Triscuit Wheatberry Clusters - Overall Sentiment and Consumer Reaction

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Triscuit Wheatberry Clusters - Overall Sentiment and Consumer Reaction

Based on the findings, we can conclude that the overall sentiment on the product is good. While most of the consumers claim the Wheatberry Clusters to be delicious, easy to eat, chewy, tasty, and made of natural food with excellent flavors. However, there are few consumers who state that the product crumbles easily and it is expensive and awkwardly shaped.


1. Media Sources

  • Convenience Store News states that it is the first time in more than 100 years that Triscuit released a product that isn't a cracker.
  • Business Insider states that the target market for this new product is millennials and Gen Z.
  • The author of an article from Simple Most declares that this new product from Triscuit tastes "nothing like I've had before". The author has also revealed that he likes all three flavors but loves 'Pumpkin Seeds' more.

2. E-Commerce


  • The product Wheatberry Clusters has received 93 reviews with a rating of 3.5/5.
  • Positive Reviews: Delicious, delectable, easy to eat in a sitting, chewie, tasty, made of safe and natural food, great for snacking, sweet flavor, with an excellent flavor combination.
  • Negative Reviews: They crumble and break easily, they aren't as healthy as they are claimed to be, they're awkwardly shaped, they're too expensive, they should be less sugary.

3. Social Media


  • On a Facebook post promoting Wheatberry Clusters, a good number of consumers said the product is really good and that they love Triscuit.
  • The post has received 40 likes.
  • A consumer uploaded a picture of the biscuits. She says they were so crumbled that they looked like granola and it was impossible to serve them on a plate.
  • A few others complain the product is too expensive.



  • Triscuit's official YouTube channel doesn't have a video about its new product.
  • However, two review videos were uploaded on third-party channels about the product in 2019.
  • The channel Poipourri evaluated Wheatberry Clusters' Pumpkin Seeds and Sweet Corn.
  • The video has 77 views and the evaluation wasn't positive. But, the video uploader states he wants to taste a different variety or flavor.
  • The channel Tami Dunn with 60,000 subscribers tested three flavors of the product.
  • 12 of the comments on the video were positive.
  • The two evaluators said the product is a lot saltier than expected, has a very crunchy texture, and is really chewy.
  • They didn't like 'Sweet Corn' but 'Cherries' and 'Almonds' were their favorites.