US-Based Digital Fabric Printers

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US-Based Digital Fabric Printers

Key Takeaways


The research provides information on US-based digital fabric printing vendors that print on 100% linen. We delved into rigorous research digging for information before recording the study. The research provides the vendor's name, a link to the vendor's website, a brief description of the vendor, and whether the product offered is 100% linen. However, the requested information was limited, notably whether the vendors work with private/custom labels and minimum linen orders.

1. Adaptive Textiles

  • Website link
  • Location: 317 Westtown Road, Suite 4 West Chester, PA 19382, USA
  • Adaptive Textiles is a reliable manufacturing partner and respects its clients' brands and the artistry of its print designs.
  • Adaptive Textiles has a wide range of stock grounds for inkjet printing. Most of their popular 100% linens are natural linen, oyster linen, oatmeal linen, and heavy optic white linen.
Adaptive Textiles serves various private clients, such as Stfrank, Luru Home, and Ferrick Mason, among others.

2. Spoonflower

3. Doral Fabrics, Inc.

4. ORA/Carr Textiles

  • Website link
  • Location: 542 H Street, Hamilton | Georgia 31811
  • ORA/Carr Textiles is a manufacturer and distributor of industrial textiles and garments like uniforms, aprons, apparel, towels, and table linens for the professional industry.
  • ORA/Carr textiles though not made of 100% plain linen, have linen goods made from 100% spun polyester, 100% cotton, 100% white lace, and a blend of poly/cotton.
  • From the company's website, it's clear that ORA/Carr Textiles works for private/custom labels.
  • The minimum order of required linen is not mentioned.


  • Website link
  • Location: Georgia, Louisiana, United States.
  • is an online fabric store that strives to have the best fabric material in the world. offers a wide range linen and cotton print fabrics and maintains an enormous in-stock supply.
  • has 100% linen products that are lightweight and soft with a lovely drape.
  • No confirmation of vendor working for private/custom labels.
  • offers a minimum cut length of one yard and sometimes provides a minimum order of more than one yard for some items. They usually define this information on the product page.

Research Strategy

The research team analyzed US-based digital fabric printing vendors that print on 100% linen. For every identified vendor, we provided the vendor's name, location, and a brief description of the vendor and whether the linen produced is 100% linen. However, the requested information was limited, and for the corroboration of the study, we included, an amazon online store that sells 100% linen products. For all identified vendors, information on whether they work for private or custom labels and the minimum order required was unavailable in the public domain. The research team leveraged reputable sources, such as Adaptive Textile, Spoonflower, Thomas, and, to provide credible and reliable information.

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