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Wedding Invitations

After a thorough search through credible sources, we were not able to provide the factors that brides/couples in the United States consider when finding and selecting vendors specifically for their wedding stationery. However, the research team was able to pull together other relevant insights around finding and selecting vendors in general and other helpful statistics with regard to couples' wedding invitation spend and the wedding planning process. We have presented them below, together with the details of the team's research strategies to find the required information.

Key factors that COUPLES consider when selecting a VENDOR

  • Two of the most important features that couples check when looking for vendors are the price and the photos.
  • Around 80% of couples also find client reviews, positive or negative, very important.
  • Aside from price, photos, and reviews, couples also consider the availability, responsiveness, and the location of the vendor.
  • 65% of couples go on to create a more detailed budget as they become educated on vendor expenses, but often times it's the personalized details and extra upgrades that contributed to a higher overall spend.

How Couples find wedding vendors

  • When it comes to wedding planning, millennials are very concerned about the efficiency in the whole planning process. They're looking for checklists and budget tools to make everything organized.
  • Millenials, who accounts for 80% of today's marrying couples are driven to get things done with a digital-first mindset that includes planning on mobile apps, researching vendors online, and even utilizing digital RSVPs.
  • Today, couples take at least 1 wedding planning action even prior to getting engaged.
  • In regard to the pre-engaged wedding planning actions, 30% of them create a Pinterest board for inspiration.
  • On average, couples spend about 2 hours a week when planning their wedding. They also spend 80% of their time planning online.
  • 39% of wedding planning is done on mobile while 41% is done on desktop/laptop.
  • When it comes to behaviors in online planning based on time of day, from 9 pm to midnight is when mobile usage peaks. It is when couples return home from work.
  • Sunday is also a well-liked planning day for mobile users.

Brides' Vendor selection reviews

  • Social media plays a huge part in vendor selection.
  • Brides ask someone they trust for advice such as friends and family members.
  • They want their vendors to be professional, creative, and to respond fast.

Wedding Invitations

  • In 2018, the average cost spent for wedding invitation/stationery is $550.
  • Invitations are considered the classic “open your wallet” item for couples getting married.
  • Some invitations set the standard for how much both the guests and the couple should spend. A gold-embossed invitation signals a lavish wedding and a gift to match, while a homemade invitation on recycled paper might suggest something more modest.
  • Some couples send out save-the-date announcements in addition to the invites, and also print RSVP cards, information cards about how to get there, and thank you cards after the event.
  • Small finishing touches like a wax seal or a lined envelope can cost an additional $50 and up.

WHAT ARE couples looking FOR

  • Top wedding searches on Google which can be connected to looking for vendors are: "how to start planning a wedding", "how to start a wedding planning business", "how to start wedding planning", and "where to start when planning a wedding".
  • Another trend spotted is using the search term "near me" on mobile proving the importance of shopping local to create personal experience.


  • Today, couples are spending nearly $30,000 which is roughly $230 per guest.
  • On average, couple pays for 45% of their wedding cost, with family and friends footing the remaining bill.
  • Couples tell us they mostly dip into their savings (42%), find ways to make some extra cash (30%) and even incur credit card debt (20%) to cover their share.
  • On average, couples plan to spend $16,000, but end up spending $29,000 on their wedding.
  • Nearly 80% of couples planning to get married set a rough budget before researching any vendors, but often times under-estimating the total cost of products and services.


  • 33% said Initial budget was set lower than reality.
  • 28% fell in love with things "we needed to have" during planning.
  • 25% added custom/personalized elements.
  • 24% said guest count changed.
  • 21% opted for upgrades

Research Strategy:

To analyze how brides/couples in the US find and select vendors for their wedding stationery, we initially scanned trusted databases such as Statista and Deloitte. But we only found wedding statistics and other wedding information on ring purchase decision-making, wedding dress, and the number of weddings. We found a research that provides 2019 wedding statistics from IBISWorld but the report is behind paywall.

Secondly, we searched through credible media and news sources such as MarketWatch, Forbes, PR Newswire, Bride Magazine, Bridal Guide Magazine, The Pretty Pear Bride Magazine, WeddingWire, and World Bride Magazine. We found data on how couples make wedding decisions regarding vendors, including how they look for them, key factors that impact their decision-making process, some reviews of the bride, and how much the invitations/stationary usually cost them. Next, we scanned wedding/bride forums in order to find how they look for and pick the vendors for their wedding stationery, such as WeddingWire, The Knot, and Wedding Bee. From these sources we found information on how brides are excited about the event, wedding rings, unity, wedding day weather, how to exclude kids from wedding invitations, and overall wedding cost.

We were not able to find direct information on how brides/couples select vendors specifically for their wedding stationery. But these findings regarding vendors in general are relevant as they can be applied to vendors for wedding stationery as well.