How many websites for coerver coaching

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How many websites for coerver coaching

Hello! Thank you for your question on how many websites there are for Coerver Coaching. I understand that you are looking for a list of all websites and Facebook pages for Coerver Coaching franchises. You would also like site statistics for each website is possible. I further understand that the first Wonder response was not comprehensive enough for your needs, so you would like us to provide you with more information. The short answer is I was able to identify 138 websites and social media pages that are affiliated with the Coerver Coaching brand. I have created a spreadsheet that includes the website or page name, the link to the website or page, and any available website statistics.


To begin my research, I thoroughly read Wonder's first response to make sure I understood what you are looking for and what we failed to provide the first time around. I then navigated to the website to familiarize myself with the brand. I included the website on the list for comparison purposes. I also included all location websites that are linked to the main site on the list as well. I located the links to the Coerver Coaching Twitter and Facebook pages at the bottom of the home page, so I included those social media pages on the list, too.

Once I had all the sites linked to the main Coerver Coaching website on my spreadsheet, I used Name Dropper to find a list of 50 other domains that include the "Coerver" name. I clicked on all 50 links and recorded the websites that are affiliated with the Coerver brand. I excluded any domains that no longer lead to an actual website or lead to a website that is not affiliated with Coerver. In total, this method gave me about 30 websites that are included on the spreadsheet.

Then, I performed a Google x-ray search that gave me over 76,000 results that included "Coerver" in the domain name or somewhere on the website. This task looked daunting at first, until I realized many of the results after the first few pages were of the same websites I already recorded; they just led to different pages of those websites. This gave me about 45 more websites that include the "Coerver" name in the URL.

Finally, I searched for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+ pages for Coerver coaching franchises. This method gave me the final 50 or so results that are listed on the spreadsheet.

Of course, that only answered part of your question. At this point, I was about two hours into the research process, but I knew you wanted some website statistics if possible, so I decided to provide you with some basic surface information. I used SimilarWeb and Keyhole to find a few cursory statistics that are available without payment or extensive research.


Certainly, the most important limitation is that I likely did not find all of the websites that are affiliated with Coerver. I performed a search of 50 pages of results to get the 138 websites I was able to identify; however, I was still finding one every few pages that I didn't have on my list, so it is probable that I did not find every single website that is using the Corever name.

There are a few websites listed that I am unsure whether or not should really be there. These are the websites for the soccer clubs that say they are Coerver partners. Since I do not know if they have permission to use the Coerver name, I went ahead and included them on the spreadsheet. These are:

Website statistics were not available for several websites. I only performed a cursory search on SimilarWeb because a deeper search would have pushed your request out of scope. If you would like more statistics on these websites, please submit another request.

The statistics I did provide are estimated number of visitors to the site and the site's ranking within its country. I put the regular websites in order from most visitors to least, and then by highest ranking to lowest. I put the social media pages in order from most followers or likes to least. However, I am unsure if the regular websites are actually in order from most popular to least popular or not because there are 25 sites for which I was unable to obtain traffic data.

I did not remove websites that were on the original response from the list I created. I assumed you would rather have a single spreadsheet with all the websites listed than have two separate spreadsheets.


After extensive research, I have identified 138 websites that are in some way affiliated with the Coerver Coaching brand. Most include the Coerver name in their domains, but some soccer clubs that are partners with Coerver only have a page on their website dedicated to that partnership. I have detailed my findings on a spreadsheet, and included the link to each website, traffic statistics where available, and the sources I used to find those stats.


To sum up my research, I used several methods to locate as many websites affiliated with Coerver as possible within the standard Wonder request time of three hours. In the end, I identified 138 websites and social media pages that meet your requirements.

Thank you for using Wonder! Please let us know if we can help you with anything else.