Online order fulfillment: Customer Perceptions

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Online Customer Perceptions: Puma

The unboxing experience of customers that receive an online order from Puma includes some being happy to receive quality products that are well packaged in sustainable bags. However, most customers from the reviews found had a bad experience and were disappointed when they received their orders many days and weeks later than expected, or received faulty products. Some customers also have a bad impression of the company as they receive products that do not meet their expectations because of being the wrong product in terms of size or color.

Receiving the Order

  • One customer, who gave Puma a one-star rating out of five on Trustpilot, had a bad experience as her online order arrived three weeks later at a post office 10 minutes away instead of the address they provided.
  • One customer's unboxing experience was bad as they bought Fenty boots online from Puma, but when they received their order, the shoes were faulty as the sole was unattached from the gum. The customer returned the shoes, but by the time of writing a review on Reseller Ratings, they were yet to receive a refund nearly four weeks later. This customer gave a one-star rating out of five for her experience.
  • One customer on Mouth Shut, who bought Puma shoes, had an awesome unboxing experience as he discovered that the shoes he received and unpacked were of high quality, lightweight, very comfortable to wear, and had a great design.

Customer Expectations

  • In Puma's review on Trustpilot, one customer's price expectation did not match that of the product received, as the pair of shoes was advertised at $70 but when arrived, the final cost charged was over $120 after duties. Also, the quality expectation of the shoes did not match the product received, as the shoes were defective and half a size larger. The customer gave Puma a rating of one star out of five and stated that they would have given a zero rating if it was possible.
  • Another customer's expectation of the brand did not match the product received as they ordered Puma shoes online but received a Gucci scarf. This customer rated their experience with a one star out of five on Trustpilot.
  • One customer paid £60 for a pair of Pastel Puma X Barbie trainers, but was horrified when she opened her delivered order and noticed a totally different pair that was a size too big.
  • A customer on Site Jabber had a good unboxing experience stating they received good products, which met their expectation of the brand. However, they said that they rated the company four stars out of five instead of a perfect score because of the high price of products they bought online compared to the prices of same in outlets.
  • Another customer on Mouth Shut bought Court Point Vulc IDP Puma sneakers, but when he received his order, the product was of poor quality and the color of the sneakers was not what he expected as was shown in online product images. This customer gave a one-star out of five rating for his experience.


  • On Site Jabber, a customer's unboxing experience was a good one as they liked the fact that the label on the box used to package their order did not reveal any information as to where the package came from. The customer also liked the fact that the items they bought were packaged separately, but in small sustainable bags, and the delivery arrived two days earlier than expected.

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Online Customer Perceptions: Under Armour

According to consumer reviews from different customer review sites and online forums, Under Armour's online shopping experience is awful. The issues leading to the brand's low online ratings include delayed shipping, poor customer service, cancellation of orders, and false advertising.

Under Armour Online Reviews and Online Customer Perceptions

  • Under Armour has both positive and negative reviews on the famous review websites like Trustpilot, Influenster, Reseller Ratings, and Sitejabber.
  • Influenster gives the company a pretty good rating, though the rating isn't specific to purchases made online.
  • The reviews on Influenster focus mainly on the quality of the brand's products, and most of the purchases were made in-store.
  • There is quite an overwhelmingly negative response towards the brand's online orders from several customer review sites, yet the consumers still admit that the products are great.

Under Amour Trustpilot Reviews

  • On Trustpilot, Under Armour is rated 1.1 out of 5 based on 658 consumer reviews.
  • Out of all the 658 reviews, 632 are bad reviews (1-star), 6 are poor reviews (2-stars), 6 are great reviews (4-stars), and 12 are excellent reviews (5-stars).
  • According to most of the reviews on Trustpilot, Under Armour has shoddy customer service. Their customer care service doesn't help much when customers are stuck on an order, there's no cancellation option on an order, and their customer care representatives don't care about the type of reviews the brand gets.

Under Armour Reseller Ratings Reviews

  • Another reputable customer review site, Reseller Ratings, gives Under Armour a rating of 1.0 out of 10 based on 70 reviews.
  • According to reviews on the site, the brand's online shopping experience is so bad that all the 70 reviews are 1-stars with other consumers wishing they could give less than that.
  • According to a customer who ordered a hoodie online from Under Armour in December 2017, the package arrived wrapped in plastic bags that had water pouring out of the bags, and the hoodie was soaked.
  • Customers also complain of long delays in dispatching, shipping, and the items finally getting delivered to them.
  • The long delays are worsened by the brand's lack of communication and poor customer service, so customers are not able to track their orders properly.
  • According to other consumers, Under Armour is fond of canceling orders by claiming that the items are out of stock, yet they allowed the customers to make those orders.
  • As per one customer, Under Armour's online shopping is falsely advertised. She received a coupon on her email but never got to use it as she was taken in circles by the customer care representatives she spoke to.

Sitejabber Reviews

  • According to other customer reviews on Sitejabber, the brand has poor customer service, and their Under Armour box subscription service is a scam since it doesn't care about consumer preferences and may force them to purchase items they don't actually need.
  • According to a customer who purchased the Under Armour Healthbox, the wrist monitor band disintegrated, rendering the healthbox useless. His attempts to reach customer care for support did not yield the desired results.
  • The brand has a rating of 1.6 out of 5 based on 85 ratings due to its poor online service.

Under Armour Reviews on Influenster

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Online Customer Perceptions: Reebok

Reviews of the online ordering experience at Reebok's website are generally negative with a few outlying positive reviews scattered among the bad customer reports. The most common complaints relate to the company's disappointing and ineffective customer service and their tendency to randomly cancel orders without explanation or proper refund. Very few reviewers mentioned the product packaging, which is likely because their customer service complaints were so dominant.

Customer Ratings

  • Based on TrustPilot customer reviews, Reebok has a negative reputation (1.5 out of 5 stars) with 74% of reviewers rating them as "bad."
  • Likewise, reviewers at SiteJabber report largely negative experiences with Reebok, offering an average of 2.5 out of 5 stars; however, customers were a bit more likely to offer 5-star ratings at SiteJabber.
  • The "Pissed Consumers" website gives Reebok a 1.9 out of 5 stars with many comments echoing those at other review sites, namely bad customer service and random order cancellations.

Receiving the order

  • Numerous reviewers complained of terrible customer service when needing an issue resolved, saying things like, "Customer service is horrendous, none of them have a clue what they’re doing. They don’t know [sic] even know how to process a simple refund!"
  • Some customers never received the items they ordered and had a bad experience with rude customer service agents. "We have shopped at the Reebok store near us for years (20+ years), but the store closed so we purchased for the first time online and the shoes never shipped."
  • Several customers said Reebok canceled their orders, despite the items being advertised as "in stock," and many of these customers were delayed in receiving refunds, if they got the refund at all. Some of these customers were accused of initiating the cancellation when they did not do so.
  • Customer reviews at SiteJabber also note the terrible customers service and the company canceling their order and claiming the customer initiated the cancellation. "Ordered a shoe that was.on sale. After two weeks taking my money cancels my order. The nerve of them saying I made the cancellation."
  • Several Better Business Bureau complaints also relate to Reebok canceling orders without notice.
  • Consumers reviewing Reebok at "Pissed Consumer" also berated the company's customer service and reported orders being canceled without explanation.


  • Reviewers at TrustPilot complained of shoddy quality, saying things like, "received shoes via snail mail. after wearing them a couple times the sole started to separate. customer service requested pictures which I sent and now they do nothing to rectify the problem."
  • Other customers said they received the wrong item and, upon returning them, never received their refund, according to several TrustPilot reviews.
  • Customers receiving the wrong item appears to be a frequent complaint, as reviewers at SiteJabber cited the same problem. One reviewer stated, "In March, I ordered a pair of Reebok Nano 7 CrossFit shoes Size 13. They send me a tracking number and after numerous delays, I finally receive my package. When I open the package, I find WOMENS ADIDAS TENNIS SHOES SIZE 8!!"
  • One customer notes that they ordered custom printing on a pair of shoes that came in the wrong language, stating, "I ordered 2 pair of shoes from Reebok my custom for my son's birthday. Both pairs were supposed to have custom printing on the back, but instead of getting what I ordered in english, the text was printed in greek."
  • Complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau include issues related to defective shoes and materials, difficult customer service, and failed deliveries.
  • Reviews on Influenster are quite positive, but they are focused primarily on product quality and not the shopping experience. However, the few low ratings found on this review site mention the bad online shopping experience, especially the customer service.
  • Consumers rating Reebok at "Pissed Consumer" noted quality issues, such as, "Purchased a pair of Reebok ZigTech running shoes. The bottom rear sole of the shoe cracked in half making the shoe too uncomfortable to wear. Note..these were only used for running only and not a daily worn shoe."


  • Very few reviews mention anything about the product packaging of the Reebok items they received; however, one person offering a review at Trust Mamma, said, "However, the packaging is in terrible condition and in no way presentable as a gift. Not happy! Avoid at all costs!!"
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Online Customer Perceptions: Adidas

When it comes to the unboxing experience, Adidas is a mixed bag, generally polarizing consumers at the lower and upper ends of the spectrum of customer experience. Adidas, through the first virtual unboxing, has shown the period from the sale to delivery is just as important as the actual opening of the boxing. It contributes to positive first impressions and overall perceptions of the consumer experience.

Summary of Online Review Sites

  • Adidas has a score of 2.5 out of 5 on Trust Pilot. A rating of 2.5 is considered poor overall. 402 consumer reviews determined the rating. 55% of consumers rated Adidas poor. 23% of consumers rated Adidas as excellent. The remaining 21% of consumers represented the middle categories of poor, average, and great.
  • Site Jabber gave Adidas a score of 3 out of 5 based on 105 reviews. Consumers were polarized at opposite ends of the spectrum, with 47 consumers giving a 5-star rating and 45 consumers giving a 1-star rating.
  • Reseller Ratings ranked Adidas 5.71 out of 10 based on 27 reviews. The negative reviews related predominantly to items brought online.
  • The Consumer Affairs site gave Adidas a score of 3.5 out of 5 based on 458 reviews. It should be noted that this rating included both online and in-store experiences.

Receiving the Order — Consumer Experience and Comment

  • Issues around slow shipping and delivery, delays and cancellation of orders without notification, and associated refund issues were some primary reasons for a bad unboxing experience for consumers on Trust Pilot.
  • One consumer described her experience, "Ordered 10 days ago and still not shipped. When ordering site indicated, 1-2 day processing and 7-10 days delivered. Now 10 days and not shipped or even packaged for shipping. Customer Service told me, "you are wrong"... claims that policy indicates ~3 weeks to delivery. Who would agree to this? Son is growing fast. Shoes probably won't fit...."
  • First experiences carried significant weight among this consumer group and ultimately influenced their general perception of Adidas. Even if the error was rectified, the delays and poor customer service were to big a hurdle to overcome, and consumers ultimately felt let down by the experience.
  • Anxiety around the timely arrival of Christmas presents worsened the unboxing experience even further, with one consumer saying, "I placed an order end of November and since the status is order confirmed waiting to be packed. I tried to reach them on the phone: IMPOSSIBLE. I sent 2 emails, no answers !!!! I don't know what to do !!!!!"
  • Site Jabber did have several reviews that praised the quality, speed, and ease of order, which were given by reviewers as factors that contributed to a positive consumer experience.

Expectations — Consumer Experience and Comment

  • Of the 402 reviews left on Trust Pilot, the failure of Adidas to meet consumer expectations was so bad that 7 people left the comment "If I could give them zero stars I would." These comments related to Adidas' failure to provide excellent customer service, missing items, and canceled orders.
  • A consumer review on the Consumer Affairs website said, "Adidas is without a doubt the WORST shoe company there is... After waiting more than a month for some shoes for a few people for Christmas, they cancel every order single order!!! And all you get is an email that says, "Your order was canceled..." Basically, F.U., we don't care about your business, we have plenty of customers."
  • The majority of the reviews that scored Adidas highly on Trust Pilot were based on the product meeting expectations in terms of comfort, fit, pricing, and quality. Two users rated Adidas highly despite receiving faulty goods because they provided excellent customer service when rectifying the problem promptly.
  • One consumer said, "Adidas literally sent me four pairs of shoes.... so I could get one right and proper fit in a line of shoes that apparently there were significant aberrations in the sizing. They literally paid Freight seven directions to get me one pair of shoes..... And never complained about taking care of me one time!!!! " He clearly had a positive unboxing experience.
  • Another consumer said, "They have the best shoes. I'm in love with this brand. Adidas originals are my favorite. Hoodies are made with quality material, colors are awesome. I have only words of praise."

Packaging — Consumer Experience and Comment

  • Adidas packaging is generic and unbranded. It was considered to lessen the consumer's unboxing experience. The product inside looks like it has been taken from the shelf with no innovations to improve the consumer's unboxing experience.
  • In March 2018, Adidas unleashed virtual unboxing to the consumers.
  • Consumers could virtually unbox then try their sneakers on through an augmented reality program, Deerupt, downloaded to their computers. The sneaker and the city landscape of the program are designed to make the purchaser feel empowered.
  • The virtual unboxing was a consumer phenomenon. Consumers embraced the concept, with consumers from over 123 countries taking part. The site had over 110 million views and over 50,000 virtual unboxings. It truly enhanced the consumer's unboxing experience.
  • No mention of sustainable packaging was made in any of the reviews.

The Adidas Unboxing Experience

  • ran a series of articles from late 2017 throughout 2018 that reviewed the unboxing experience of a range of different companies. Adidas was one of the companies that they evaluated.
  • One of the most important takeaway points from there review is that the experience goes beyond the actual receipt of the good and its associated features. A consumer's interaction with the company during the purchase also contributes to the unboxing experience.
  • The use of sporting terms in post-purchase correspondence was viewed as contributing to the creation of a positive unboxing experience. The order confirmation was titled "Are you Ready" and the shipping confirmation "Get Warmed Up." Other similar sporting phrases were used throughout the correspondence.
  • For, their first impressions were positive based on the post-purchase correspondence. However, an underwhelming unboxing created a more neutral general perception of their online Adidas purchase. This reflected the sentiments of many consumers, based on review comments.

Virtual Unboxing — The Next Generation of Unboxing

  • The sneaker packaging received an upgrade since reviewed the packaging to the degree that some are heralding the upgrade the future of sneaker shopping.
  • Between November 2017 and March 2018, the customer experience offered by Adidas saw them move from the back to the front of the pack. AR virtual unboxing is considered the next generation in customer experience.
  • However, although the sneaker is out in front, the other products sold at the online store remain toward the back of the field with little innovation or improvement seen. Comments on popular review sites provide confirmation. A significant number of consumer issues experienced, and less than favorable comments were made after the "revolutionary" unboxing of the sneaker.
  • The AR sneaker recognizes the importance that the periods pre and post-purchase in the general perceptions formed about the unboxing experience. The company has focused on maximizing the first impression that customers have of the Adidas.
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Online Customer Perceptions: Nike

Nike has invested in a range of innovative packaging over recent years to improve the consumer's unboxing experience. Customer service and delivery issues are the key areas that result in consumers forming poor first impressions. These impressions are hard to shake once established. If there are no issues in these areas, and the product meets expectations, positive perceptions are formed.

Summary of Online Review Sites

  • The Trust Pilot website received poor reviews for Nike, which contributed to a rating of two out of five, based on 1506 reviews. 59% of the reviews found their Nike experience "bad," while 24% viewed it as "excellent."
  • On the Consumer Affairs review site, Nike rated better, achieving 3.8 out of five based on 759 reviews. The reviews related to online and in-store purchases, although an analysis of the website suggests the majority are related to online purchases.
  • There are only 129 reviews of Nike on Site Jabber. These relate to their online site. Nike's rating is 2.5 out of five. 72 people gave Nike a bad review or one-star, while 29 considered them excellent and rated them five stars.
  • Reseller Ratings had 66 reviews for Nike and rated them one out of five.

Receiving the Order — Consumer Experience and Comment

  • Failure to receive an order, delays in shipping, and cancellations all contributed to a poor unboxing experience for many consumers. These, along with poor customer service and communication were constant themes among consumers who were less than impressed with their Nike experience.
  • One consumer said, "They don't even deserve a star after the abysmal service given to me. I ordered some clothing which took long to come anyway, but when I now received it the box was empty to make matters worse, they refused to give me a refund. Disgusting behavior from such a big company." She wasn't alone in claiming one star was too high a rating.
  • Another consumer complained when items ordered never arrived. She said, "Ordered shoes on the 1/12/18 and still have not received them... they are still investigating the location of the shoes.. they offered me 20% off my next purchase.. what a joke I didn't receive the first item order again for a 20% discount...what scammers."
  • One noticeable trend in the reviews was the escalation of ill-feeling toward Nike when products did not arrive promptly, or there were shipping issues. Many consumers were quick to label Nike scammers and say they will never again shop Nike, showing the impact a negative consumer experience can have, not only on the current purchase but on future purchases.
  • An example was left on Trust Pilot's review sites a few days ago. The reviewer said, "Really poor form from Nike. Their Black Friday sale must have been a scam. Ordered trainers using a 30% discount, and seven days later have been informed that my order was canceled due to "no stock." Why do you allow purchases in good faith if you cannot fulfill the order? I will not buy from Nike again as this is clearly underhanded behavior."
  • These are representative reviews but reflect the sentiments of many consumers across several review sites. On the consumer affairs review site, not a single positive review has been left for Nike in the last three months. This is a strong illustration that problems before the product is even received, will impact on the unboxing experience. It also suggests the age-old adage "first impressions count" continues to have meaning, especially among dissatisfied Nike consumers.
  • There was little discussion in the reviews from customers who clearly had a positive unboxing experience regarding the delivery, quick shipping, or customer service. When comments were left, they were brief and to the point, "One of the only companies that don't mess about I order regularly and from ordering to receiving the goods is absolutely excellent and fast. Also, customer service is, without doubt, one of the best I've encountered. Best regards, your loyal Nike plus member Bobby."

Expectations — Consumer Experience and Comment

  • Quality, condition, and comfort were overwhelming contributors to a positive unboxing experience. The consumers that left positive reviews for Nike commented on these aspects of the consumer experience consistently.
  • On consumer's review, read "Quality brand every time, Just got my Airmax." Another consumer said, "I love my new running sneakers, can't wait to run my first half with them."
  • The comments from consumers who had a positive unboxing experience consistently reflected the same sentiments, "I love Nike trainers and activewear. I'm never disappointed. Lovely designs and comfortable clothes and shoes, as well as excellent service. Always happy."
  • Some consumers were just happy with the whole process. "Nike has amazing products. like it."
  • It seems that a positive unboxing experience where expectations are met has flow-on benefits for Nike, with one loyal consumer jumping to Nike's defense against the tide of poor reviews. "Only writing this because Nike has such a bad and undeserved rating on Trust Pilot. Their delivery is one of the quickest I have had. The app is useful and simple to use, and their products are top quality. People are giving 1-star reviews because their product came one day later than specified, which shouldn't be the case, so I just want to clarify that."
  • The poor customer experience for some Nike customers had a flow-on effect to other areas of their lives. One review said, "They ruined my Christmas as well what a company!!!!" Another said, " ruined Christmas, thanks for nothing Nike! I found the jacket my kid brother wanted and showed it was in stock and can ship promptly. I paid additional for faster shipment and 2 days later (Dec. 19) when it should have arrived per their site, I instead receive an email saying it will be delayed until POSSIBLY 1/2/2015"
  • Some consumer comments reflected unreasonable expectations. "I bought a pair of expensive Nike hiking boots a number of years ago. They were lightly used and well taken care of. When I put them on today, both soles just peeled off and disintegrated. Customer service just said they couldn't help me as the glue is only good for two years. Seriously? Nike materials are so inferior their life span only 2 years? Wow, what a disappointment. Last time I buy Nike products." It seems long after the box is opened, some consumers continue to have unlimited expectations.
  • There was less comment from the customers with a poor unboxing experience regarding the failure to meet expectations. When there was a comment, it was generally related to the poor quality of the product. One consumer said, "Just purchased Nike Trainer 9 made in Vietnam. Left shoe was over 1/4 inch wider than right shoe. It was literally visible when you looked at both side by side. At a cost of $75.00, I think Nike could at least afford some quality control."

Packaging — Consumer Experience and Comment

  • Comment regarding the sustainability of the packaging was not noted in the reviews analyzed.
  • One consumer discussed fair and ethical work practices could impact on her decision to buy Nike in the future when she said, "Cannot fault Nike UK on this, great service via online and got some great bargains with Trainers, 3 pairs for about £200, Nike 95's and 2 pairs of Tailwind 4. However, having now read other reviews concerning the treatment of labor and quality, I am a little skeptical about the product...."
  • Another consumer also considered social issues relevant to the consumer experience saying, "I had to give 1 star because 0 stars wasn't an option. It's such a pity that Nike has caved into Chinese demands and has abandoned pro-democracy in Hong Kong. I use to only buy Nike, but from now on, I'll buy any brand except Nike. Very pathetic Nike, you should be ashamed."
  • In September 2019, Nike attempted to improve the unboxing experience for children by introducing a shoe subscription service for children of busy parents. Shoes are sent at regular intervals, and the packaging personalized to the child. The scheme has only just started, and consumers have not made any not yet provided feedback.
  • Nike has tried various options for innovative packaging to improve the unboxing experience for the consumer. The AR virtual unboxing with Footlocker was not widely discussed in online forums. The surprise Nike Air Jordan sneaker packaging at the start of 2017 was viewed favorable and added to the consumer unboxing experience.
  • One consumer said, "The team at Nike and Jordan delivered a crazy sneaker package that I had to share. This sneaker unboxing is one of the dopest packages I have ever received." Clearly, one happy consumer.

The Nike Unboxing Experience

  • The Nike unboxing experience extends beyond the actual unboxing. For those consumers that have a positive experience the shipping and delivery are less likely to be commented on or diminish the experience. Even if the consumer has had an issue if Nike resolves it in an appropriate and timely manner it does not seem to have any impact on the total unboxing experience.
  • Where there have been issues in the ordering, shipping, and delivery it seems that poor first impressions are more likely to taint the overall unboxing experience. Where there has been the need to cancel orders or difficulties with prompt shipping even sweetners like discounts on future purchases seem to have little impact on changing the perception the consumer has developed about Nike.
  • The unboxing experience can also be affected by external factors that cause disruptions that the consumers attribute unfairly to Nike. "Tried using my credit card one there website through Google chrome and it gave me an error code. I have $10k on my card. I called Nike customer service about 100 times. Took no responsibility for problem."
  • The review and analysis of a number of consumer impressions and perceptions in the form of reviews suggests that when the process is simple with no complications and the product is up to expectations the consumers general perception of Nike will be favorable.
  • When there are issues in the process there is a tendency for poor first impressions to be formed that are difficult to reverse. The more disruption there is the less likely it is that the unboxing experience will be positive, regardless of whether expectations about the product are met.
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Online Customer Perceptions: Fila

The online reviewers of Fila footwear were generally pleased by the quality, price, and comfortability of the shoes. They were, however, indifferent about the packaging of the shoes and paid little to no attention to this aspect. The online scarcity of the commodities was an issue raised by both product reviewers.

Seth Fowler: Fila Disruptor 2 Unboxing Experience

a) Receiving the Order

  • Seth Fowler, a verified YouTube sneaker enthusiast with about half a million subscribers, had to wait for 2 weeks before he could find a pair online.
  • The shoes were not easily available as they were sold-out not only on Fila's official website but on other online retail shops as well.
  • Upon delivery, the sneakers were of good quality.

b) Expectations

  • The shoes were $65 and at this price, he found the quality of the shoes particularly impressive.
  • He loved the design and overall quality of the leather of the shoes which looked like a more expensive designer shoe.
  • He was impressed by its size and design which fits into the current trend of bulky dad shoes.
  • Fowler feels that it's exactly the type he thinks an excellent sneaker should be and it's worth the money.

Curtis Don Deano: Fila Disruptor 2 Unboxing Experience

a) Packaging

  • Curtis Don Deano, a shoe enthusiast, liked the simple box in which the shoes came in.
  • He loved the silver color and design which he found retro.
  • He was indifferent about the Fila branded wrapping paper.

b) Expectations

Research Strategy:

For this request, we began our research by leveraging industry databases, online marketplaces, forums, and video sharing websites. At first, we searched for precompiled published data that directly describes the unboxing experience of a customer that receives an online order from Fila. However, this information that solely focuses on Fila apparel or footwear is not directly available.

Our second option was to leverage online marketplace customer feedback pages with a specific focus on Fila attire or footwear and try to triangulate the necessary data since customer feedback sites provide excellent information. However, this was futile as many of the reviews available on these customer feedback sites such as Mouthshut and Amazon customer reviews only provided reviews relating to how their products were but not specifically providing their general perceptions and first impressions immediately after unboxing their commodities. But since this customer feedback can be useful, we have thus provided links for both Mouthshut and Amazon for further study.

Our third strategy focused solely on video sharing websites, particularly on YouTube. We searched for unboxing videos on YouTube and selected the two listed above by criteria of the number of viewership the video has, the number of subscribers the content creator has, and the number of likes the video had received. This was done in order to filter out the many videos available under similar titles but provided slightly mediocre content. However, the content creators of the above videos did not focus on some aspects like the sustainability of the packaging of the commodities and the speed of receiving the orders. We assumed that the lack of data on the speed of delivery was due to the difference in online retailers as well as the geographical location of the companies and customers.
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Sustainability Trends: Apparel and Footwear Companies

The emerging trends related to sustainability among apparel and footwear companies include the shift to sustainable materials, learning to design for longevity, the adoption of circular economy principles, the will to change, sustainable manufacturing practices, and reducing waste through resale and rentals.

Trend #1: The Shift to Sustainable Materials

  • There is an increase in the number of companies in the shoemaking industry that have embraced eco-friendly and low-carbon raw material to attract more customers who are much concerned with products using green raw materials. Most of the final products, when discarded, turn into fertilizer since they are biodegradable.
  • Many companies have shifted to using raw materials that have longer lifecycles, recyclable, and require lesser resources for production.
  • Among other companies, Patagonia and the Banana Republic, in recognition of the sustainability, are already using Lyocell that is made from wood pulp and has a low environmental impact.

Trend #2: Learning to Design for Longevity

  • Brands and designers in the fashion industry are increasingly supporting “Buy less. Choose well. Make it last.” a campaign that majorly focuses on designing clothes that last longer. This is to reduce the water and carbon waste impact on the company by 3% during production in support of sustainability in the fashion industry.
  • This trend is believed to support the "principle of emotionally durable design," which is about creating things that do not get out fashion in a short time. This makes people love a product and keep using it for long.
  • More companies like Nike, Vans, and Adidas are producing long-lasting footwear and apparel in support of sustainability in the fashion industry.

Trend #3: The Will to Change

  • Most apparel and footwear companies are increasingly changing to more sustainable fashion industry to be competitive due to the fast-growing disruption in businesses.
  • There is a trend towards trade restrictions on used clothing. For example, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Uganda are looking forward to stopping importing second-hand clothes from first-world countries to reduce pollution and protect their domestic industries.
  • H&M targets by 2030 to be 100% using only sustainably-sourced materials and recycled materials.

Trend #4: Sustainable Manufacturing Practices

  • The adoption of sustainable manufacturing practices by fashion brands is tremendously increasing. This practice involves reducing the resources used during the production of garments by reducing power and water usage to maximize profits.
  • The practices also involve implementing systems to dye or print garments without water whatsoever. This encourages "Zero waste" in the apparel industry and therefore reducing the waste fabrics that are always discarded during the normal processes.

Trend #5: Reducing Waste Through Resale, Rentals, Recycling and Upcycling

  • This trend involves companies recycling and upcycling used clothes and shoes. Many brands are now minimizing wasting materials by finding new ways of using excess materials to reduce environmental pollution.
  • Many consumers are learning about the environmental impact of the fashion industry since health, and an enjoyable environment is key to their personal lives. Most of them are reducing wastage through reselling and renting out their used apparel and footwear.
  • According to a survey by Euromonitor International’s Lifestyle, 60% of consumers are much concerned by climate change, while 64% are acting daily on reducing pollution by encouraging others to embrace reselling and renting out their used apparel and footwear.

Research Strategy

In an attempt to identify merging trends related to sustainability among apparel and footwear companies, we searched for news articles, press releases, and media publications on related topics. After going through numerous news articles published in leading media outlets, we were able to identify five trends related to sustainability among apparel and footwear companies but could not specifically identify sustainability trends related to digital order fulfillment/online customers.
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Case Studies: Sustainability

TAMGA Designs and Rothy's are two apparel and footwear companies that have successfully integrated sustainability into their online order fulfillment processes.

TAMGA Designs

  • TAMGA Designs was established with the intention of creating a "sustainable movement" within the fashion industry, and this ethos has extended to the manner in which the company packages its products for online distribution and order fulfillment.
  • Specifically, TAMGA Designs ships each of its online garment orders in cassava-based mailing packages that are 100% biodegradable and require no air exposure to compost.
  • Although some upfront costs were incurred by the small business to develop this technology, founder Eric Dales asserts that the decision has had a "net-positive impact" on profitability, given that customers value the company's commitment to sustainability and demonstrate their satisfaction with repeat orders.
  • Among the other indicators of TAMGA Designs' success with its sustainable packaging and larger eco-friendly ethos is the wide array of support the company has received from environmentally-conscious media outlets including Good on You, DoneGood and The Eco Hub.
  • Moreover, customers and apparel industry experts have expressed their strong satisfaction with the company's commitment to sustainable packaging and other eco-friendly initiatives with perfect online reviews as well as significant contributions to fundraising efforts through vehicles such as Kickstarter.


  • Shoe manufacturer Rothy's similarly has embraced and environmentally-conscious mindset throughout it's supply chain and has made sustainable packaging a cornerstone of its online order fulfillment process.
  • In particular, Rothy's has gone the extra mile of shipping its shoe products in containers that are not only reusable, but are made from 85% post-consumer recycled materials that are both vegan as well as biodegradable.
  • Moreover, unlike its peers, Rothy's doesn't ship a shoe "box within a box," but rather uses the same external packaging as the both the delivery vehicle for online orders as well as the branded packaging for the product.
  • Meanwhile, Rothy's sustainable packaging and other sustainability initiative have brought the startup tremendous success.
  • For example, customers regularly express their satisfaction with the company's packaging and sustainability efforts on social media.
  • In particular, Rothy's Instagram account has grown to nearly 280 thousand followers who independently create thousands of posts highlighting the company's packaging and other eco-friendly efforts through #rothysinthewild and #liveseamlessly.
  • Ultimately, the company's sustainable packaging and larger environmentally-conscious efforts have helped the small startup to earn $140 million in revenue and reach a valuation of $700 million in just six years.

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From Part 01
  • "I would give them zero stars if I could. I bought a pair of Block Trim sneakers online, and instead of shipping to the address I entered, they dropped off the shoes THREE WEEKS LATER at a post office that's a 10mins drive away."
  • "... when I got them the sole was unattached from the gum. I returned them quick and I still haven’t got my money back it’s been 3 1/2 weeks. "
  • "I had to deduct one star because of the pricing issues at the puma site. Sometimes the outlet had the item for far less while it was sold higher on the internet site."
  • "Last week I bought puma sneekers the product not at all good quality.colour of the sneekers is not as they shown in images and the product is not at all fair looking. Waste of money and time. Please dont buy the product puma court point vulc IDP sneekers."
From Part 03
  • "Sent off my return parcel and got an email back from reebok 2 days later (on the 10th of July) saying that my return had been picked up. However, it is now the 5th of August and I still have not received my money back."
  • "Never ever order online sales from Reebok Australia. I returned a pair of trainers, was only partially refunded. Numerous calls, emails go unanswered. I am out of pocket still. Terrible service."
  • "Ordered some items as part of a 3 for 2 promotion. Some of the items I needed to return so I contacted customer service to see how that works due to the promotion. The answer I got was "we do not know" and then the agent stopped responding. As a result i returned the whole order."
  • "I ordered 2 pair of shoes from Reebok my custom for my son's birthday. Both pairs were supposed to have custom printing on the back, but instead of getting what I ordered in english, the text was printed in greek."
  • "However, the packaging is in terrible condition and in no way presentable as a gift. Not happy! Avoid at all costs!!"
  • "Such bad customers service. Never ever will I buy from Reebok again. They have no shame."
  • "I have been waiting for over a month for my full refund from the items in the attachment. They were all mailed in once package and I spoke to customer service who was supposed to resolve the issue. I emailed back four times since then."
  • "Purchased a pair of Reebok ZigTech running shoes. The bottom rear sole of the shoe cracked in half making the shoe too uncomfortable to wear."
From Part 06
  • "Hello guys, I have bought a fila shoes from myntra two years back. Yes you heard it right " two years back" and they are still in decent condition"
  • "This is the only athletic shoe that doesn't make my feet hurt."
  • "The item arrived damaged with dents, creases and marks. The shoes did arrive on time."