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U.S. Market Size - Standing Desk

The market size value of standing desks installed in businesses in the US is approximately $47.89 billion. The market size based on the number of users was approximately 75,417,995.69 in 2017.


We began the search by looking into various industry reports, intending to find the global market size of standing desks in businesses within the US. We looked into various credible sites such as Research and Markets, Markets and Markets, PRNewswire, Reuters, Credence Research, and more. We also looked into articles from CNBC, Forbes, US News, and Star Tribune. We were able to find two valuable findings from this search and the percentage of businesses implementing standing desks from 2013 to 2017. However, this search did not give us any useful information about the US market size of the industry.

We started our first triangulation attempt by determining the percentage of the industry that the businesses take, based on application or corporation. We would then look into the market share that the US industry owns in the overall market of standing desks, and then calculate the global market size information from the data we have available. Although we were able to find that corporations primarily dominate the market, and that the US market for standing desks is growing fast, we were still not able to find any quantitative data we could use for our triangulation attempt.

However, we did find the percentage of US companies that have started implementing standing desks as part of their employees' wellness benefits in the US: 44% based on the percentage of the market size of the number of users from this market size in dollars in the US. We then looked into the total number of businesses in the US to obtain the number of onsite business employees in the US. We were able to receive this information from the NAICS corporation. We made use of the number of onsite employees and excluded the number of home employees because standing desks will only be installed in their homes and not in the business. However, since the number of employees is not equal in all businesses, we decided to make a spreadsheet and compiled all the necessary calculations and make it easier to understand. The spreadsheet can be found here.

We first calculated the number of employees per category (found in column A), and then we got the average of each group (based on the minimum and maximum value) in a new column (column D). Since we know that only 44% of companies have implemented standing desks in their offices as part of their employees’ wellness benefits, we multiplied the number of businesses in column B by 44% (0.44), so that we could obtain the number of companies who have implemented standing desks per category (found in column C). We then used this number of businesses (column C) to multiply with the average number of employees (column D), to obtain the total number of employees who have standing desks installed in their offices, while making the assumption that since it is a wellness benefit for employees, all employees should have access to them. Lastly, we then summed all the employees (found in cell E12) from a particular business, which represents 44% of all companies, to obtain the market size through the number of users or installations in the US in 2017. We found that the approximate number of users of standing desks in the US is 75,417,995.

In determining the market size of the industry in terms of value, we decided to make another triangulation. We first searched for the average price of each standing desk in the US. We were able to find the information in StandDesk. Each standing desk price is listed below:
  • The average price of a standing desk converter is $100 to $450.
  • The cost of a sit-to-stand desk is $180.
  • The average price of an electric standing desk is $480 to $2,000.
  • The cost of a standing desk with memory is $600.

We then calculated the average price of all the desks:

We then used the average value of standing desks ($635) and multiplied it with the number of users in the US, to obtain the market size of the industry by value in the US:
($635 x 75,417,995.69) = $47,890,427,263.15 or $47.89 billion.

We then concluded that the market size in the US is $47.89 billion, and the number of users is 75,417,995. It is essential to take note that these are approximated values, and are not the exact value for the market size in the US.

Additionally, we were able to find a Credence Research report titled "U.S. Standing Desk Market Analysis, By Application, 2015– 2025," which we think has the exact market value for the industry. However, the report is locked behind a paywall.

Relevant Findings

The market of standing desks is currently dominated by corporations who are conscious of the health and performance of their employees. The US survey made by the Society for Human Resource Management found that standing desks are the advantages of individual corporations that are known to grow at a fast rate. Additionally, Star Tribune stated that standing desks are becoming the most relevant benefit for companies located in the US. Moreover, standing desks have various classifications such as corporate or business, education, residential, healthcare, and manufacturing. Currently, the market has ten different major players, and these are SquareGrove, AFC Industries, Ergotron or Nortek, Evodesk, Workrite Ergonomics, UpDesk, Humanscale, Steelcase, NextDesk and IKEA.

It is estimated that the average price of a standing desk converter is $100 to $450, while the price of a sit-to-stand desk is at $180. An electric standing desk costs between $480 and $2,000, and a standing desk with “memory” is priced at $600. When it comes to businesses implementing standing desks, it was estimated that 13% started implementing standing desks in 2013, 20% in 2014, 25% in 2015, 33% in 2016, and it was implemented the highest in 2017, with 44% of businesses applying the product. Additionally, Varidesk, a standing desk manufacturer grew from one to 200 employees in a period of five years, due to increasing market demand. They have also started to ship to 30 different countries and to more than one million users all around the world.

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