UK Impact and Family Investors

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List of impact investment funds and family offices based out of Greater London, UK

There are many investment funds and family offices in the greater London area who are working to "generate social and environmental impact alongside a financial return." Among these are Nesta, Truestone, Palladium, Impact Investments UK, Bridges Fund Management, Impact Investing Partners, ClearlySo, Investing for Good, Arts Impact Fund and Social Investment Business. I have added these ten investment funds and family offices to the contact list tab of your spreadsheet, along with basic contact information and notations around the areas in which they work.

As you have not specified that you are looking for the top or best in this field, I have selected the highlighted companies simply because they work in the sector and have offices located in the greater London area. I have provided as many companies as possible within the scope of a single research request. Additional requests would yield you more entries for your spreadsheet.

To complete section P-AZ of your spreadsheet, I entered an "*" in the categories identified by each company as areas in which they have interest and/or are areas in which they have previously or are currently investing. Please note that in many cases I have made assumptions based on the larger categories in which these firms work. For example, if the fund has invested in alternative energy projects, unless specific sectors are mentioned, I have put a "*" in the hydro, solar-wind, waste-to-energy and utilities columns.


As noted above, the requested findings for each company are included in the contact list tab of your spreadsheet. I have provided a brief overview of each here.

Nesta's impact investments are focused in three areas - sustainable communities, education for children and young people, and the "health and well-being of older people in the UK."

Truestone invests in businesses that are "intent on deeply impacting the issues that affect the day to day lives of poor and marginalized communities." Many of their investments are made in developing nations.

Palladium offers impact investment solutions to companies in over 90 countries. They focus on direct investment, market building and investment advisory services.

Impact Ventures UK focuses its impact investing on "social enterprises that have positive impact on disadvantaged and marginalized communities in the UK."

Bridges Fund Management funds companies and real estate projects focused on health and wellness, education and skills, sustainable living, and underserved markets.

Impact Investment Partners works in three areas - direct investing, innovative products and advisory services. Their goal is to support innovation and provide "access to high quality, affordable basic goods and services."

ClearlySo invests in a variety of areas including the environment / green technology, education and children, health and social care, youth and employment, communities / regeneration, emerging markets, advocacy and human rights, and housing.

Investing for Good primarily helps social impact-focused NGOs, charities, and social enterprises to raise funds by connecting them with impact investors including individuals and corporations.

The Arts Impact fund is "a £7 million initiative set up to demonstrate the potential for impact investment in arts. The fund provides repayable finance to arts organisations with ambitions to grow, achieve great artistic quality and have a further positive impact on society."

Social Investment Business' funds provide loans and grants to charities and community organizations looking to "create positive social change and regenerate their communities." Funds have gone to organizations addressing poverty, homelessness, healthcare needs, community gardens, sustainable agriculture and more.


To sum it up, I have provided the names of ten impact investment funds or family offices working out of greater London. I have added details on the sectors in which they operate to your spreadsheet. The majority of the funds presented invest in projects or companies working in health care, education, the environment, and financial services.