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Viking Cruises has remained in the consumer eye through their mesmerizing ads. Their current marketing strategies using consumer-driven social media and niche products has lead to an increase in their brand awareness among more consumers.


  • Offering specific events and fairs allows Viking Cruises to translate their luxury cruises to another market that would not normally consider the brand, such as the wine and beer industry.
  • In 2018, Viking Cruises met a record customer satisfaction rate by offering exclusive events and fairs for a common hobby or like between consumers — such as the Champagne and Wine Fair.
  • Viking Cruises noted that the Cinderella Whiskey Fair has been spread to consumers across the globe, making the brand more visible to a greater variety of people rather than those just interested in luxury cruises.
  • Year Employed: 2018.



  • Viking Cruises continuously uploads professional photos of their stunning destinations to encourage longer interactions on social media. Viking Cruises have also established their brand visibility in the American media, where customers see these photos on flyers and public television constantly.
  • Using more, larger customer provided images, Viking Cruises doubled their target audience on TripAdvisor. In addition, the photos received were mapped to target users seeking specific locations or trips.
  • The increased viewership on sites such as TripAdvisor lead to an increase in online bookings through Finland and other areas of the world in 2018, and they continue to grow as Viking Cruises' brand awareness expands.
  • Year employed: 2019.


  • Year celebrated: 2017.
  • Media Platform: YouTube.
  • Viking Cruises has allowed people to explore the world for over 20 years, and since then has become consumer's #1 cruise line for 2018. In addition, the cruise line announced the continuing expansion of boats in their string well into 2022 — a strong message throughout the media campaign.
  • Their main celebration was a YouTube video highlighting their history and continuing excellence among luxury cruise ships and loyal customers.
  • Viking Cruises also released a press release to celebrate its 20th anniversary, and many magazines like TravelPRNews provided extensive media coverage for the cruise line.


We looked among the experts in the business world, Forbes, to indicate what the best marketing strategies were for increasing brand awareness. Using social media as the initial research point, we soon found that the three key marketing strategies Viking Cruises focuses on, niche social events, social media interactions, and key product placement. Holding unique events, such as a wine fair, allows Viking Cruises to enter a different market and new consumer base. In this example, the additional market is the wine industry. An advertising company, Rivet, provided further context to Viking Cruises' social media usage in a case study. This case study provided great detail on the success of consumer engagement through photo reposts, Instagram Story sharing, and tracking photo locations to target more specific demographics. Photos are also key to Viking Cruise's brand awareness, and are used on flyers and other advertisements across America. They advertise a product, a destination, and investment in advertisement photography in addition to professional quality submissions has established the brand standard that it is "graceful" (as one survey stated). These three key marketing strategies — targeting specific niches, social media interaction, and constant visual aids — are all highlighted in the 20th Anniversary video published by Viking Cruises as a means to connect their origins to the consumers of today.