Village Inn Company Analysis

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Village Inn Company Analysis

According to Zoominfo Village Inn has 2,570 employees, the company has a sales revenue of $0.5 million and was incorporated in 1994. The company was founded in 1961. The company has a menu for launch, breakfast, and dinner.

Village Inn Revenue

  • The revenue for Village Inn is $0.5 million, and the company was incorporated in 1994.

Village Inn Number of Employees

  • Linkedin gave the range of employees for Village Inn as 5,001 to 10,000 employees. The number of employees record on Linkedin is 1,389. According to Zoominfo, Village Inn has 2,570 employees.

Village Inn List of Menu Items

Break Fast Menu

Launch Menu

Dinner Menu

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Village Inn Core Values

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Village Inn SWOT Analysis

Some weaknesses of Village Inn include having a limited presence/coverage in the USA and having a low market share as compared to other global fast-food companies. The company also has strengths, opportunities, and threats.


  • There are over 200 Village Inn locations in West and Midwest of the USA. The organizational web page corroborates this fact.
  • Village Inn pies have won different awards from the American Pie Council. In year 2018, Village Inn had pumpkin supreme, southern pecan as some pies that won awards. The organization has won awards for over ten years.
  • Their products are placed in all vacation spots. They have a "warm and inviting interior design, featuring welcoming lobbies and tempting pie displays." This design will give the organization edge over competitors in the aspect of aesthetics.
  • The organization has been going strong since 1958, having strong brand recognition in its operational areas and a lot of loyal customers.


  • The organization's presence/coverage is limited to a few states in the USA. They need to expand and cover more locations to increase their customer base and boost their sales.
  • Doing a comparative analysis, the company has a low "market share as compared to global fast-food chains." The organization has not shown a great market share.


  • There is a great room for expansion into other localities, hence more and willing franchises can afford to partner with the organization.
  • The introduction of a new menu and offers serves as a means to attract old and new customers . This serves as an opportunity to also increase the organizational income through the sales of products to new customers and old customers that patronize them again as a result of their new menu.
  • They are also into the provision of lodging facilities. This also is a means of diversifying the company's revenue income to be able to increase revenue.


  • There are a lot of options available in the segment. With the availability of more options, it gives people the ability of choice, and any organization that does better in these aspects takes the market lead. They can be substituted at any point in time with other options competing with the Village Inn.
  • Consumers/customers prefer taking breakfast at home, and they also prefer having healthy homemade food for breakfast instead of coming to the Village Inn. This serves as a big threat to their income as more revenue is lost through this means.

Research Methodology

Our research analysis began by looking for data from various databases to find data regarding the SWOT analysis for Village Inn. Consultation with Business publications such as Forbes, MarketandMarkets, among others, was done to find SWOT analysis data for Village Inn. We could not find any related data to the Village Inn. What our research achieved from Forbes was the provision of analytical means of conducting a SWOT analysis.

We considered areas Village Inn were diversifying into, such as the building of hotels in a bid to get a SWOT analysis of the company for this section as well. Our team could not find any useful data for the SWOT analysis for Village Hotels, a sub-segment of Village Inn.

We went further to consult news publications such as the New York Times, Financial Times, among others in a bid to find data for SWOT analysis for Village Inn. This also proved futile. The research team only had data for other institutions SWOT analysis, excluding the analysis for Village Inn.

We had to look at the individual components such as strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to carry out the SWOT analysis segment by segment. Still, there was limited data on the various segments to carry out SWOT analysis.

The research team looked at the company website, annual reports, social media platforms to see if we could use implied analysis to corroborate the SWOT analysis fact the Mba School has given, but we could not find data for detailed analysis. We only had data for the locations of Village Inn that corroborated one of the strengths.