Visiting New Mexico

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Mexicans Visiting New Mexico - Motivators And Reasons

There was no comprehensive information found on the reasons, motivators, and barriers of Mexicans who would want to travel to New Mexico. This could be due to the highly specific nature of this information and the preference of Mexicans for other destinations. Base on the limited information that we found, Mexicans wanted to go on ski trips in New Mexico. Moreover, more than 60% of Mexicans wanted to go on one-of-a-kind travel experience for their vacations.


The following are the limited information found and other related insights on the travel preferences of Mexicans:
  • The United States is still the main go-to travel location for most Mexicans.
  • Mexican travelers who travel by land typically go to the southwestern locations in the US to go shopping or pay a visit to their relatives and friends.
  • Those who travel by air typically have longer stays and will usually engage in leisurely experiences and shopping.
  • New Mexico is in the sixth spot when it comes to destinations preferred by Mexicans.
  • Mexicans typically go to New Mexico resorts to ski during the US winter season.
  • Around 60% wanted to go on one-of-a-kind travel experience for their vacations.


The following are other related findings from a Mexico MX survey:
  • Around 31% look for premium local dishes. Sixty-four percent prefer to sample the usual regional delicacies. <interesting tidbits?
  • Approximately 66% wanted to try new experiences such as staying in unique accommodation sites that they have not been before.
  • Forty-one percent prefer to go to film and TV shooting locations.
  • Thirty-six percent go for destinations where large sports gatherings take place.


The section below contains some of the tourist offerings of New Mexico that might make them enticing to visitors.
Some of these features seem to match the preferences of Mexican travelers as described above.
  • Tourists will discover unique experiences in several sectors in the state such as the following: "parks, museums, fairs, festivals, and tours."
  • The tours provide a chance for visitors to connect with several artists and see them in action.
  • In terms of food, "Christmas is served 365 days per year" in the state to describe the colorful chilies being served in restaurants. <ten>
  • Some very old tradition such as the "Old Man Gloom goes up in flames" is still being observed to symbolize the victory of the fire spirit over evil.
  • For over a century, over 600 movies have been shot in New Mexico locations. Some of these movies include the "Transformers" and "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade."
  • Several big sporting events such as in the field of boxing, volleyball, BMX racing, track and field, and others are being held in various stadiums in the state.


However, some barriers that may prevent Mexicans from going to the US or any of its states.
  • Ongoing tensions with the US result in Mexicans avoiding going to the US for their vacation.
  • Preference for other travel destinations such as Cancun and Madrid delegate the US to lower places in the travel list of Mexicans.
  • Mexican travelers are now opting for friendlier locations such as Cuba, Canada, and domestic locations.


We started our research by looking for directly available information on the reasons and motivators of people who are living in Mexico to visit New Mexico. We looked for this information in travel-related sites such as Trip Advisor, Tec Review, Matador Network, Trip Advisor Mexico, Expedia Mexico, and other similar sites; local tourism sites such as Mexico MX, New Mexico, Tijuanotas, Export Gov Travel, and related sources; publications such as Forbes, Business Insider, Bloomberg, and others; media outlets such as CNN Edition, CNBC, and other relevant sources. Based on this approach, we were not able to find comprehensive reports that state the reason why people living in Mexico wanted to visit New Mexico. We only found very limited information on why Mexicans would visit New Mexico.
We also looked at surveys or interviews of travelers from Mexico in research sites such as Travel Market Report, Travel Weekly, Viahero, and other related sites. We hoped to find responses or testimonies on relevant travel behaviors that can help us infer Mexicans' travel pursuits. Based on this search approach, we were not able to obtain enough information on relevant data about Mexicans' traveling behaviors. What we found were general travel assessments and several location preferences that do not include New Mexico.
We also looked at government or travel associations' statistics such as those from the National Travel and Tourism Office in the US, US Travel Association, Visit Mexico, Virtuoso, the Travel Leaders' Group, the Mexican Secretary of Tourism, and other relevant sources. We hoped to find relevant statistics or figures from these sites to determine if we can get relevant insights on the underlying thoughts of Mexican travelers with regard to foreign travel. We plan to use this information to draw some relevant conclusions on their travel plans. However, what we found from these sites are general statistics on travelers' preferences especially around local tourism sites. We were not able to find some solid data or strong insights that can help us determine more about the travel activities of Mexican locals. There were some outdated data that were used in some of these reports that are still relevant since there were more recent explanations around these statistics in these reports.
The reason for the lack of extensive information on this could be due to the fact that New Mexico is not on the top of the mind of Mexican travelers based on various surveys. Furthermore, the information might be too specific and serve only a small portion of travelers.
Given the lack of comprehensive information on the factors that drive Mexicans to travel to New Mexico, we then presented some helpful findings in the section above based on the limited relevant data we found. We also presented some statistics on what will drive or prevent Mexicans from traveling in general. We also indicated some characteristics of New Mexico in order to present a partial link to what could interest Mexicans to visit New Mexico.