Wearable Biosensors

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Wearable Biosensors

Some of the commercially available wearable biosensors include the Xsens MVN Analyze Wearable Biosensor Set, the VitalConnect's VitalPatch®, and the Philips' wearable biosensor device. These wearable devices have embedded biosensors to monitor the wearer's vital signs and other human body-related metrics. There are also many brands of wearable anti-snoring devices on several online stores that make use of biosensors to help solve snoring problems.

Xsens MVN Analyze Wearable Biosensors

  • Xsens offers its Xsens MVN Analyze solution. It includes wearable devices that can perform full-body human measurements.
  • The human body measurements are taken using a combination of inertia type of biosensors, "biomechanical models, and sensor fusion algorithms."
  • The Xsens MVN Analyze wearable biosensors can be used in sports science, ergonomics, motion analysis, human machine interaction, rehabilitation, and gait analysis.
  • The estimated starting price of the Xsens MVN wearable package is around $12,000.
  • For more customized options, the company provided a contact form to discuss the pricing for additional requirements.


  • VitalConnect's VitalPatch® is a band-aid shaped wearable biosensor that can track vital signs such as ECG patterns, heart rate, oxygen saturation, body temperature, blood pressure, and others.
  • Healthcare professionals can use the data from the device to monitor the patient's health in real time without the need for bulky equipment.
  • The device has "ECG electrodes, a 3-axis MEMS accelerometer, and thermistors" to detect vital signs.
  • The wearable can be used once and is fully disposable.
  • There was no publicly available data found on the price of the product. According to one source, the product is more affordable compared to other wearable devices.

Philips' Wearable Biosensor

  • The Philips' wearable biosensor is a self-adhesive device that can help in tracking key physiological data of patients.
  • The device is wireless and can help track vital signs remotely through the embedded electronic sensors.
  • The device needs to be placed on the patient's chest to continuously and automatically capture critical data such as "heart rate, respiratory rate, skin temperature, body posture, fall detection, single-lead ECG, R-R interval (RR-I), and step count."
  • There is no publicly available pricing information for this product.

Anti-Snoring Wearable Biosensors

  • There are also many brands of wearable anti-snoring biosensors that are being sold on online sites such as Amazon.
  • The products claim to help solve snoring problems with the help of infrared rays.
  • The cost of this product is around $26.30.

Research Strategy

To find commercially wearable biosensor devices and the rest of the requested information, we looked through various medical devices publications such as Medical Device Network, Hit Consultant, and other similar sites. We also searched market reports and checked the websites of companies that are typically manufacturing similar devices. We also looked through several scientific and medical publications to obtain information on commercially-available wearable biosensors. Most of the information found deals mostly with wearable bio sensors that are still under development or awaiting approval before they can be commercialized. We then selected those that are already being sold in the market. However, some of the commercially-available wearable biosensors found have no pricing information as the hospitals are purchasing them on behalf of the patients. The pricing information can be obtained by contacting the companies mentioned.

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