We’re interested in understanding more about the GoPro enthusiast audience- who are they, what do they care about, what makes them passionate about the GoPro brand

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We’re interested in understanding more about the GoPro enthusiast audience- who are they, what do they care about, what makes them passionate about the GoPro brand

Hello! It is my pleasure to respond to your query GoPro enthusiasts. I have included an overview that discusses the company’s marketing focus and targeted consumer base. Additionally, I have included demographic and psychographic information about the users, as well as what makes them so passionate about the brand.

Whereas the larger camera companies’ products focus on the overall massive market, GoPro focuses on a niche market. According to Webinknow and GoPro CEO Nicholas Woodman, “GoPro’s cameras are more specialized and compliment your regular camera. You still take your Canon to a wedding, but out in the surf or on the mountain you need something else." Because of their narrow focus, the company has had issues with expanding their customer base, and has used new marketing techniques to do so.

In recent years, industry analysts have stated that the GoPro market has reached saturation, and they will need to reach out to new customer bases to keep their share of the market’s pie high. According to Investors.com and analyst Gus Richard in late 2015, “To regain its footing, action camera maker GoPro (GPRO) needs to attract more soccer moms and Little League dads as customers”.

The company’s products have become increasingly easier to use and more multi-functional, which has also broadened their potential customer base. With the newest addition to their product line, Hero 5, they have ventured into cloud connectivity to allow users to immediately upload videos. This new offering features the same great capabilities as the GoPro Hero 4, but offers new features like digital image stabilization, voice control, a new menu system, and 50% longer battery life, as well as the online connectivity. With these new features, GoPro is sure to attract an even greater market share.

With the release to a small cadre of users, their new 360* array features 16 cameras that can capture the full 3D experience. According to their website, “The rig includes features such as camera syncing, multi-camera control and extended battery life help to eliminate some of the pro community’s biggest challenges when it comes to spherical content capture. Google’s Jump platform is a new way to capture and share immersive, 3D content so that everyone can experience a time or place like they’re actually there. Together, we’ve created an integrated solution that enables the ultimate immersive experience.” With these new forays into the virtual reality (VR) market, the company is sure to attract an even larger audience share – and a whole set of new users. Now those who are passionate about virtual reality – and filming experiences – will have a solid, proven brand to use.

Recent research from AYTM has shown that fewer than 10% of current camera owners say they own a GoPro, which is still larger than the 3% who have owned one in the past, and the 2% who stated they owned a different brand. A surprising 89% of their respondents indicated that they have never owned an “active camera device”, with 59% of them stating they would be unlikely to ever purchase such an item. These stats correlate with the niche market that GoPro targets. Not everyone needs an active-camera – so they focus their marketing on those who would most use them.

Next, we’ll talk about the specific demographics and psychographics of GoPro Enthusiasts.

Although the brand’s original target market was professional athletes and extreme sports enthusiasts, their marketing focus has shifted several times during the company’s reign. Currently, their top sales / users are in two major demographics:
• Primary Users: 14 to 25-year-olds (Investors.com) / 16 to 23-year-olds (Prezi) – both male and female
• Secondary Users: Parents (especially mothers) aged 18 – 54 (Prezi)

As the company has grown and the product line expanded, they have gone from more of a niche target market to a more broad-spectrum market, although these three groups (pros, Millennials/Gen Zs, parents/mothers) are their core purchaser-base. In August 2015, in the Motley Fool, company VP Colin Born said this: “Initially, I think we were very heavily skewed toward the kind of twenty-something, thirty-something -- probably more males. And over the last year, year-and a half, it's fanned out into parents, like myself ... Typically GoPro's about recording and sharing your passion, and my passion is my kids ... And people are finding all kinds of interesting things to capture in their lives."

According to each source shown in parentheses, GoPro’s core users’ psychographics (or what these individuals care about / who they are) are as follows:
• Highly-adventurous or mostly-adventurous spirit
• Often involved in youthful, very active sports (e.g., surfing, mountain biking, rock climbing) (Investors.com), or in the case of mothers/fathers, their children are engaged in these sports and the parents are highly involved with their families (various)
• Highly involved in social media (Prezi), and especially those interested in becoming social media stars (MichaelPForgie)
• Enjoys sharing experiences about subjects about which they are passionate
• Highly-technically proficient (or tech-savvy)
• Do not have a lot of extra personal time (so video content is more appealing) (B2C)
• Enjoys interacting directly with a brand and branded community

Next, we’ll look at what makes users so passionate about the brand.

According to AYTM, among those surveyed who have owned a GoPro (in the past or currently), a whopping 82% of them said they were “at least somewhat satisfied with their product”, this is compared to the 50% who said this about a similar product. GoPro VP Colin Born (in the MotleyFool) describes that the allure of the GoPro is “all about the experiences and the content that the cameras enable”, rather than just the cameras themselves. That is why their marketing campaigns focus mostly on the users themselves – because these users are highly-experiential and enjoy the benefit of being able to share those experiences with a large and supportive community. This is also why users are so passionate about the brand – it is absolutely inclusive of them and targets their personal experiential and sharing needs.

GoPro Enthusiasts have a large, very active social community centered around the cameras. The company’s marketing strategies have built this community with campaigns that encourage users to post their GoPro videos to the community – and by using some of those uploaded videos within their marketing campaigns. According to Business2Community, “The GoPro marketing strategy team searches the web for the best and coolest videos shot with their cameras. They actively seek out emotional and impactful content that they can share with the rest of their fanbase, whether it’s ‘extreme’ and unique content or simply the beauty of everyday life.”

Additionally, by featuring campaigns with professional athletes and celebrities, they have encouraged their users to “be like the stars” by becoming stars in their own right. As Business2Community puts it, “With point-of-view video content, GoPro puts the viewer in the driver’s seat of a multitude of experiences.” They go on to say that, “The GoPro team is skilled at creating content that appeals to their key customer personas. It is a brand that knows its audience and produces relevant, shareable content that caters to them. They are adept at using the internet to create meaningful connections with their fans, and turning those fans into brand advocates.”

In late 2015, the company unveiled GoPro Licensing, which allows marketing professionals to search for GoPro users’ videos and to contact those users – and pay them – for use of their videos. The chance to monetize their videos – and become bigger internet sensations – is a huge draw for the GoPro demographic. LC Silva’s Marketing Plan review states: “By allowing fans and customers to be part of the YouTube channel production, GoPro has provided authentic video content which helps connect customers with the brand while creating a loyal following”.

SUMMARY: Originally designed for professional athletes and extreme sports enthusiasts, the GoPro user base consists mostly of younger highly-active males/females and parents with active children. GoPro users are highly-adventurous, often involved in sports or other active experiences, are big social media users, are generally technically savvy, and enjoy sharing their experiences and interacting with the branded community of GoPro users. GoPro users are fanatical about the brand, largely because of the brand’s focus on user-centered content marketing, which can offer the users a chance to become “internet famous”.

Thank you again for your question, and I hope this information gives you what you need. Please contact Wonder again for any other questions you may have!

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