Vineyard Vines

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Vineyard Vines News

Vineyard Vines press mentions in the last two years include new shop openings, partnerships, lawsuits, product discounts, and more.


"Lawsuit alleges Vineyard Vines misleads shoppers about quality, pricing of outlet products."

  • Description: A group of consumers including Annemarie Casio, Craig Moskowitz, and Jane Doe filed a lawsuit against Vineyard Vines, alleging that its outlet pricing is misleading.

"Vineyard Vines is back with an extra 50% off all sale items from $30."

"Target and Vineyard Vines Have Teamed Up On the Perfect Summer Collaboration."

  • Description: Target and Vineyard Vines announce that they will partner to offer shoppers a limited edition collection of more than 300 items ranging from women, men, and kids clothing, accessories, home, and outdoor goods.

"Shoppers disappointed at how fast Target's Vineyard Vines collection selling out."

  • Description: Shoppers were looking forward to buying the limited-edition collection of Target's Vineyard Vines, but with most items selling out within minutes, most were disappointed.

"Vineyard Vines to open a store at Nebraska Crossing Outlets."

"How Vineyard Vines Uses Data to Become a Customer-Centric Brand."

  • The news article analyses how Vineyard Vines utilizes data to keep customers first.

"Vineyard Vines HQ building sold for $33.5M in Stamford."

  • Description: Rubenstein Partners teams up with George Comfort & Sons to sell Vineyard Vines HQ building at Stamford for $33.5 million .
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Vineyard Vines Retail Activations

Vineyard Vines retail activations efforts in the last two years traverse across engaging mobile shoppers, stimulating purchases during summer, and promoting its New York City store opening.


  • Vineyard Vines employed retail activation marketing in the past to extend the brand experience beyond the store, boosting in-app sales by promising mobile shoppers "a limited-edition golden whale sticker signed by the brand’s well-known co-founders."
  • Vineyard vines intentions were to entice younger customers "to make room for apps on their smartphones and engage in regular buying behavior," as well as reaffirm relationships with those who have already downloaded the app.
  • The retailer first engaged followers on Instagram to the giveaway, "posting an image of someone holding a fistful of golden whale stickers up to the camera."
  • Several fans on the social media platform voiced their excitement for the golden whales and made plans to purchase the items.


  • Earlier this year (May 18), Vineyard Vines launched a pop-up shop at Target located in the North Cove Marina at Brookfield Place, NY.
  • The company intended to increase sales for the summer period by offering a limited-edition collection of more than 300 items "across home and outdoor goods, apparel, accessories, and swim," most under $35.
  • Customers were served to "a bunch of memory-making activities," including mini sailing lessons and beach photo-ops.
  • Celebrities Priyanka Chopra and Cole Sprouse were present to kick off the event and get a sneak peek of the experience.


  • Vineyard Vines implemented retail activation marketing when they opened their first New York City store located at 1151 3rd Avenue at 67th Street on December 3.
  • The company organized a party in-store that included the performance by a live band and appetizers provided by Whitman’s. Customers were invited to shop and celebrate.
  • Vineyard Vines pledged to donate "10% of all sales during the event to support the charitable activities of the New York Junior League."


First, the research team acquainted itself with the concept of retail activation marketing. Next, the team searched the company's official website, including press publications, as well as credible media sites such as Retail Drive, Forbes, Daily Herald and more to identify Vineyard Vines retail activations in the last two years. Through the strategies, we were only able to identify three retail activation initiatives implemented by the company.