Warehouse Lenders

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Warehouse Lenders

Some examples of warehouse lenders or inventory financiers are the following: Hana Financial, KeyBank Business Capital, Rosenthal and Rosenthal, Wintrust Business Credit, and The Sterling National Bank. These companies have clients from multiple industries such as metal, beauty, accessories, fashion, and other sectors.

Warehouse Lenders

Hana Financial

  • Hana Financial offers asset-based loans (ABL) that can be backed by inventory and other assets of a borrower.
  • The ABL that the company can provide can help in the various financial needs of a business.
  • The company serves various industries such as retail, steel and diversified metals, automotive, and others.
  • Hana Financial has an office in New York.

KeyBank Business Capital

  • Keybank offers its asset-based lending scheme for companies that need to finance their initiatives to achieve their goals.
  • This specialty loan type that KeyBank offers aims to help high-flying firms, seasonal companies, turnaround cases, and commodity-type firms.
  • The loan product can also be availed by businesses of all sizes that have major "working capital assets" on their balance sheets.
  • These working capital assets typically include inventory as well.
  • Examples of these potential borrowers can be wholesalers, retailers, and others.
  • KeyBank's asset-based lending clients include those in metal-related companies, retail, mining, and others.
  • The financier has several branches in New York.

Rosenthal and Rosenthal

Wintrust Business Credit

  • Wintrust has an asset-based lending product offering that can be backed by a borrower's accounts receivable and inventory.
  • The company mentioned that it can provide inventory financing to a wide range of industries and cases.
  • Wintrust has branches in Miami and New York.

The Sterling National Bank

Research Strategy

To find warehouse lenders or those who can provide financing that is backed by inventory, we looked through asset-based lenders directories, listings and article referrals. We focused first on finding those lenders that specialize in providing inventory financing to companies that deal with hard assets such as luxury watches and precious metals. We also prioritized looking for those that have operations in Miami or New York. However, as stated in our initial round of research, these types of lenders that specifically deal in hard assets such as luxury watches and precious metals are limited. Nevertheless, we were able to find some inventory financiers that can provide asset-based loans to the metal and accessories sectors. We concluded that luxury watches and precious metals can be covered under these industry types as well. We also included those lending companies that mentioned about serving all types of industries based on their working capital assets, including inventories.