What are some of the ways users engage with websites/platforms?

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What are some of the ways users engage with websites/platforms?

Hello! Thanks for your question about the ways users engage with websites/platforms. The short version is that improving user engagement involves creative, efficient and effective interface and website design. High quality content is also important as well. Below you will find a deep dive of my findings.


1. Transitions and Animations

Animated effects is one of the top concepts for interaction design. It includes various effects like a cool hover, full-screen cartoons, etc.
During the Flash age, animation only showed artistry or an aesthetic design presentation. Now, it has become a functional necessity.
Animations and transitions delightfully distract users during slow page load for example. Some of its most important functions include: information reveal, content highlight, notifications animation, page scrolling and form/ menu collapses.
2. Micro Interactions

Micro interactions are simple, momentary events dedicated to complete a specific task. Common functions of micro interactions are: accomplishing a task e.g. setting an alarm, making adjustments e.g. muting an app's volume, and connecting elements such as syncing a Bluetooth device to your phone.
3. Webgraphics

Also known as interactive narrative, webgraphics practically asks users to perform a specific action such as clicking, typing words or even touching an element on the screen.
4. Layers and Effects

Combining effects such as long scroll, parallax and background videos creates unique experiences to users. Examples of websites with great layer effects are: Eventbrite Seat Designer, AIGA 100 Years of Design and Sonoran’s Valley.
5. HTML5- Stop using Flash for your website. With HTML5, you can create creative user forms, interactive content/webpages and get audio and video elements for your website.
6. Hero Image- Hero Image is one of the most popular trends for minimal but responsive websites. These displays large photos or videos and use few texts or headline which effectively grabs attention.


1. Engaging content- High quality content can decrease your website's bounce rate and can also help you acquire new customers. Try creating variety content such as blog posts, videos, case studies, etc.
2. Chat- Live chat can help you engage with your customers/ website visitors. Interact with them to convert them into loyal customers or fans.
3. Call to Actions (CTAs)- Have a strong call to action to grab attention. Make sure it's relevant to your website and focus on achieving your current website goals.
4. Disabling autoplay- Users are often annoyed by autoplays. Give users the option to decide when to play your videos or music on your website.
5. Comment section- Comment sections are old school, yet they are still one of the most effective ways to engage with your website visitors, especially on blogs.
6. Surveys- Ask your visitors relevant questions which can help you get more visitors or even acquire new customers.
7. Pop ups- Pop ups, when done correctly can be very effective in improving user engagement. Examples are: ebook downloads, blog subscription and webinar registrations.
8. Easy Website Navigation- Follow the KISS rule- Keep it Stupid Simple. Make it extremely easy for your visitors to navigate from one page to another.
9. Subscriptions- Provide an option to subscribe to your blog, email newsletter, etc.
10. Social sharing buttons- Give your visitors an opportunity to share your website to their social circles via social sharing buttons.
11. Free Trials- If you offer a product or service, utilize free trials. This can potentially lead to loyal customers. You can get them to upgrade in the future.
12. Pay Attention to VIP Customers- Create specific VIP promotions to your most loyal customer on your site. This will help build stronger relationship with your customers and create more opportunities to acquire new ones.
13. Contact details- This is one of the most basic but also one of the most essential detail you need to place on your website. Remember, it’s important that your visitors can not only reach out to you online. Give them an option to reach you via other platforms like email, phone, etc. Also, make sure that you show correct details on your website.
14. Tone- Your website can have the best interactive design but make sure that you use a “human voice” for your website’s content. Make sure that you’re open for conversations.


To wrap it up, to increase user engagement to websites, you can use current trends such as transitions and animations, micro interactions, webgraphics, layers and effects, html5 and Hero Image. For increasing website interactions, create engaging content, provide live chat, strong calls to action, disable autoplay, provide comment section, etc. Thanks for using Wonder! Please let us know if we can help with anything else!