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Trevisana Kitchens and Interiors - SWOT Analysis

Trevisana Kitchens and Interiors is a Canadian company founded in 2013 that combines modern Italian design and time-tested manufacturing techniques developed through more than 50 years of family experience. An analysis of Trevisana Kitchens' Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis can be found below.


Trevisana Kitchens and Interiors is a family business of the Ongaro family. The family's 50-year-deep roots in Italy's interior design space help preserve the company's unique character in the Canadian market. Trevisana has carved out a niche for itself by combining made-in-Italy craftsmanship with local service for Canadians.

General Manager Domenico Siniscalco is described as a "wizard" in the field of custom kitchens and cabinetry. Domenico Siniscalco co-founded the company with Gian Luigi Ongaro in 2013. Siniscalco has 20 years of experience in the business and has been involved with over 5000 custom kitchen projects and 2000 other projects.

The company operates a 20,000 square meter ultra-modern design and manufacturing center in Italy. Trevisana's kitchens have drawn attention and are featured in luxury apartments in Toronto at Hill & Dale, 101 St. Clair Luxury Rentals, and a Sixteen Degree Studio-designed Leaside home, among others.

Trevisana was awarded The IC Savings Italy-Canada Business Excellence Award. Hosted by the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Ontario, the Business Excellence Awards are "prestigious awards presented to the most outstanding and innovative leaders from the business, academic, and scientific communities."

In the Homes Section of the National Post Newspaper, an article featured a 6,700-square-foot Toronto home on the market. Trevisana did most of the interiors. The article hailed the Trevisana's kitchen as the “piece de resistance,” highlighting features like the non-toxic, eco-friendly finish on the custom cabinets and the Italian-made crown molding. Elsewhere, the Post called Trevisana's work "antico moderno.


Trevisana’s presence in Toronto is comparatively new and its buzz may be passing. Originated as a small kitchen workshop focused on authentic Italian craftsmanship, Trevisana Kitchens & Interiors have yet to reach many milestones in the Canadian market segment. Streamlined European design is not widely used in Canadian homes. Clients can be hesitant to commit to the company's unusual combination of new Italian designs and traditional craftsmanship.


Co-founder Gian Luigi Ongaro sees an opportunity to reshape the company's original vision for kitchens with the aesthetics and sensibility of Italian design to include the interior of entire Canadian homes and apartments. Trevisana has plenty of room to grow to occupy more space and take on more projects across Canada.


One of the top interior design firms in Canada is Cecconi Simone. This renowned firm has a similar enough design aesthetic and story to act as a nearly direct competitor to Trevisana. II by IV Design, Kelly Deck’s designs, Raff Studio, Mason Studio, Leanne Bunnell are also major studios working in a similar market space to Trevisana.


Trevisana Kitchens and Interiors has generated a lot of buzzes in its short time in the Canadian interior design market. It has room to grow and can leverage its Italian roots to differentiate itself, but it is entering a crowded field and its modern European designs may need help to gain traction on the general Canadian interior design sensibility.

  • "Treviso is a small town in the heart of Italy, world-renowned for their design and craftsmanship of furniture and home interiors. 50 years ago, just outside Treviso, the Ongaro family opened a small workshop to pursue their vision of what kitchen design should be."
  • "Our story starts in our name. TREVISANA. An experience of passionate service and artistic character, delivered through aesthetically pleasing, intelligent and versatile design, brought to life with the highest quality, environmentally-responsible materials and precise manufacturing."
  • "Unafraid of hard work, perseverance and innovation, the family built a reputation for quality, sustainability and service in everything they did. The small workshop is a now 20,000 square metre ultra-modern design and manufacturing centre."
  • "Yet the core values remain. We are still a family business. We continue to be dedicated to our craft. The company retains its distinctive Italian heart and heritage. But now there’s a Canadian connection."
  • "Trevisana saw an opportunity. An opportunity to reshape their original vision for kitchens with the aesthetics and sensibility of Italian design and fabrication, exclusively for Canadian homes."
  • "Today we are a leading Canadian provider of fine quality kitchens and interiors, built on the family roots in Italian craftsmanship. We work with architects, interior designers and project developers."
  • "Domenico Siniscalco - General Manager, It’s no exaggeration to say that Domenico is a wizard of custom kitchens and cabinetry. Just the numbers tell the tale: Over 20 years in the business. 5000 custom kitchen projects completed, Over 2000 projects on the go"
  • "It all gives Domenico comprehensive knowledge and experience in every aspect of the business, including space planning, design, manufacturing, installation, project management, marketing and customer service."
  • "Domenico co-founded Trevisana with Gian Luigi Ongaro in 2013. Gian Luigi co-founded Trevisana with Domenico Siniscalco. The partnership quickly found success and Trevisana was soon the ‘go to’ partner for many of the leading architects, interior designers and project developers in the business. "
  • "After just three years, the company earned the Business Excellence Award for the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Ontario."
  • "Over the last five years, Trevisana kitchens have been popping up in new builds – from condos to townhouses – across Toronto. Here’s how the family-run Italian brand pulled it off."
  • " New builds continue to sprout up in the core, the ‘burbs and everywhere in between. And many of those glassy condos come bearing stunning kitchens by a brand new to many Torontonians: Trevisana."
  • "Thus far, their kitchens can largely be found in luxury units – they’ve been featured at Hill & Dale (1027 Yonge St.), 101 St. Clair Luxury Rentals and a Sixteen Degree Studio-designed Leaside home, among many others. "
  • "But despite Trevisana’s newfound presence and buzz in Toronto, they’re hardly new. In fact, Italian design conoisseurs know them as a 50-year-old cabinet-making business, led by the Ongaro family from Treviso, Italy. "
  • "Conceived as a small kitchen workshop focused on authentic Italian craftsmanship, Trevisana Kitchens & Interiors has developed into a brand with international reach."
  • "Its approach, says managing director Gian Luigi Ongaro, has shifted over the years. “Our objective is to create a unique space that is reflective of client personality and lifestyle,” he says. “A space that our clients can genuinely feel comfortable in. A space that incorporates beauty, style and functionality.”"
  • "Trevisana Awarded The IC Savings Italy-Canada Business Excellence Award"
  • "Hosted by the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Ontario, the Business Excellence Awards are the prestegious awards presented to the most outstanding and innovative leaders from the business, academic, and scientific community. "
  • "The awards showcase and celebrate individuals who have impacted the economical landscape of Ontario. Trevisana Kitchens + Interiors was very honoured to be recognized! Thank you to the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Ontario and to everyone who helped us celebrate this acheivement."
  • "Black Factory Doors and Windows - Ok, so this isn’t solely a kitchen thing it’s an overall house trend that happens to really rock against snowy-white countertops and cabinetry, as seen in this beautifully seamless Trevisana Kitchen. We are digging the factory-style black windows that frame the trees."
  • "Lots of Marble - Baby, if you’ve got it flaunt it. A luxury material like marble is a timeless choice — use it on both a backsplash and an island as seen in this breathtaking space showcasing Toronto’s Trevisana Kitchens. The whitewashed-wood beams add a farmhouse feel to lighten all that opulence."
  • "The three-year-old firm, whose name is a nod to Toronto’s wonky grid set 16 degrees west of true north, crafted the contemporary home with herringbone-detailed brick so it wouldn’t look out of place in the established neighborhood."
  • "A walk-in closet is outfitted, like two of the three bathrooms, with solar tubes to quell the windowless darkness – yet another smart flourish in this exceedingly well-planned home, where every detail has been considered, proving that you really can have it all if you’re creative enough."
  • "Family-operated, our cabinet company provides kitchens, bathroom vanities, wardrobes and closet organizers. Our highly-engineered cabinets are made in Italy at our parent company’s headquarters. "
  • "Three main kitchen design lines offer a range of styles and price points, with rigorously designed details utilizing the latest in kitchen innovation. We offer a highly personalized design process, access to the latest materials and technologies, short shipment times and installation."
  • "Two-tone kitchens and kitchen islands that function as a main-floor focal point are trending. Using a combination of modern lines in contrast with wood finished table extensions or breakfast bars is popular. Smart use of space is always trending. "
  • "Keep an open mind during the design process. Streamlined European design isn’t widely used in Canadian homes, so clients can be hesitant, but once they adapt, they’re thrilled with what we can achieve."
  • "A few weeks ago we were pleased to be mentioned in an article in the Homes Section of the National Post Newspaper. . The piece featured a 6, 700-square-foot Toronto home on the market for which we did most of the interiors including a show stopping, custom kitchen."
  • "The article hailed the Trevisana kitchen as the “piece de resistance”, highlighting its unique features like the non-toxic, eco-friendly finish on the custom cabinets and the Italian-made crown moulding. "
  • "This kitchen combined two distinct styles; more traditional Canadian and modern European. The result is a truly distinct and refined atmosphere dubbed by the Post as “antico moderno.”"
  • "Tulay white cabinets and a striking Calacatta marble island combine beautifully in this elegant space."
  • "Trevisana offers lines developed for builders with hundreds of finishes and over 5 different level of accessories upgrades."
  • "We have the logistical capabilities and the human resources required to follow any sized project from the tender stage through to the final installation (design, production, logistics, coordination with the trades on site, delivery, installation and also service through PDI, 30 days Tarion and all necessary warranties)."
  • "We design cabinetries for the whole house. From custom wardrobes and walk in systems, to mudrooms, laundry-rooms and vanities."
  • "It will depend on a few things, such as model and scope of project. Typically once we have started the design process it can take from 10 to 16 weeks. "
  • "Trevisana provides comprehensive warranty for a 2-year period from the date of the final installation."
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  • "Trevisana Kitchens & Interiors - Made in Italy, For life in Toronto! Elegant | Unique | Intelligent"
  • "Cecconi Simone is listed as one of the top interior designers in Canada. "
  • "Today, II by IV Design is internationally renowned as one of the best interior designers in Canada and the recipient of numerous awards as well as countless magazines and publications features."
  • "Luxury homeowners are particularly drawn to Kelly Deck’s designs. Described as “tranquil and luxurious,” the firm caters to the high-end homeowner who wants efficient, clean and well-appointed spaces "
  • "Toronto-based Raff Studio is a full-service architecture firm, founded by Montreal-transplant Paul Raff. An artist at heart, Mr Raff believes in sustainability and “eco-friendly” design. "
  • " Mason Studio is known in the Canadian interior design community for their brilliant and quirky experimental projects, such as the immersive environments created for the 2012 Junction Design Crawl and the 2012 Interior Design Show "
  • "A Calgary-based interior designer since 2003, Leanne Bunnell has frequently featured in Avenue magazine, you’ll also find the firm’s work highlighted in Design Bureau, Canadian Home Trends, the Calgary Herald, among others."