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Virtual Experiences

Some businesses in Connecticut that are offering virtual experiences and/or projects for people to be entertained during the Covid-19 quarantine are the Florence Griswold Museum, the Connecticut Historical Society, the Palestine Museum, Imagine Nation, and the Connecticut Science Center. Some artists from this state offering online events or concerts are Frank Critelli and Kelly English. A complete list of these virtual experiences is provided below.

Businesses Offering Virtual Experiences and/or Projects

Florence Griswold Museum

  • The Florence Griswold museum is encouraging visitors to access its online exhibitions while it remains closed due to the pandemic. These virtual exhibitions include Silver Wings and Golden Scales, Dear Dear Husband, and With a Needle & Brush, among others.
  • Through its Facebook page, the museum is also offering live streaming films. For example, on March 30, it will stream "Vincent Van Gogh: A New Way of Seeing."

Mark Twain House & Museum

  • This museum is offering virtual tours through its website for free. Viewers can also contribute with a donation. The virtual experiences available are a 3D tour of the house and a view in virtual reality (with VR goggles).

Connecticut Historical Society

  • The Connecticut Historical Society is now offering virtual exhibitions through its website. Exhibitions include Connecticut: 50 Objects/50 Stories, Collection Highlights, and Historic Timeline of Connecticut’s LGBTQ Community.
  • Through its Facebook site, the museum is offering Facebook Live tours, like the CTQuilts tour.

Ely Center of Contemporary Art

  • The center is offering its online exhibitions through its website, while its doors remain closed. Some exhibitions include to (be)scare, Ashley Pelletier Dissembling the Self, Brooks Dierdorff Ballistics & Blindsight, and Tony Saunders elucidating, among others.
  • Through its Facebook page, the business announced two online calls that include What Now?, for responses to the current global pandemic, and Your Pet Here, for pet-centric art and pet photos. Followers can submit their entries online.

Palestine Museum US

  • The Palestine Museum published a virtual tour of the museum on its YouTube Channel due to the Covid-19 outbreak. The video tour lasts about 10 minutes and is available here.


  • WORK_SPACE, a meeting center and working space, has closed its doors temporarily and is now offering a virtual tour of an art exhibit online, available here.

Slater Memorial Museum

  • This business is offering children activities through its Facebook page. Activities include live Q&A sessions, coloring images to print, and object collecting. Additionally, it is providing online educational resources for kids at home via its website.

Imagine Nation

  • The Imagine Nation museum launched, via Facebook, the Imagine Nation At Home community, where members are able to participate in playful learning activities during the quarantine.

Connecticut Science Center

Artists Offering Virtual Events

Frank Critelli

Kelly English

Black North

Lara Herscovitch

  • This artist is releasing a live streaming concert on March 27 via Facebook and YouTube.

Jeff Przech

  • The musician Jeff Przech is offering a live streaming concert through The Tipping Chair Tavern on March 28.

Sandoval Band

  • This band is also offering a live concert from The Tipping Chair Tavern on March 29.