Websites: New User Onboarding

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Websites: New User Onboarding

Generating value for users early and integrating action into the education process are two of the best practices for new user onboarding for websites. When users see the real benefits of the service early, they are likely to come back. Also, integrating actions into the education process makes new users fully involved.

1. Generating Value Early

  • Users need to see the benefits of the website during the first session so that they can keep using it.
  • Website designers should ask themselves whether their service provides a real solution to the problem that the user needs to solve. This value should then be provided during the onboarding process.
  • This means getting them to the "aha!" moment whether they see the benefits of the service as fast as possible.
  • What will make new users come back for more is seeing the real benefits from the service as early as possible.
  • Pinterest ensures that users see their core value quickly by suggesting that they select the categories that are most interesting to them.
  • The onboarding experience encompasses the values offered by the main features.
  • Immediately after the user signs up, a suggestion is that they select the categories and pins that are most interesting to them.
  • This way, they quickly learn about the core features of Pinterest that retain the most loyal fan base.

2. Integrate Action While Educating

  • Once a new user signs in, the most important factor is to get them to use the service.
  • A tutorial can help then understand how to use it but has to get the user actively leveraging it.
  • The emphasis should not be on getting the new users to move around and familiarize themselves with the interface.
  • Instead, it should be on helping them finish meaningful tasks that contribute to mutual success.
  • A tutorial can be used to guide the user through the basics as they accomplish something real.
  • A checklist of the steps can help the user determine their progress towards achievement, as it allows the website's owner to identify any points that the users may be struggling with.
  • An interactive approach makes users take meaningful actions as they learn how to use the service.
  • Key actions that align with the objectives need to be integrated within the interface.

  • Action can also be integrated by allowing users to use the service before they join or subscribe.
  • The person can start doing the things that they expect to do later such as making choices, completing tasks, and interacting.
  • By the end of the process, they become fully involved and willing to become complete users.
  • The fastest way to teach users the basic functions of the app and activate them is by allowing them to perform at least one action or the main actions of the website.
  • These should be divided into quick and easy steps. This process should be made fun to reinforce the users.
  • A good example is, an all in one workplace, whose "Get Started" button allows users to view and interact with templates on the website.