VPN Demographics Comparison

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Marketing Research: NordVPN And ExpressVPN

The target audience demographic for VPNs are 16 to 24 years old males. The largest VPN users are in the Asia-Pacific region, specifically, Indonesia and India.

Target Audience Demographic

— NordVpn

  • The company is mainly focused on high-value markets such as the US, Australia, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, and Scandinavia.
  • The majority of their traffic comes from the US, followed by the UK.

— ExpressVpn

general Vpn usage demographic

  • 35% of VPN users are in the age range of 16-24, followed by 33% in the range of 25-34 (Source 1)
  • 62% of VPN users are male.
  • The Asia-Pacific region holds the largest VPN usage, with 30% of all its internet users making use of VPN.
  • The top VPN markets in the world are Indonesia and India, with 38% of all the internet users making use of VPN.

Marketing Strategy Insights

— NordVPn

  • NordVPN used YouTube to make performance video ads to drive conversions and increase brand presence and awareness. This marketing strategy resulted in more than 13,000 conversions, 5-7 times lower Cost Per Acquisition and a boost in branded search traffic because of the significant lift in ad recall, consideration and brand awareness from the ads.
  • NordVPN encourages users to avail of their three-year plan by doing a substantial 75% discount off of their normal monthly price, which is has proved to be an effective marketing strategy for the VPN company.
  • NordVPN has a partnership program where businesses can partner with NordVPN to become a retailer or reseller of their services & applications, or to make use of their VPN solutions through integrator, white-label or OEM partnerships.

— ExpressVPN

  • ExpressVPN partnered with Mozilla to use their Firefox Lite app, which is a lightweight browser made to help users reduce mobile data usage and browse faster when they have slower networks.
  • ExpressVPN established the ExpressVPN Future of Privacy scholarship to raise awareness around issues of internet privacy, data security, and free speech.
  • ExpressVPN also encourages users to avail of their 12-month plan by offering a substantial 35% discount off of their normal monthly pricing.

Research Strategy:

We were unable to find sufficient information that points to the specific target audience demographic for NordVPN and ExpressVPN.

We first attempted to look for this information on the official websites of NordVPN and ExpressVPN. We found relevant information on marketing strategies for each company, however, the needed target audience demographic was nowhere to be found. We also looked at articles from credible sites such as Forbes and ZD.net but found no relevant information that gives insight on the target audience of the VPN services. Then, we searched for case studies that may provide helpful data. We found a case study on NordVPN's use of YouTube ads to drive conversion to their service, (Source 5) which did provide some relevant information on the company's target audience.

With the lack of information on their target audience, we tried to look for information on their consumers to try to extrapolate some data for their target audience. We looked at articles from credible sites such as Business Wire, the Financial Times, and Forbes. We found an article that talks about the future of VPN and how NordVPN conducts their business but neither provided information relevant to the company's customers. We did, however, find that NordVPN follows a no-logs policy which may explain the lack of data on the demographics of their current audience.

Then, we looked for press releases from the VPN services' managements to see if they have made any statements or comments about their marketing plans. Unfortunately, ExpressVPN's leadership is kept anonymous by the company and so, we were unable to find any press release from their CEO. We were able to find press releases from the CMO of NordVPN that talk about how they passed the industry-first audit for their no-logs policy and how they have partnered up with BullguardVPN but no information could be gathered about the client's customer base or target audience. We have instead reported the available demographics of VPN users in general.