VuMedi Competitive Landscape Assessment

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VuMedi Competitive Landscape

I have found that Panopto, GibLib, Echo 360 and Medtube are VuMedi's top 4 competitors.


I have selected competitors who are generating the most revenue or, in the case of startups, those who have received significant funding. I then narrowed down the top 4 to those generating significant interest. Those I selected are as follows:

1. Panopto
This Seattle based company is being included because it generates an annual revenue of $21.2 million, placing it in second place in terms of revenue generation among VuMedia's competitors.

2. GibLib
There are several reasons why I have included GibLib as a major competitor. Firstly, GibLib has been coined the 'Netflix' of surgical videos. Secondly, it has already generated $1 million in funding. In addition, the company is predicted to spread medical education worldwide. Finally, it recently broadcast the first-ever live hernia surgery in virtual reality.

3. Echo 360
This Virginia based company is being included because it generates an annual revenue $22.1 million, placing it first in terms of revenue generation among VuMedia's competitors.

4. Medtube
This company doesn't generate an impressive annual revenue, however they are being included as a top competitor because they are "the largest medical multimedia platform for professionals sharing +20,000 videos, courses, images, documents."

Within the spreadsheet provided I have added a company summary, a product/service description, link to products/services page, pricing information, types of contributors, a marketing overview and links to the sources that I used for each of the above companies.


I have found that VuMedi and most of its competitors are offering a medical video sharing platform where users create content themselves. GibLib are the only ones who create and curate their own content, and Medtube create theirs as a collaboration with medical institutions. Fees were generally not publicly available for these companies. Additionally, I found these companies were mostly similar in their marketing efforts in relying on organic search to drive traffic, however, for some social media also made an impact.

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