US Healthcare Consumer Segmentation

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US Healthcare Consumer Segmentation

Although more current research on the segmentation of US healthcare consumers is somewhat limited, the research team identified 8 reasonably recent studies from credible sources that segment healthcare customers in this country.

#1) McKinsey & Company

  • In April 2019, McKinsey & Company published the results of its 2018 Consumer Health Insights (CHI) Survey of 5,000 US residents.
  • Notably, McKinsey & Company is a top-tier global strategy consultancy, with over 90 years of experience in management consulting and an established healthcare practice.
  • Meanwhile, the company's most recent CHI Survey identified 6 consumer segments within the US healthcare market, which are highlighted within the below graphic and detailed for free at this link.

#2) McKinsey & Company

  • Two years prior, in May 2017, McKinsey & Company released a separate segmentation of US healthcare consumers based on the results of its previous 2016 CHI Survey, this time of 3,300 US adults.
  • Building on consumer insights of CHI Surveys since 2007, McKinsey & Company provided a slightly different perspective on the US healthcare consumer based on spending and selection processes.
  • Additionally, the comparison of this slightly older grouping of US healthcare customers with more recent data provides insights into how American consumer profiles have shifted over time.
  • Once again, the details of the identified 6 consumer segments are available for free at the following link, as well as highlighted within the below picture.

#3) PatientBond

  • One of the most recent segmentations of US healthcare consumers was published in June 2019 by PatientBond, based on findings from its survey of 4,039 US adults.
  • According to PatientBond, its new psychographic segmentation model was developed by the firm's "healthcare consumer experts," who formerly led consumer insight analysis for the healthcare division of Procter & Gamble.
  • Moreover, PatientBond asserts that this consumer segmentation model is 91.1% accurate in identifying a US healthcare "consumer’s psychographic profile."
  • Meanwhile, a summary of PatientBond's 5 consumer segments for the US healthcare market is highlighted within the following graphic, and is available in more detail for free at these two links.

#4) MetLife & Harvard Business School

  • In November 2018, the Harvard Business School published a case study of MetLife's most recent initiative to refresh its customer segmentation.
  • Notably, MetLife has over 152 years of experience as a provider of healthcare insurance and other consumer products, and serves over 90 of the top 100 Fortune 500 companies in the US.
  • Meanwhile, a summary of the 5 identified consumer segments is highlighted below, and detailed further for free at this link.

#5) Kantar Media

#6) c2b Solutions

  • In June 2015, c2b Solutions published the results of its survey of approximately 9,000 Americans specifically on the subjects of health and wellness.
  • The survey and analysis was informed by c2b founder Brent Walker's 20 years of experience at Procter & Gamble, as well as the company's specialization in market research, customer interaction and healthcare.
  • Notably, since the publication of this report, c2b Solutions was acquired by PatientBond, another significant contributor in the space of US consumer healthcare insights.
  • Additionally, the consumer segments identified through this analysis have been implemented by healthcare provider TriHealth.
  • Meanwhile, the 5 identified segments for US healthcare consumers are detailed below, and further information is available for free at these two links.

#7) Forrester

  • Slightly earlier, in July 2014, Forrester published the results of its North American Consumer Technographics Healthcare Survey, an analysis of more than 4,500 US online consumers about the topic of healthcare.
  • Forrester is a consulting firm that is focused on the "age of the consumer" within its market research and analysis, and has an established practice area in the healthcare and insurance industries.
  • A graphic depicting the 6 customer segments identified from Forrester's US healthcare consumer analysis is included below, and additional details are available for free at this link.

#8) Park Associates

  • In August 2014, market research firm Park Associates announced the results of an analysis of 2,500 US heads of households.
  • According to Park Associates, the firm is an "internationally recognized" market research and consulting organization that specializes in consumer products and services.
  • Meanwhile, a depiction of Park Associate's 4 segments for US healthcare consumers is provided below, while associated details are available for free at this link. Full report details are available for $6,500 and may be purchased through this link.