Weekly Blockchain News 8/31/19-9/6/19

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Weekly Blockchain News 8/31/19-9/6/19

Seven articles on blockchain and data security and seven articles on the commercial uses of blockchain have been presented in the attached spreadsheet. The most retweeted tweet was by @tylerthecreator, Anuel AA, Daddy Yankee, Karol G, Ozuna and J Balvin's music video China was the most watched video this week with 49,483,370 views, while "facebook" was the most searched search term, and Kevin Hart was the most trending search term.


  • Report: Telegram to Launch TON Blockchain Public Testing on Sept. 1 — "The messaging app Telegram will launch TON Blockchain public testing on September 1."
  • City of São Paulo to Use Blockchain Registry for Public Works — "City of Sao Paulo is planning to use a blockchain registry for its public works projects."
  • Blockchain And Crypto Deals Are Down Sharply In 2019 — "A report by Crunchbase shows that funding for blockchain and cryptocurrency-related projects is down sharply in 2019."
  • Mobile-Based Cryptocurrency Praised by Co-Inventor of Blockchain — "Scott Stornetta, one of the inventors of blockchain technology, has highly praised the cryptocurrency project Electroneum."
  • Sir Richard Branson-backed crypto company raising $50m fund — "Blockchain, a London-based cryptocurrency company backed by Google and Richard Branson is raising $50 million to invest in startups."
  • Bitcoin Basher Mobius Warns of Terrifying Blockchain 'Crisis' — "Financial professional Mark Mobius of Mobius Capital Partners warned that blockchain could be broken into and that it could create a big crisis."
  • DappRadar raises $2.3M from Naspers and Blockchain.com Ventures — "DappRadar successfully raised $2.3 million from Naspers Ventures and Blockchain.com Ventures."


  • HSBC Completes First Blockchain Letter of Credit Transaction in Yuan — "Financial giant HSBC has successfully completed its first yuan-denominated letter of credit transaction on R3's blockchain."
  • Franklin Templeton to Track Money Fund Shares on Stellar Blockchain — "US-based asset management firm filed a preliminary prospectus for a money market fund whose shares would be tracked on Stellar's blockchain."
  • Crypto exchange Huobi launches new blockchain phone — "Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange Huobi announced a new blockchain phone, the Acute Angle. The phone is running on Android and will be launched on September 11, 2019, although it's already available in China."
  • Daimler will use a blockchain platform to track the value of used cars in real time — "Car manufacturer Daimler in China will use the blockchain platform to track the value of used cars in real-time."
  • Foundation Uses Blockchain and Crypto to Help Save the Brazilian Amazon — "The Rainforest Foundation US started accepting cryptocurrency donations for saving the Amazon rainforest, and it will also pilot a blockchain program to improve transparency."
  • Chinese oil giant Sinochem’s unit plans blockchain platform with Shell, Macquarie — "Sinochem Group is collaborating with Shell and Macquarie to launch a blockchain platform for crude oil."
  • Paxos Launches PAX Gold: Physical Gold on the Blockchain — "Paxos launched the PAX Gold cryptocurrency, which has its value backed by one fine troy ounce of London Good Delivery gold that is stored in a vault."

POP CULTURE THIS WEEK (8/31/2019 – 9/6/2019)

  • Tyler, The Creator's tweet was the most retweeted tweet on September 6, 2019. It is linked here for easy reference.
  • The most watched YouTube video: Anuel AA, Daddy Yankee, Karol G, Ozuna and J Balvin's music video China was the most watched video this week with 49,483,370 views.
  • The most searched term on Google: "facebook" was the most searched term, likely because users were accessing Facebook's website through Google. However, Kevin Hart was the most trending term searched for.


Twitter does not have an explicit API to track retweet counts. The social media platform does not allow outside entities like statistics and analytics websites to track the retweets and other statistics for any timeframe longer than 24 hours. Therefore, determining the most retweeted tweet for the past week was impossible due to technical limitations. Media outlets and pop culture websites track the most retweeted tweets of all time, but that information is not relevant for the past week. Therefore, we have provided the most retweeted tweet for the end of the week, 9/6/2019, because that information is the only relevant publicly available information.