presented below.


  • Tweco is a brand under the ESAB Group. ESAB also owns the following brands: AlcoTec, Arcair, Exaton, GCE, HKS, Stoody, Thermal Dynamics, TurboTorch, and Victor Gas Equipment.
  • The headquarters of ESAB is located in Annapolis, Maryland, in the US.
  • Besides welding connectors, Tweco also manufactures air- and water-cooled MIG guns, manual and automated guns, MIG consumables, electrode holders, ground clamps, cables, and welding accessories.

Praxair, Inc.

  • Praxair is headquartered at Danbury, Connecticut, in the US.
  • Praxair manufactures welding equipment and accessories (including welding connectors) under the ProStar brand name.

Miller Electric Manufacturing Co.

  • Miller Electric is headquartered at Appleton, Wisconsin, in the US.
  • Miller Electric manufactures welding connectors and adapters that cater to the following industries: aerospace, construction, high purity processing, heavy equipment manufacturing, infrastructure, manufacturing, boat/yacht manufacturing, railcar, and shipbuilding.

Lincoln Electric Holdings, Inc.

  • Lincoln Electric is headquartered at Cleveland, Ohio, in the US.
  • Lincoln Electric manufactures welding and cutting equipment, welding guns and torches, welding consumables, welding accessories (including welding connectors), robotic welding systems, and weld fume control solutions, among others.

Jackson Safety

  • Jackson Safety manufactures welding personal protective equipment, welding measuring tools, welding accessories (including welding connectors), and welding curtains and blankets.
  • In 2018, SureWerx purchased Jackson Safety.
  • The company is co-headquartered at Elgin, Illinois, in the US and at Vancouver, British Columbia, in Canada.


  • DINSE, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the German company DINSE G.m.b.H.
  • DINSE, Inc. is headquartered at Wood Dale, Illinois, in the US.
  • DINSE, Inc. manufactures welding equipment for MIG, MAG, GMAW, GTAW, TIG, robotic, and LASER welding processes. The company also manufactures welding accessories (including welding connectors).

W.W. Grainger, Inc.

Hobart Welding Products

  • Hobart Welding Products is headquartered at Appleton, Wisconsin, in the US.
  • The company manufactures welding equipment, welding personal protective equipment, welding consumables, and welding accessories (including welding connectors), among others.

Illinois Tool Works, Inc.

  • Illinois Tool Works is headquartered at Glenview, Illinois, in the US.
  • Illinois Tool Works manufactures equipment, consumables, accessories, specialty products, and engineered fasteners and components for the following industries: automotive, food, construction, polymers and fluids, testing, measurement and electronics, and welding.
  • The company manufactures insulated welding cable connectors under the brand name Bernard.

US Forge

Research Strategy

For the list of 10 additional companies (other than Lenco) manufacturing welding connectors in North America, we concentrated mainly on the US and Canada. Since Mexico and the countries to the south of Mexico (like Guatemala, Honduras, and others) are often classified under Latin America, we did not consider these countries. An extensive search yielded the names of these reputed manufacturers.

For the range of products under welding connectors manufactured by the above companies, we scanned the product offering webpages of these companies and listed all items under welding connectors in the attached spreadsheet. Barring two items (both of Lincoln Electric Holdings) for which the pictures were not available on the website, we have pasted the snapshots of all the other items in the spreadsheet. The information related to the intermateability of the connectors were available in the product catalogs and product webpages (except for the products of Miller Electric and Grainger). A quick read of these product catalogs and webpages will reveal the intermateability.

For the certifications received by the companies, we searched on the company websites and also conducted external searches. Other than Grainger, we could find all the certifications received by these companies. However, the search for the industry standard based on which the welding connectors are manufactured by the above companies was not so straightforward. Barring DINSE that explicitly mentions that all welding connectors are manufactured as per IEC 60974-12, the other companies do not mention the manufacturing standard of the connectors. Hence, we had to search the product catalogs of other related equipment manufactured by these companies, like arc welding power sources, arc welding torches, and welding helmets to find the corresponding standard. A great source of information was this page from NEMA that lists all the arc welding standards. Some companies have mentioned that all their products are manufactured as per some particular standards. We found such information and completed the attached spreadsheet.