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About 330,435 U.S. households own a robotic lawnmower. The average price of a robotic lawnmower is around $2,396.84. The top five companies in the robotic lawnmower market are Bosch, Friendly Robotics, Global Garden Products, Husqvarna, and Zucchetti Centro Sistemi.


Triangulation was required to establish an approximate number of U.S. households that currently own a robotic lawnmower. The assumptions and calculations made are as follows:

Global market size calculation

The global robotic lawnmower market is not exact. For example, Nanalyze's report "Robotic Lawnmowers Reaping Billions of Dollars" gives two different market sizes. The first is from Beige Market Intelligence, which does not give a current market size, but says it will increase at a CAGR of 4% between 2016 and 2021 to reach $2 billion. Using these figures, we can calculate the approximate market size for 2018 by subtracting 4% from each year's total market size based on the $2 billion 2021 number:

2021 — $2,000,000,000 x .04 = $80,000,000, $2,000,000,000 — $80,000,000 = $1,920,000,000

2020 — $1,920,000,000 x .04 = $76,800,000, $1,920,000,000 — $76,800,000 = $1,843,200,000

2019 — $1,843,200,000 x .04 = $73,728,000, $1,843,200,000 — $73,728,000 = $1,769,472,000

2018 global market size for robotic lawnmowers is estimated by Beige Market Intelligence to be $1,769,472,000 or rounded to $1.8 billion.

However, iRobot, which is looking to enter the robotic lawnmower market, sets the global market size at $4.6 billion. Therefore, I decided the actual number likely lies between the two numbers. I added $1.8 billion and $4.6 billion to get $6.4 billion, then divided $6.4 billion by 2 to get an average of $3.2 billion.

U.S. Market size calculation

To determine the U.S. robotic lawnmower market, I found that the United States represents two-thirds of the global lawnmower market. However, research indicates that robotic lawn mowers are significantly more popular in Europe than they are in the United States, with a market share of 54%. A Berkshire Hathaway Report stated that the total market share for EMEA is 67%.

However, the reports also indicate that the United States is the second largest market for robotic lawnmowers, but unfortunately, the actual U.S. market share is not available without accessing reports behind paywalls. As such, I could only accurately calculate the approximate market size for EMEA. By multiplying $3.2 billion by 0.67, we can estimate the EMEA market for robotic lawn mowers to be $2.1 billion.

According to Technavio, EMEA has about 31% of the total lawn mower market. So, it appears, then, that EMEA has about 36% more of the global robotic lawn mower market than it does the total lawn mower market (67% — 31%). In addition, the APAC region has an 11% share of the total lawn mower market. Therefore, if APAC's share stays the same for the robotic mower market, we can say that EMEA and APACA's market share is 78% (67% + 11%). As such, the remaining 22% (100% — 78%) belongs to the Americas. Since the reports also indicate that the United States has the second largest market share for robotic lawn mowers, for purposes of estimation, I am assuming that the majority of the 22% belongs to the U.S. Therefore, I can take the total estimated global market size of $3.6 billion and multiply it by 22% to get a rough market size of $792 million for the U.S.

Average cost of robotic lawnmower calculation

There was no information on how many U.S. households own robotic lawnmowers, but by determining the average cost of a robotic lawnmower and dividing the U.S. market size by that cost, we can find an estimated number of robotic lawnmowers that have been sold in the United States. I used the Suggested Retail Pricing (SRP) for the following 32 robotic lawnmower brands and models available for sale in the United States to determine the average.

Ambrogio L50 Basic — €1,290.00 ($1,574.19)
Ambrogio L50 Deluxe — €1,390.00 ($1,696.22)
Ambrogio L50 Evolution — €1,550.00 ($1,891.46)
Ambrogio L200 Basic — €1,990.00 ($2,428.40)
Ambrogio L200R Deluxe — €2,590.00 ($3,160.58)
Ambrogio L200R Evolution — €3,090.00 ($3,770.73)
Ambrogio L200R Elite — €3,390.00 ($4,136.82)
Ambrogio L300R Elite — €3,890.00 ($4,746.97)

Please note that Zucchetti Centro Sistemi also sells a commercial robotic lawnmower for €9,950.00 ($12,141.98), but this was not included in the average because in general, households do not purchase commercial-grade lawnmowers.

Robomow RX12 — $699.00
Robomow RC306 — $1,299.00
Robomow RS612 — $1,899.00
Robomow RS622 — $2,199.00
Robomow RS630 — $2,499.00


Automower 315 — $1,999.96
Automower 220AC — $2,399.95
Automower 430X — $2,699.95
Automower 450X — $3,499.95


iMow MI 422 — £999.00 ($1,371.58)
iMow MI 632 — £1,799.00 ($2,469.94)
iMow MI 632 P — £1,999.00 ($2,744.53)
iMow MI 632 PC — £2,299.00 ($3,156.41)

Autoclip 225S — £1,799.00 ($2,469.94)
Autoclip 230S — £2,299.00 ($3,156.41)
Autoclip 530SG — £3,499.00 ($4,803.95)


Miimo HRM 310 — $2,499.00
Miimo HRM 520 — $2,799.00


Landroid M — $999.99

Tango E5 Series II — £2,130.00 ($2,924.38)


1200R — £599.99 ($823.76)


Indigo 400 — £750.00 ($1,029.71)


ROB R600 — £779.00 ($1,069.53)


Smart Sileno£1,296.99 ($1,780.70)

All non-USD currencies were converted to USD using Oanda's currency converter for consistency.

To get the average price of a robotic lawnmower, I added the USD prices for the above 32 models. This totaled $76,699.01. I divided that number by 32 to get an average price of $2,396.84.

Number of u.S. households that own a robotic lawnmower calculation

From here, I took the estimated U.S. market size for robotic law mowers of $792,000,000 and divided it by the average cost of a robotic lawnmower ($2,396.84) to get 330,435 units sold in the U.S. Assuming households typically own just one lawn mower, this would mean that about 330,435 households own one robotic lawn mower.

Miscellaneous market information

Due to the extensive triangulation required for this request, I was unable to fully answer all questions on the initial request. We would be more than happy to dive deeper into any particular brand on subsequent requests. However, I was able to find the global Internet search market share for the top seven brands, which could provide insight into actual market share. In addition, I unearthed some other relevant information on the market as well.

According to the Automatic Robotic Lawn Mower Buyers Guide, the top robotic lawn mower brands for which people search online are:

Other — 20.9%
John Deere — 10.4%
Bosch — 8.7%
Honda — 7.0%
Viking — 3.5%

Husqvarna is consistently noted as the top robotic lawn mower brand worldwide, which would coincide with the search results. However, according to other market research reports, it is likely Bosch and Honda have larger shares of the market than what the search percentages indicate. In addition, Zucchetti Centro Sistemi is considered a top brand in numerous market research reports and is not even represented in the top seven brands in terms of consumer searches. So, while the brands for which consumers are searching the most is helpful information, it does not necessarily equate to actual market share, which appears to only be available in paid reports.

In April 2017, Husqvarna announced it has sold 1,000,000 "environmentally friendly robotic mowers" since introducing its first robotic lawnmower in 1995.

In November 2017, Zucchetti Centro Sistemi announced it would begin selling its Ambrogio robotic lawnmowers in the United States. At the time, it said it had sold "over 220,000 Ambrogio robots" in Europe.

In 2016, medium-sized lawns represented 71.69% of the market, which means that of the robotic lawn mowers sold, nearly 72% were designed for medium-sized lawns.


A rough estimate of the number of U.S. households that currently own a robotic lawn mower is 330,435. This represents about 22% of the global $3.6 billion market.