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VOLVO - Vehicle Technology

The Volvo Group is a leading global manufacturer of trucks, buses, and industrial and marine equipment. The company also provides financial services and solutions that contribute to and support their customers' up time and profitability. Volvo's connectivity solutions are marketed to the transportation industry (commercial fleet owners and drivers), in on-the-road, in the city, and off-road (construction and agriculture) environments. The tech software and computing hardware can be found in Volvo semi trucks, including the VNR series, VNL series, VNX series, VHD series, VAH series. Corresponding software and hardware can be found on Volvo construction equipment as well.

Volvo Products, Target Markets, and Channels

  • Dynafleet is a web-based transport information system that allows commercial fleet owners to remotely monitor the location and status of their drivers and trucks, while also providing additional information that will assist owners in identifying where optimizations and improvements can be made.
  • My Truck is an optional, web-based information system that allows commercial fleet drivers to remotely access their trucks. From this app, they can assess their truck's road readiness, adjust climate control, check on door lock status, and act on alarms.
  • On-Board Technician technology allows workshop technicians to remotely diagnose, monitor, and prepare for service stops and make sure all necessary equipment and parts are available in order to reduce maintenance "downtime."
  • Volvo Action Service (VAS)- on call maximizes "uptime" fleet by providing drivers 24/7 roadside assistance and diagnosis, towing and repairs, as well as help with arranging travel and lodging needs.

Volvo Branding, Marketing, and Communication of Technical Products

  • Volvo's website is full of information on all aspects of the company profile. It appears that the different divisions of Volvo are grouped together under the umbrella of the Volvo Group of entities and brands, which includes its joint ventures and strategic alliances with other companies.
  • The brand portfolio, listed on the Volvo group page, outlines and provides links to each brand's separate web pages.
  • Volvo's communication about its technical products (hardware and software) seems to be broadly distributed, rather than unified in one area. For example, each different market has a separate link leading to "News & Stories" (trucks), "News and Events" (construction), and "News and Media" (off-road), where press releases, articles, and news are found.
  • Volvo Trucks has a rich web presence that is used to communicate all manner of news, information, and press releases about the division's innovation, but finding information on the specific software and hardware technologies listed above proved fruitless. Volvo's construction equipment and off-road divisions seemed much the same, with no deliberate mention of the four technologies listed above.
  • However, the truck, construction, and off-road divisions each have "Innovation" sections of their sites where innovative technology solutions are promoted.

Communication between vehicle markets: On highway vs Mining vs Agriculture

  • Communication seems to be distributed to target audiences by vehicle markets, so communication and information about on-highway vehicles (trucks), construction equipment, and off-road divisions are found on each market's web presence.

Research strategy

Information for all the specific technologies in the Volvo portfolio listed above can be found within the website, although it may be buried. For example, information about "My Truck" was located by using the search function on the website, and led to information posted on the "Trucks Lebanon" area of the website. Volvo has a rich selection of information that is publicly accessible; however, information about the four technologies listed above was easiest to find by using the search function on the site, rather than using the pull down menus to browse to the desired area.

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Bosch Mobility Solutions encompasses the company's in-vehicle software and computing hardware offerings. Bosch's marketing emphasizes the advantages of its smart technology for vehicles such as efficiency, economy and safety. These and other findings are outlined below.

Smart Technology - Bosch Mobility Solutions

  • Bosch Mobility Solutions offers in-vehicle software and computing hardware including smart technology for vehicles.
  • BMS' offerings are segmented into categories of function: Personalized Mobility, Automated Mobility, Connected Mobility, and Powertrain And Electrified Mobility.
  • Personalized Mobility includes mobility as a service, convenience charging, community-based parking and perfectly keyless systems.
  • Automated Mobility includes driver/rider assistance systems and safety as well as automated valet parking.
  • Connected Mobility includes connected vehicles, connectivity solutions and services, over-the-air updates and human-machine interface.
  • Powertrain and Electrified Mobility include electromobility software and hardware for vehicles.


Cloud Connectivity

Vehicle-to-Everything Connectivity (V2X)

  • Bosch markets its V2X solutions as an integrated solution instead of micro segments offerings.
  • Its focus is on the technology's advantages, primarily safety and efficiency.
  • While the technology has different applications for specific light versus commercial vehicle scenarios, the emphasis on safety and efficiency remains the same.
  • V2X for commercial vehicles offers the added possibility of coordinated platooning.
  • Aside from this, V2X for light and commercial vehicles enjoy common benefits such as lane changing and connectivity.
  • Bosch utilizes its website and social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Xing to communicate its V2X technology solutions.
  • It also offers over 300 mobility solutions including V2X in its YouTube channel.

Connected and Electronic Horizon

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The Daimler Group is a globally recognized premium car and commercial vehicle producer. The company also provides financing, leasing, fleet management and mobility services, and insurance. According to the Daimler website, the specific technology and software options installed in their vehicles is targeted towards the transportation industry. Links are provided for each section mentioned. While some technology is created within the company, the company also provides different third party technologies, companies, and services that has been curated by Daimler.

Daimler Products, Target Markets, and Channels

  • Smart Fleet Management is targeted to dispatchers, drivers, and other parts of a company's logistics department. The trucks are connected with the Fleetboard system to allow all parties to access data that will allow for the most efficient fleet deployment possible. There are various options depending on the type of truck or engine.
  • Fleetboard System is a part of the Smart Fleet Management. It has its own informational website targeted towards Mercedes-Benz truck fleets.
  • Detroit Connect is a portal where data directly related to real time activity among the freight liners in the fleet. It includes a Virtual Technician, Remote Updates, Analytics, and a wireless in-cab connection.
  • Virtual Technician is a service part of the Detroit Connect system. It used in the Freightliner and Western Star trucks with Detroit engines. It provides immediate information after a fault in the engine occurs allowing for informed maintenance decisions.
  • Truckconnect is for FUSO and monitors the vehicle technology to determine the overall health of the fleet, for example, checking the fluid levels of a vehicle to troubleshoot any mechanical problems that may affect the timeline of a fleet deployment.
  • The Highway Pilot Connect System allows a platoon of trucks to travel closer together to allow for improved driving and emissions efficiencies. This system also allows for a safer driving environment with better brake response time than driving without the system in place.

Communication of Daimler Technology and Software

  • Daimler communicates these technologies and their relevance to the transportation industry with press releases and kits. The technology communication is broken down by industry or type of vehicle market.
  • Reference to this technology is also found in the online publication "Automotive Logistics", which defines itself as "the leading resource for automotive logistics and supply chain professionals globally."
  • Senior Connectivity Specialist at Mercedez-Benz Trucks (a Daimler Group business unit) notes here within this article that their suite of technology and connectivity used in their trucks is called "Telediagnosis".

Daimler Branding, Marketing, and Communication of Technical products

  • A Global Media Site provided by Daimler allows interested parties to search and sort through the information, depending on the industry. Media or potential clients can look through press releases, photos, and other articles and resources for a more indepth look at the technology created and used at Daimler.
  • The Daimler Group website appears to have the most complete set of information about the services and products it provides. The site is used as an informational as well as marketing tool.

Communication between vehicle markets: On highway vs Mining vs Agriculture

  • It appears that the company website provides a large amount of information related to their products and innovations across various vehicle markets. For example, an article related to Daimler acquiring a majority stake in Torc Robotics is posted in the Financial News section of the site. Torc Robotics creates self-driving solutions to different types of trucks including 300-ton mining trucks down to SUVs.
  • Examples related to the technology innovations in Agriculture can also be found on the company's website.

Research Strategy

Information for all the specific technologies in the Daimler portfolio listed above can be found within the Daimler website. The company has a robust database of articles, press releases, and other information that is available to the public. Marketing and branding is broadly positioned, directly incorporated into the main company website and the websites linked to the specific technologies.

From Part 01
  • "At any given time, you can see the exact location and status of your drivers, trucks and assets – as well as get quality data for planning ahead and analysing your operations. Better still, Dynafleet shows you what areas to focus on."
  • "No matter where you are – or if it’s in the middle of the night – we are always ready to help you. Need assistance to stay on schedule? No worries! Our International Uptime Centre is just a call away."
  • "TELEMATICS GATEWAY – YOUR ON-BOARD TECHNICIAN: This clever technology lets the workshop see information about the engine, mileage and fuel consumption. Technicians can also see diagnostic trouble codes and monitor the status of crucial components (brake pads, clutch, battery etc). Monitoring this way reduces unplanned stops. It also means the workshop is fully prepared when you arrive, so you’re back on the road in the shortest possible time."
  • "Our portfolio of products and services is designed to complement your machine's performance and boost your profitability. "
  • "With the My Truck app, you get remote access to your Volvo truck. This allows you to check the dashboard, set the desired in-cab climate, check door lock status and act on alarms – no matter where you are."
From Part 02
  • "Personalized mobility Mobility as a service Convenience charging Community-based parking Perfectly keyless"
  • "Automated mobility Sense, Think, Act En route to accident-free motorcycling Driver assistance systems and safety Driver assistance systems for passenger cars"
  • "Connected mobility Smart agriculture Connected vehicle Connectivity solutions for vehicles"
  • "Powertrain and electrified mobility Electromobility Electromobility for passenger cars Electromobility for light electric vehicles Electromobility for commercial vehicles"
From Part 03
  • "The Fleetboard system for Mercedes-Benz, Detroit Connect for Freightliner, and Truckonnect for FUSO connect fleet operators’ entire logistics systems and provide drivers and dispatchers with an overview of all the essential data at a glance. Increasingly sophisticated solutions ensure that each truck is employed as efficiently as possible."