Transporting U.S. Commercial Goods

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Transporting U.S. Commercial Goods

To transport back U.S. commercial goods from Canada to U.S., an applicant only needs to show carnet documents to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) during re-importation. However, The Harmonized Tariff Schedule is responsible to determine whether the goods are subject to duty.


  • ATA Carnet provides duty- and tax-free export and import of items that will be transported back to the original country within a period of 12 months. Both U.S. and Canada accept carnets.
  • ATA Carnets cover items that are specifically for commercial goods samples, exhibitions and fairs (limited to six months), and professional equipment.
  • The goods covered by ATA Carnets cannot be commercialized, thrown away, or consumed in the foreign country. Items such as food, agricultural products, explosives, disposables and postal traffic, brochures, cleaning materials, or feed for animals are prohibited.
  • Carnets can be used multiple times in various locations, as long as they are used within 12-month time frame.
  • When the items covered by a U.S. issued carnet are re-imported back into the original country, Carnet documents, specifically the yellow re-importation counterfoil, are used as the customs control registration document (CF4455) and should be presented on re-importation to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). The Harmonized Tariff Schedule is responsible to determine whether the goods are subject to duty.
  • "The United States Council for International Business (USCIB) has been designated by U.S. Customs and Border Protection as the United States guaranteeing association. USCIB has appointed two ATA Carnet Service Providers, Roanoke Trade and Corporation for International Business DBA Boomerang Carnets to issue carnets on its behalf."
  • After completing the final trip, or when the carnet is passed the expiration date, all components of original carnet, including used and unused receipts and vouchers, shall be mailed back to Boomerang Carnets (18 East Dundee Road, Building 4, Suite 110, Barrington, Illinois 60010) or Roanoke Trade Services (Attn: ATA Carnet Department, 1475 East Woodfield Road, Suite 500, Schaumburg, IL 60173), depending on which service provider the applicant chooses. The applicant is advised to keep a copy of the original carnet.
  • Applicant may contact Boomerang Carnets HelpLine at (800) ATA-2900 or (800)282-2900 or by e-mail for additional information or Roanoke Trade Services at 1.800.Carnets (1.800.227.6387) or by e-mail at
  • If the holder of Carnet happens to violate the terms, they would be required to pay 110% of the import duties and taxes based on the country's customs plus additional penalty fees in which will be collected by the National Guaranteeing Association (NGA).

Applying for a Carnet

  • Before applying for a Carnet in United States, there are a few requirements needed to make sure the applicant has all the data.
  • The data/information needed by applicants includes: EIN or Taxpayer Identification Number, name(s) of the authorized representative of the person(s) who would present the carnet to customs, list of destination countries, list of countries in which the goods would be transiting during the journey, outbound and inbound anticipated modes of transportation, the detailed list of goods that will be transported (including model, serial numbers, quantity, value, weight, and country of origin), desired date of delivery of your Carnet document; Visa, American Express or MasterCard number and expiration date, unless applicant is going to pay by ACH or wire transfer; power of attorney, temporary transit and storage insurance information if available.
  • After collecting the information required, applicant may register or login to the official website of Boomerang Carnets or Roanoke Trade Services and follow the instructions.
  • The basic fees range from $235-$475, although there may be additional charge for security and service fees.
  • Due to the requirement of having a legal residence and Taxpayer ID, non-residents of U.S. might not be able to obtain a U.S. Carnet in order to transport items out of U.S. However, this issue may be discussed and resolved by contacting Glendy Sung at 212.703.5073 or
  • Canadian Chamber of Commerce provides the service for carnet application in Canada which can be contacted at 613.238.4000 or by email (

Expiring Carnets

  • There will be no penalties or duties for an expiring ATA Carnet that is a U.S. issued Carnet assessed by the U.S., although penalties assessed by a foreign country may apply if the items are yet to be exported from that country.
  • Carnet extensions may not be available for all countries.
  • Carnet extension application should be submitted before the Carnet in use is expired. Applications that are submitted less than 21 days prior to expiration will be charged a non-refundable RUSH fee. Even if the application is denied by foreign national guaranteeing organization, the holder of Carnet will still pay application fee from the selected service provider and any RUSH fees.


  • "Upon completion of the final trip, or the expiration of the carnet, the original carnet, including all used and unused counterfoils and vouchers must be returned, by receipted mail to: Boomerang carnets®. Please keep a copy of the entire carnet, including blank pages, for your records."