Vitner's Daughter Marketing Strategy

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Vitner's Daughter - Marketing Strategy and Tactics

The privately held Vinter's Daughter launched with one product in 2014 and, on the basis of word of mouth, has seen its Active Botanical Serum become one of the most popular products in the skin care market. This growth occurred in the absence of paid marketing or a paid celebrity endorsement. A second product, Active Treatment Essence, was launched in 2019, which leveraged the success of the first product, and the popularity of its founder, April Gargiulo.


  • The company was created in March 2014, when April Gargiulo grew tired of searching for a single product to treat her acne prone skin.
  • Sales increased by 150% in 2018 and are expected to top this figure in 2019.
  • The company is privately held with no external investment.
  • Current sales revenue is unavailable, as Ms. Gargiulo has declined to publicly speak about it.
  • The company markets two products: the Active Botanical Serum, launched in 2014, and the Active Treatment Essence, which was launched in 2019.
  • Ms. Gargiulo credits good timing as partly responsible for the product's success. Independent beauty retailers such as Cap Beauty, the Detox Market, and Violet Grey were all in the marketplace at the same time the product debuted which gave the product the space to stand out from others.
  • Ms. Gargiulo believes her products success would not have been as great had the marketing been solely focused in department stores.
  • Customer Reviews of the product have been positive.


  • The company has never paid for marketing. The core focus has been/is on quality control and ingredients not its marketing strategy.
  • The product was initially distributed by CAP Beauty, a natural beauty retailer.
  • Different merchandise segments were also used such as kitchen goods and fashion.
  • Retailers were selected on the basis of their locations sophistication and staff.
  • Staff at the selected retailers were expected to be committed, passionate and educated on the differentiating factors of the Vintner's Daughter and its impact on a person's skin care.
  • Based on personal experience, Ms. Gargiulo focused on one product that was safe and effective, as opposed to having to use several products to treat one skin issue.
  • The effective launch was via an email to 130 friends and family.
  • Initial product growth is credited to "girlfriend to girlfriend" marketing by April Gargiulo.
  • The initial growth amplified when makeup artists used it on their celebrity clients, which led to a mention in Into the Gloss Magazine leading to product movement increasing from 30 to 300 bottles a day.
  • Creation of the product was based on a "desert island philosophy," the one product the creator could not leave home without.
  • The community, which was built through word of mouth for the first product, the Active Botanical Serum, is being leveraged for the launch of the second product, the Active Treartment Essence.
  • The Essence was launched exclusively in Goop retail stores in Los Angeles and New York, and through the company website, on February 25th 2019.
  • It was made available from the other retail partners of Vintner's Daughter from March 2019.
  • Ms. Gargiulo will be a key component of the marketing strategy for the new product, as she intends to educate the store associates and consumers about the product.


  • Vintner's Daughter's value proposition is to create the skin care products whose quality is unrivaled, performance that is "multi-correctional," and of comprehensive effectiveness.
  • Production is focused on a pursuit of quality regardless of the cost or time to market.
  • The brand is driven by quality, not revenue. This is why there is one product for use and not multiple products in the product line.
  • Focus is placed on the highest efficiency with the least steps.


  • The brand's image is built on the same philosophical foundations as wine making.
  • Its focus is on "old world luxury."
  • Old world luxury is defined as "the finest ingredients, made by the finest craftsmen, in super time-honored, methodical ways."
  • April Gargiulo worked in design in New York for several years and designed the logo to communicate simplicity, elegance and quality.
  • The product packaging is informed by environmental and safety concerns not only for users but also for the product inside.
  • The dark glass of the bottles offers protection for the product and the label was designed to be simple and straightforward.


  • Initially the company focused its social media presence mainly on Instagram, which was handled personally by Ms. Gargiulo.
  • However, there are now active accounts for Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.
  • The YouTube page was created in May 2017, but to date there are only three company produced videos. The most recent video was uploaded several months ago.
  • The brand maintains a presence on Twitter, and last tweeted on June 10th, 2019. A review of its tweets from January 2019 to present indicates that tweets are limited to product and product information and re-tweets of product mentions and interviews from Ms. Gargiulo.
  • The Pinterest account's "Muses and Icons" board features celebrities from musical and acting backgrounds.


  • There is no evidence of a directly appointed celebrity or influencer for marketing purposes.
  • Tracy Ellis Ross and Gwyneth Paltrow have both provided unsolicited endorsements.
  • Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop website, along with the Vintner's Daughter company website, were the only places Vitner's Daughter's new product Active Treatment Essence could be purchased for the first month after its launch.
  • Joanna Czech, celebrity facialist, was listed as an early recipient of the company's new product, Active Treatment Essence, by Vogue Magazine.
  • The Vintner's Daughter You Tube page has videos in playlists from celebrities, makeup artists and beauty bloggers.
  • The Serum was directly listed as an "obsession" by make up artist Sarah Tanno in a Refinery 29 article on Lady Gaga's preparation for the 2019 Oscars.


To provide a comprehensive analysis of the marketing strategy and tactics used by Vintner's Daughter for both its initial launch and for the recent launch of its second product your research team leveraged content on the company website, published product reviews and interviews with company staff. Social media profiles were accessed to ascertain the content and to provide some insight into company followers and followed. This information was considered important to provide some information on who are influencing the company and how it impacted the marketing strategy for the 2019 launch.