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UHS Patients - 1

Some patients that have talked about their negative experience at Universal Health Services (UHS) are Emily Terry, Chandalar Kirby, Sydney Spencer, Kaelyn Gay, Crystal Ward, and Celia Hafner.

UHS Patients with negative experience at uhs

1. Emily Terry

  • Emily Terry was 8 years old when she went into her first facility and 18 when she signed herself out of states custody.
  • She has been raped, beaten, slammed up against the wall so hard that her front tooth went through her upper lip. She has had a couple of bones broken, hair pulled, and dragged.
  • She said that these places do more harm than good. For some people, that is better than what they had on the outside and are okay living with all the things that go on behind locked doors. But for her, she would have rather stayed with two people who did not want and love her than to have been in the places that she grew up in.
  • The abuse that she endured inside these places is far much worse than what she thinks it would have been on the outside.
  • Social Media Account: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005055679405

2. Chandalar Kirby

  • Chandalar Kirby was in Hill Crest behavioral hospital in 2009 and 2010. She had been strapped down and given a shot. She was worse off after she left.
  • There was no hot water and she had to wear paper clothes because they would not wash her clothes when she needed them. It made her feel like she would never get out and the workers talk bad about the patient to the new ones that came in.
  • Social Media Account: http://facebook.com/ckirby93

3. Sydney Spencer

  • Sydney Spencer was at Hill Crest for a year and 7 months.
  • She was assaulted by a nurse in a room and there were two other staff there but claims that they did not see anything. She had spoken to her DHR worker at Shelby County and they did absolutely nothing.
  • Social Media Account: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100014926511095

4. Kaelyn Gay

  • Kaelyn Gay was at Hill Crest for 21 months the first time, and 6 months the second time.
  • This place is why she had to drop out of school and get a GED.
  • She was worse off now than before she was court ordered to be there. She was on 7 different medications, and she was like a zombie. She had to have staples in her head from where a staff member named Mr. Mack had “restrained” her and threw her on her bed which made her head crack against the corner and she had to go the ER.
  • Social Media Account: http://facebook.com/kaelynleighann

5. Crystal Ward

  • Crystal Ward spent 2 and a half years in Hill Crest.
  • She said that they do overmedicate. She was on 12 different pills and one of the pills they had her on was only supposed to be on for no longer than 6 months. She was on it for over 2 years, it screwed with her stomach and she has stomach problems to this day. Then in 2014, she had a mental breakdown where she overstressed and lost a lot of memory and had to go back to Hill Crest because her past and present were mixing with each other as well as fiction and reality.
  • She went without a bra for 2 weeks and without her glasses for two weeks. Staff kept her clothes from her so she only had two outfits for about 3 weeks.
  • They also read a letter she had written when she was 14 out loud to the whole adult floor. It was a sexual letter that had gotten taken up and put in her chart from 8 years ago when she was in the adolescent program. She was already having a psychological breakdown and it messed with her mind even worse. It sent her into a deeper state of shock.
  • She was also forced to either take her medication or they would hold her down to give a shot, even if she was not being aggressive. She kept telling them the medication was making things worse but they did not care.
  • Social Media Account: https://www.facebook.com/crystal.ward.790/

6. Celia hafner

  • Celia Hafner stayed at this horrible place in 2014. She saw and experienced so much abuse at the hands of people who were supposed to be taking care of her.
  • She was in the adult unit and she was given no help, no care, no therapy, or anything like that. She was doped up. She went in taking a single anti-depressant and left on 6 different medications. She was shuffled to and from meals and if she got lucky they just ignored her. If she caused trouble, they would take her into her room and handle the situation.
  • According to Hafner, the juvenile ward is even worse. There is another ward in the basement for "dangerous" patients, and she never saw anyone come back from it.
  • Her mother had to threaten to sue to get her out of this place because they did not want her to leave.
  • To this day, she is still afraid to seek help for her mental health issues because of this place.
  • Social Media Account: https://www.facebook.com/celia.hafner.1

Research Strategy:

To be able to identify patients who have talked about their negative experience at UHS, we searched for news pages that are conducting investigations about UHS. We found Buzzfeed News which have posted an investigation about the abusive cases on UHS. We went to their Facebook post which shows a patient being abused and then we checked the comments section. In this section, we found comments from previous patients opening up about their bad experiences on UHS.

After choosing relevant stories, we opened each patient's Facebook account and made further research on each of them to check if they have provided contact information such as email addresses and phone numbers but none of them provided it in public. To strengthen our findings, we made individual research on each person to provide more of their contact details, but we did not find any detail posted in public about their personal data. In the absence of this information, we have provided the social media/Facebook account of the patients.

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UHS Patients - 2

Six patients that have talked about their negative experience at UHS, that is, being locked up against their will or being assaulted include Karen Emerling Troiano, Jordan Parson, Katie Crowder Jones, Hayden Vice, Adryana Metcalf, and Nick Keppler. The available details of each victim have been provided below.

1. Karen Emerling Troiano

  • She was admitted to a 3-day observation against her will. She had to share space with people who were banging on walls to get their medicines, threatening to call their lawyer and sue, and others yelling for no reason at all.
  • She was heavily medicated and out of her mind. Her shoes and belongings were taken away. Her 3 little children were not allowed to see her for 3 days.
  • Social Media Profile: Link here

2. Jordan Parson

  • To get him off of the phone, a tech staff pressed his face into the glass wall of the nurse’s station, punched him in his gut, and then restrained him. After that, he was given a sedative and taken back to his room.
  • He says: Staff treats patients “like members of an opposing football team, if you don’t act right, you get restrained. Basically, that means they’re going to come in your room and get the crap beat out of you.
  • Social Media Profile: Link here

3. Katie Crowder Jones

  • Katie was sexually assaulted when she was 15 and her parents checked her into Hill Crest. At the facility, she was sexually harassed and thrown around like a rag doll.
  • She weighed 112 pounds when she was sat on by a man that was nearly 200 pounds and was given a sedative when she wanted to sit in her room and read. She spent 3 months in the facility and it was the worst time of her life.
  • Social Media Profile: Link here

4. Hayden Vice

  • When Hayden was a 15-year-old patient at Hill Crest, walking around in crutches, a technology department staff named Doughty grabbed him by the neck, pushed him against the wall and then down to the floor. When Vice lifted himself onto his hands and knees, Doughty grabbed him around the middle and, with the help of another worker, hauled Vice into a nearby room; Vice's face was bruised and bloody and he was left on the floor.
  • Social Media Profile: Link here

5. Adryana Metcalf

6. Nick Keppler

  • Nick Keppler called the crisis hotline when he was going through a difficult time in his early 20s and was detained in a psychiatric facility for over 72 hours. He was threatened with being moved to a permanent facility; a week later he was sent a bill of $500, just for seeing a doctor.
  • Social Media Profile: Link here
  • Email: nickkeppler@yahoo.com

Research Strategy:

We commenced our research by looking at a series of investigative news articles published by Buzzfeed News about the UHS. Some of the individuals who shared their stories had gone through negative experiences at Hill Crest. Jordan Parson, Hayden Vice, and Adryana Metcalf had shared detailed stories in the Buzzfeed News articles, while Karen Emerling Troiano and Katie Crowder Jones had shared their negative experiences in the comment sections of the articles. We also found Nick Keppler's story while looking for similar investigative stories to Hill Creek. He is the only individual on the list with a website, so it was possible to find his email address. Unfortunately, we were unable to provide the email address of the other individuals.

We tried finding their contact details on their Facebook profiles, but it not listed on their site. If it's there, it probably wasn't made public and hence not available. We also tried to see if any way to contact them had been mentioned in the articles, but it hadn't. Finally, we tried looking in public phone directories, but it wasn't possible to find phone details there either.
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UHS Patients - 3

Some patients that have talked about their negative experience at UHS (being locked up against their will/assaulted) are Samantha Trimble, Nick Lafogg, Oliver Jordan, Daniel Ogden, and Darth Lola.

UHS Patients

1. Samantha Trimble

  • Samantha Trimble went to Millwood Hospital, Arlington, Texas, seeking a free mental health assessment and counseling in 2012 but was rather locked up in the Psych Ward.
  • A counselor at Millwood had asked her if she was having suicidal thoughts. She made a joke about suicidal thoughts and the counselor had characterized the joke as a plan to commit suicide. She was locked up, told to strip down to her underwear and was given shots.
  • She said that "All you can do is stand there and let it happen."

2. Nick Lafogg

  • After a stint in a juvenile detention center in 2014, Nick Lafogg, a 22-year-old boy who was in state custody went to Hill Crest. He had a bad experience as he was restrained by either a physical hold or a shot of sedatives or beaten up at the slightest misbehavior or provocation.
  • Nick Lafogg said that "after a week or so, you start seeing the bad side, you start to see staff being abusive. He tried to bust through the window of his room to get out but the escape was not successful.

3. Oliver Jordan

  • Oliver Jordan is a transgender man of 21 years old and he talked about his negative experience at Hillcrest Medical Center in Tulsa.
  • Oliver Jordan said that the bill given to him by the UHS inflate and that it left him 'feeling hopeless'.

4. Daniel Ogden

  • Daniel Ogden was a severely autistic, deaf 13-year-old adopted son to Christine Ogden of Alexandria, Virginia.
  • He was abused while he was housed at NDA Behavioral Health System of Mt. Dora, Florida.
  • Through an interpreter, Daniel Ogden told NBC News about the hair pulling, the shower, and the injections. He said that he would scream a lot from the pain of the physical abuse. He also talked about how they would take him down and give him the shot.

5. Darth Lola

  • Darth Lola was admitted in the psych ward of Hillcrest Medical Center because she was suicidal. She was admitted in the facility for a weekend and was consequently over-billed.
  • She said, "I’m now 10k in debt," and that she literally didn’t even get to talk to a therapist about the issue while she was in the Medical Center.

Research Strategy:

We were unable to find three(3) of the patients' contact details and/or social media pages. We made further research and strengthened our research on each person to find more information about their contact details by leveraging on three different websites such as Rocketreach.co. Facebook, and Twitter. This search as conducted with an aim to see if they provided contact information such as email addresses, phone numbers or social media profile pages. However, none of Samantha Trimble, Nick Lafogg, and Daniel Ogden information could be found in the public domain.
For Samantha Trimble, our Rocketreach, Facebook, and Twitter search returned many Samantha Trimble profiles, which we went through, but none matched our target.
For Nick Lafogg, even though our Facebook search returned some profiles with the name Nick Lafogg, there were none that matched our target. Rocketreach and Twitter did not return any results matching the name nor profile matching our target.
For Daniel Ogden, Rocketreach returned absolutely no results, while Facebook and Twitter both returned several results but when we went through the results by viewing the corresponding profiles, they did not match the patient we were looking for.
Our search results are as follows:

search for Samantha Trimble:

search for Nick Lafogg:

search for Daniel Ogden:


From Part 02
  • "Jordan told BuzzFeed News that on his side of the call, a tech pressed his face into the glass wall of the nurse’s station, punched him in his gut, and then restrained him. After that, he was given a sedative shot and taken back to his room."
  • "Doughty walks toward him waving his right index finger in the air, then brings both of his hands down on Vice’s neck. The crutches fall at Vice’s side as Doughty spins him around against the wall and then pushes him down to the floor. Briefly, Vice lifts himself onto his hands and knees, but Doughty grabs him around the middle and, with the help of another worker, hauls Vice into a nearby room — and out of the camera’s view."
  • "While Metcalf is pinned facedown, the video shows, a nurse gives her a shot. Horton and another worker then lift Metcalf up by her arms. As they take her to her room, her legs drag behind her until a third man pushes her ankles together and folds her legs at the knee. "
  • "Sexually harassed, thrown around like a rag doll. I weighed 112 lbs when I was sat on by a man that was nearly 200 lbs and was given a sedative when I wanted to sit in my room and read, these people stay irritated and heated and just wait for a time to pounce."
  • "“I’m getting detained against my will,” I said. I hated him. He had just met me. We were destined to spend only 15 minutes together and he was so cavalier asking about one of the most humiliating experiences I had ever been through. “I think I’ll hunger-strike until I’m out,” I said."
  • "I wasn't suicidal at all and since I was already under the care of another psychiatrist and had willingly gone in to talk to them I figured I'd be fine. The lady I talked to lied and said I'd said I was suicidal and if I didn't sign myself in they'd commit me. Even my mom tried to tell them I'd never said that and promised she take me straight to my doctor but they just threatened to forcibly take me even though I was calmy sitting doing nothing wrong."
  • "If I wasn't completely out of my mind at the time I would have been frozen with terror. Your shoes and personal belongings are taken away. And on top of everything else, all my 3 little children knew was that they were not allowed to see their mom for 3 days."