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Usability Testing

After reviewing credible sources, we have identified a total of four various usability testing tools that offer guided and unguided usability testing session and live remote user interviews. They are, Validately, Userbrain, and Userlytics. Our findings on this topic are available on the attached spreadsheet. Below we have presented a detailed overview of our research strategy and a summary of our findings.


To locate usability testing tools that offer guided and unguided usability testing sessions and live remote user interviews, we initially explored sources that compare products such as G2 Crowd and Product Hunt among others. Though we were able to find tools like, Userlytics, and Userbrain, some of the products we discovered cannot be included since they either did not meet the research criteria or do not serve customers in the United States. Moreover, Userlytics and Userbrain do not contain a feature for live interviews. Therefore, we had to administer a different research strategy.

Next, we searched for user testing tools and came across Validately, which meets the criteria. However, our search also brought up tools from smaller companies, services we already discovered, or those that do not conform to the guidelines. We wanted to find additional companies that meet all the listed criteria, but our search did not yield the results we were seeking. We reviewed sources such as Useful Usability, Research Gate, Medgadget, and Testing Tools among several others. Finally, we searched through Quora, Reddit, and other blogs and forums to see if there were mentions of relevant companies or tools. A few of the tools that were discussed were small and may become defunct in the near future. Others did not meet any of the criteria.

Due to the limited availability of information, we chose to present the companies/tools that we discovered earlier since they all fit at least part of the criteria. Validately and provide live conversation features, while Userlytics and Userbrain offer guided and unguided testing capabilities.


1) USERTEST.IO allows companies to understand the ways users utilize their website. It offers live video recording of the screen of the reviewer, along with live chat features. The pricing for ranges from $13 (per own tester) to $23 (per qualified website tester).

Validately allows users to supervise research through Chrome extensions and live video. With the tool, users can also moderate and unmoderate recruiting by presenting screener questions and demographic criteria. Validately has three pricing plans including:

  • Experience: $249 per month
  • Collaborate: $833 per month
  • Enterprise: Clients have to contact the company to obtain a quote.

Userbrain allows customers to manage examinations through the selection of assignments to test a prototype or website. It then delivers videos with testers offering feedback while utilizing the site. There are two pricing options which are:

  • Pay As You Go: $20 per user per test
  • Subscribe & Save: $14 per user per test

Userlytics enables users to select specific behaviors and demographics. Feedback is then presented based on the chosen factors. There are three pricing tiers including:

  • DIY: $49 per participant
  • Custom Project: $99 per participant (minimum of five)
  • Enterprise: $69 per participant (minimum of 50)
  • SaaS subscription: Clients have to obtain a quote.