VuMedi Competitive Landscape

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VuMedi Competitive Landscape

The top 5 competitors of VuMedi are WebSurg, MedlinePlus, GibLib, SurgeryTheater, and Medtube. The competitive analysis of VuMedi with these 5 companies has been compiled in the attached spreadsheet.


These 5 competitors were chosen based on a research article from the Orthopedic Journal at Harvard Medical School combined with the previous findings from the old report. The old report identified 2 competitors of VuMedi, namely Medtube and GibLib. From the mentioned article, 3 other competitors were chosen, namely WebSurg, Surgery Theater, and MedlinePlus.

The article listed 8 surgical video libraries, including VuMedi, following these criteria:

"1. Free access or subscription available through the author's institution
2. Emphasized or at least contained orthopedic surgical videos
3. Not operated by a specific academic institution"

Thus, all the 8 surgical video libraries provide relevant content on surgical videos. The article sought to compare these 8 surgical video libraries, so there would be different criteria included in the article to compare VuMedi with other surgical video libraries. I have selected one comparison criterion (volume of surgical libraries). I left out YouTube my search as it focuses more on publishing general video content.
WebSurg, Surgery Theater, and MedlinePlus had the most surgical videos when compared to VuMedi and they also specifically highlight surgical videos. Thus, they are chosen as VuMedi's top competitors.


I have found VuMedi's other competitors that did not necessarily fit into its top 5 rivals but are worth noting. Below are the companies' names and their websites:

1. VJOrtho
3. SageTV
4. CSurgeries


In the article, five categories of comparison were considered: content, specialties covered, volume, quality, and value. "Three categories (volume, quality, value) had ratings, marked on a scale of one to five, with one being the lowest and five being the highest. Quality ratings were assigned based on the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) guidelines for video evaluation."

While my comparison selection for VuMedi's top competitors was volume, the total quantitative score of quality, value, and volume ratings can also be used as the criteria to select VuMedi's top competitors. The chart for the total quantitative score is attached in Sheet 2 of the spreadsheet, in case you want to use different criteria to evaluate the competitors.


WebSurg, MedlinePlus, GibLib, SurgeryTheater, and Medtube are VuMedi's top 5 competitors. Other notable companies to consider are VJOrtho, ClinicalKey, SageTV, and CSurgeries. Besides adding the competitors, I have also included more information on the types of contributors that you have requested. Initial insufficient information about VuMedi's fee structure is also improved in the spreadsheet.