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The Instagram worthiness of a picture, social snapping, freelance gigs, real-time sharing on social media, and the need for social recognition are examples of insights into millennials and Gen Z'ers habits toward sharing their travel experiences on social media. Research shows that approximately 97% of millennials share their travel experiences on social media, with two-thirds posting once a day. Moreover, research into the millennial mindset shows that image is everything; thus, about "27% of millennials have spent in a hotel just to impress someone."

I. Habits of Millennials and Gen Z Regarding Sharing Their Travel Experiences on Social Media.

Instagram Worthiness

  • When preparing for travel, millennials and Gen Z often consider the Instagram worthiness of their destination before hitting the road. Moreover, they value how appealing the photos of the destination would be to their friends.
  • According to a global survey, 46% of U.S. millennials and Gen Z indicate that 'Instagram worthiness' and the appeal of the destination to their friends on social media as top considerations when preparing for a vacation.
  • Equally, 45% of millennials and Gen Z in the UK, along with 44% of them in Australia, 75% in China, and 77% in India consider the 'Instagram worthiness' of the vacationing destination, and its appeal when preparing for vacation.

Social Snappers

  • According to a report, 57% of Gen Z prefer to travel to destinations where they would look good in pictures. Likewise, more than 57% of Gen Z and 63% of millennials claim that when they travel, they always share pictures of the trip on social media.
  • About 50% of Gen Z took over 50 photos during their last vacation. 24% of them took "between 30 to 50 pictures each day, while another 24% took between 10 to 30 pictures a day. Further, another 12% took less than 10 pictures a day, while only 7% did not take a photo at all.
  • Research shows that 70% of Gen Z prefer to view travel posts and pictures on social media when deciding about which destination to visit. 44% consider social feed as their travel inspiration resource.
  • These findings dovetail nicely with the idea that Gen Z grew as digital natives who dissent an unplugged life, and 32% of them consider Wi-Fi as their most favorite accommodation amenity.

Freelance Gigs

Real-Time Sharing on Social Media

  • According to research published by Research Gate, in 2018, approximately 60% of all travelers intended to share their vacation experiences on social media each day; however, the younger generations were found to be more likely to do so.
  • Research shows that both the millennials and Gen Z'ers share their travel experiences on social media in real time; however, they write reviews of the places they have visited with a time lag.
  • 49% of millennials and Gen Z start uploading photos and posts about their travel experiences on social media during vacations.
  • Additionally, 27% of millennials in the U.S. have posted a travel destination on social media to gather different opinions before visiting or booking it online. Overall, 84% of millennials post their travel experiences online, specifically on Facebook, Instagram, and Tripadvisor.

The Need for Social Recognition

Deceptive Vacation Photos/Posts

  • According to a study by Allianz Global Assistance, millennial travelers are likely to post deceptive vacation pictures to make their social media followers jealous.
  • The study reveals that more than 36% of millennials have deceived their followers by posting pictures on social media that are aimed to make their vacationing look better than they are. Likewise, 15% of Gen X'ers and 5% of Baby Boomers have also done the same.
  • 65% of the millennials posting deceptive pictures do so to make others feel jealous, whereas 51% do so to compete with their peers.
  • Of those millennials posting deceptive photos to make their followers and other people envious, 28% are men and 16% women, while those posting to compete with other liars comprise 22% men and 8% women.

II. Psychographic Analysis of Millennial Travelers Who Share their Experiences on Social Medial

Reasons for Sharing on Social Media

  • Millennials who make many travel trips annually than any generation are also more likely than any generation to share their travel experiences on social media due to many reasons.
  • About 63% of millennials share their vacation experiences on social media to review the trip with an optimistic perception of the experience.
  • Another 58% share photos that they look best and that also reflect a great vacationing experience, while 52% of millennials share photos in which their surrounding looks best.
  • Interestingly, 37% of millennials share their travel experiences on social media to make family or friends jealous, and 27% do so to compete with others posting about their vacations.

U.S. Millennials Interests in Traveling

  • Research states that approximately 97% of millennial travelers share their experiences on social media. On that note, regardless of their interests in traveling, 9 out of ten millennials will share their experiences on social media.
  • Statistics published by The Wandering RV shows that 55% of millennials travel to relax and escape the normal life. Equally, 45% of millennials travel to visit their family and 50% to visit other people.
  • 34% of millennials "travel for a romantic gateway," while another 34% do so to experience more from life. A modest 23% of them go for vacationing to meet and befriend other travelers.
  • Overall, 25% of millennial families choose international destinations for their vacation, while 72% of millennial families have a specific destination planned for their future vacationing.

The U.S. Millennials Mindset

  • Research uncovering the millennial mindset reveals that image is everything. About "27% of millennials have spent in a hotel just to impress someone."
  • Millennials live for the now; hence, 33% are willing to forgo buying a house to take a dream vacation. They are also foodies and adventurous, with 79% claiming to be more adventurous about food when traveling than at home.
  • Get rich quick43% of millennials believe that they should receive their rewards program benefit as soon as they sign up. The experience is everything to the millennials, which explains why about 12% of them have quit their jobs to take a vacation or attend an event, concert, etc.
  • 69% of millennials consider freebies like snacks or breakfast sandwiches more essential compared to increased loyalty or reward points.
  • 18% of millennials cite comfortable beds as their second most important consideration when recommending a hotel to friends. When traveling, 61% of millennials carry hand sanitizer, while 30% wear earbuds to avoid talking to other people.

U.S. Millennials Work Harder and Play Harder

Research Methodology

To find insights into the habits of Gen Z and millennials regarding travel experiences, your research team leveraged statistical findings included in survey reports commissioned by renowned players in the travel industry and tourism companies. We relied on the most recent travel surveys focusing on millennials and Gen Z, including those published by Skift,, Visit Singapore, Hrčak, and The Center for Generational Kinetics, LLC. We also used findings published by leading business magazines, such as Forbes and PR Newswire, along with travel blogs, like Curly Tales and The Wandering RV. These resources included in-depth analyses and findings regarding the traveling behaviors of millennials and Gen Z. Therefore, we thoroughly examined each report to unearth all findings specific the habits of millennials and gen Z travelers regarding sharing their experiences online, and insights into the psychology of millennial travelers.