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Influencers - The Family Adventurers

Eric Stoen, Our Family Nest, Obsessed by Portia, Someday I'll Learn, and The Traveling Child are five family travel influencers suitable for a video/social media campaign.

research strategy

Each of the five potential influencers for a video/social media campaign was chosen based on the number of followers they have on Instagram, locations they travel to, size of the family (consists of the parents and kids) and whether they belong to any professional travel bodies like Family Travel Association, Lonely Planet Pathfinders, Professional Travel Bloggers Association etc.
The five chosen in our research, meet all criteria, and each of them can be identified as an adventurous fun-filled family travel influencers all based in the United States.

Someday I'll learn

It is a family travel Instagram influencer with 192k followers, 5k followers on YouTube, and 11,187 followers on Facebook. The family of six also share their adventures on blog posts on a website on which they share smart ideas for adventurous families.

Obsessed by Portia

Obsessed by Portia is a US-based Family travel blog started by Portia Smith. She shares the family travels and adventures on her Instagram and website. Obsessed by Portia has 87k followers on Instagram, 7,102 followers on Facebook, no YouTube account, and was featured on a K5 news article.

The Traveling Child

The Traveling child is family travel blog run by Monet who is a Southern Florida, US-based writer and also a contributor for The Points Guy,, Trivago Magazine and Alamo Rent a Car’s The Scenic Route Blog. They have 55.4k followers on Instagram, 562 followers on YouTube and 4,750 followers on Facebook.

Eric Stoen

In addition to his family travel Instagram account, Eric Stoen also runs a website on which he shares his family adventures, experiences and family travel tips. Eric Stoen was named "The World’s #4 Travel Influencer, 2017" by CNN/Forbes, he received a gold medal for family travel by the North American Travel Journalists Association and recently was featured on an article by Nerdwallet. On Instagram, he has 124k followers, 63,680 followers on Facebook and has no YouTube account.

Our Family Nest

Our Family Nest is a family travel blog by a family of six sharing their travel adventures on their social media accounts. They have 206k followers on Instagram, 1.1 million followers on YouTube and 22,517 followers on Facebook. Our Family Nest recently featured on WXYZ news article.

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Influencers - Car Enthusiasts

TJ Hunt, David Patterson, Chris Petruccio, Jeremy Cliff, and Rob Ferretti have about 536,000, 260,000, 199,000, 88,400, and 63,700 followers on Instagram, respectively. Below is an explanation our methodology as well as an overview of our findings


Our search for five potential influencers for a video/social media campaign that are car enthusiasts, produced lists of automotive influencers from influencer analytics resources such as HypeAuditor and, digital marketing resources such as UpCity and Ninja Outreach, and automotive blogs such as The Drive and JCT600, among other resources.

We checked each influencer's Instagram account to determine the influencers who post about cars or motorcycles regularly and are environmentally friendly. Since none of the influencers professed their love for nature or the environment on their social media biographies, we checked their posts and identified the influencers who took and posted photos taken in natural settings such as mountains, valleys, canyons, or forests, among others.

Next, we checked the shortlisted influencers' posts to distinguish the 'experience' and authentic car enthusiasts from the ones who focus on car races or super rare cars only. We realized that all influencers focused more on high end cars probably because they attract more views and likes than ordinary cars. Therefore, we identified the ones who seemed to post about mid level and budget cars as well.

Lastly, we used LinkedIn to approximate the ages of the remaining influencers by checking their graduation dates with the assumption that they graduated High School aged about 18 years. This was so as to provide only millennial influencers. Our research produced three influencers with more than 100,000 followers on Instagram and two with between 50,000 and 100,000 followers. For each influencer, we have provided their social media profiles, why they fit the criteria, and their social media followings on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.


I. TJ Hunt

TJ Hunt has about 536,000 followers on Instagram, 1,107 friends on Facebook, and 1,390,385 subscribers on YouTube. He uses the name 'TJ Hunt' on all Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. He doubles as a car enthusiast and cinematographer/photographer with an impressive reach on YouTube, which makes him ideal for both social media and video campaign.

II. David Patterson

David Patterson has about 260,000 followers on Instagram, 52,046 followers on Facebook, and 1,011,045 subscribers on YouTube. He uses the name 'ThatDudeinBlue' on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. He posts about a wide range of cars from muscle and super cars to trucks and coupes. This makes his profile ideal for marketing any kind of vehicle.

III. Chris Petruccio

Chris Petruccio uses his official names on Facebook and is widely known as 'Krispy' on Instagram and Krispy Media on YouTube. He has about 199,000 followers on Instagram, 2,886 friends on Facebook, and 374,708 on YouTube. He is a talented automotive cinematographer who seems to always be on the road which would make it easy to convince him to take a trip.

IV. Jeremy Cliff

Jeremy Cliff has about 88,400 followers on Instagram, 2,361 followers on Facebook, and 2,250 subscribers on YouTube. He uses his official name (Jeremy Cliff) on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Jeremy features on this list because he has the highest balance between budget and high-end cars and seems to be a great fan of nature and the environment with multiple pictures showing beautiful natural landscapes.

V. Rob Ferretti

Rob Ferretti has about 63,700 followers on Instagram, 23 friends on Facebook, and 726,200 subscribers on YouTube. He uses his official name (Rob Ferretti) on Instagram and Facebook, and 'SuperspeedersRob' on YouTube. From his pictures, Rob seems like a fun and adventurous person who would make an excellent traveling companion.
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Influencers - EV or Alternative Energy Enthusiasts

Potential influencers who are alternate energy enthusiasts are Mark Ruffalo (14.7M IG followers), Ian Somerhalder (14.6M IG followers), Woody Harrelson (1.3M IG followers), Danny DeVito (82k IG followers), and Lisa Ling (127k IG followers).



  • Instagram followers: 14.7 million
  • Facebook followers: 3.6 million
  • YouTube subscribers: N/A
  • Reason for inclusion: Onalytica lists him as one of the top ten renewable energy influencers and future of energy influencers in the world. He is a co-founder of The Solutions Project, an organization that works towards the adoption of renewable energy in the United States.
  • Media article: “Marvel, Mark Ruffalo sell ‘Avengers’ shirts to ‘Fight for Climate Justice’”. Most recent media coverage around him is related to his latest move Avengers: Endgame.


  • Instagram followers: 14.6 million
  • Facebook followers: 16.3 million
  • YouTube subscribers: 226
  • Reason for inclusion: Ian Somerhalder is best known for his role in “Vampire Diaries”. He is a UN Ambassador for the environment and also runs his own foundation (Ian Somerhalder Foundation) that works towards conservation of natural resources. Among several environment-friendly initiatives, he had traditional gas generators used on his show Vampire Diaries converted to GoGreen Mobile Power energy generators.
  • Media article: “Ian Somerhalder dishes on upcoming series that is set to be the NEXT 'Vampire Diaries'”.


  • Instagram followers: 1.3 million
  • Facebook followers: 561k
  • YouTube subscribers: NA
  • Reason for Inclusion: Woody Harrelson is a vegan and an environmentalist who is known for his offbeat roles in movies. He is a big supporter of alternative energy and supports all forms of renewable energy from biodiesel to solar power. He lives on a working farm with biodiesel tractors and even travels to sets in a sustainable bus (solar powered).
  • Media Article: "Police Catch Woody Harrelson Look-Alike Using Facial Recognition".



  • Instagram followers: 82k
  • Facebook followers: 81k
  • YouTube subscribers: 13
  • Reason for inclusion: Danny DeVito is a Golden Globe Award Winner and is known for the role he plays in “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”. He has been involved with Solar Neighbors since 2003. As part of the program, he also purchased a BP Solar Home Solution.
  • Media article: "Fans Are Clamoring for Danny DeVito to Play Detective Pikachu and Wolverine and Honestly I Can’t Blame Them".


  • Instagram followers: 127k
  • Facebook followers: 132k
  • YouTube subscribers: 176
  • Reason for inclusion: Lisa Ling is an award-winning journalist and TV host with CNN and a national correspondent with iVolunteer. She has been a TV presenter and reporter of social issues and lives in an energy neutral home in Santa Monica.
  • Media article: "Lisa Ling to speak at Valley of the Sun United Way event in Phoenix".


Some other alternate energy influencers and their Instagram following:


The range of 50k to 100k Instagram followers has been understood to be a rough range that defines low budget influencers. The range has been marginally expanded to include Lisa Ling, who has 127k followers as the range expansion does not alter the economic feasibility.


From Part 03
  • "Danny DeVito, the filmmaker, wins a Golden Globe Award and an Emmy Award, supported and take part in the BP Solar Neighbors program in 2003. Every time a celebrity joins the BP Solar Neighbors Program by purchasing a BP Solar Home Solution, BP donates a solar system to a low-income family in California. Thanks to him and those celebrities who join the program, low-income families can receive and have their own matching solar energy systems."