Transportation and Mobility Publications and Research

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Transportation and Mobility Publications and Research

We have compiled below a comprehensive (within the request's time frame) list of market research, publications, and industry reports discussing public transportation and the future of mobility in Canada. We have included the pertinent reports from the past couple of years, beginning January 2018 and focusing on the recently published ones.

Canadian Public Transportation and the Future of Mobility Research Publications

1) Public Transportation in Canada — Market Research Report by IBIS World

  • On August 20, 2020, IBIS World published a comprehensive report on the Canadian public transportation industry. The same includes industry trends, industry outlook over the 2020-2025 period, key statistics related to the Canadian public transportation industry, and the biggest companies operating in the public transportation industry in Canada.
  • The same is a one-time report and is behind the paywall. The link to the paid report, along with its snapshot and purchase details, can be found here.

2) Urban Mobility FORUM Magazine by CUTA

  • The Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA) publishes Urban Mobility FORUM magazine, which provides comprehensive and updated news about the Canadian transit system. The same is closely followed by transit systems, government agencies, suppliers and manufacturers, consultants, and other affiliates; and is distributed to approximately 4,500 CUTA contacts in Canada and around the world.
  • The magazine is published quarterly, and the latest issue of the same can be found here. The same was published in Q2'2020.

3) Rail Innovation In Canada: Top 10 Technology Areas for Passenger and Freight Rail by CUTRIC

  • In June 2020, the Canadian Urban Transit Research & Innovation Consortium (CUTRIC) published a detailed research report on the innovations in Canadian rail transport. The main purpose of the report is to highlight the "Top 10 feasible technology theme areas that will build Canada's future passenger and freight mobility system."
  • This is a one-time report. The link to the complete report can be found here. This is the latest edition of the report, which was published in August 2020.

4) Transportation Statistics Published by Statistics Canada

  • Statistics Canada publishes a comprehensive list of various transport statistics, including public rail transportation. These statistics are published on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis. The latest set of stats were published in August 2020 and can be accessed here.
  • The latest set of statistics published specifically related to the Canadian rail transportation can be accessed here. Some key statistics published include 'Transportation activity indicators', 'Transportation system utilization and performance', and 'Railway Transport Survey', among others.

5) Investing in Canada by Infrastructure Canada

  • The report elaborates upon the Government of Canada’s comprehensive, long-term plan for building a prosperous and inclusive country through historic infrastructure investments. One of the key investment areas highlighted in the report is the public transportation system in Canada.
  • It was published in 2020 (the exact month was not available) and can be accessed here. This is a one-time report.

6) Integrating Health and Transportation in Canada by TAC

  • In November 2019, the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) had published a research report which elaborates upon the integration of transportation, land use, and health related work in Canada.
  • This is a one-time report. The link to the complete report can be accessed here.

7) 2018-2028 Canadian Transit Infrastructure Needs by Steer

  • The above report was published in January 2019 by Steer on behalf of CUTA. It summarizes the results of the biennial survey of CUTA transit system members and highlights the investment needs of the Canadian public transit system over a ten-year period.
  • This is a one-time report and can be accessed here.

8) 2019 Rail Trends by the Railway Association of Canada

  • The Railway Association of Canada publishes an annual trends report that highlights the performance of Canada’s railway industry. This publication contains a rolling 10-year review of financial and statistical results, reflecting multiple aspects of railway performance in Canada
  • The latest edition of the report was published in December 2019 and can be accessed here.

9) Canadian Transit Ridership Trends Study prepared by The University of Toronto for CUTA

  • The report was published in October 2018 and contains a detailed analysis of the emerging trends in the Canadian transit ridership, especially additional capital investments in public transit systems across Canada.
  • The report contains a synthesis of the research findings of 14 recent reports published by CUTA, American Public Transportation Association (APTA), Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP), and other transportation research centers (e.g., Pew Research Center, Victoria Transport Policy Institute, etc.).
  • The same is a one-time report. The link to the complete report can be found here. CUTA has also published a series of other reports on urban and public transit in Canada. These can be viewed here.

10) Transportation in Canada by Transport Canada

  • The report was initially published in 2018 and modified in July 2020 by Transport Canada. It provides a detailed overview and analysis of the national transportation infrastructure in Canada and the future of mobility in Canada, as outlined by the Transportation Modernization Act. The same has been enacted to implement Transportation 2030, a strategic plan for implementing "a safe, secure, green, innovative, and integrated transportation system" in Canada.
  • This is a one-time report and can be accessed here.

11) The Future of Canada’s Mass Mobility: Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electric by CUTRIC

  • The report was published in May 2019 by CUTRIC. It provides an analysis of future developments in the Canadian mass mobility sector.
  • This is a one-time report and can be accessed here.

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