Transportation Dedicated To The Elderly and Sick - Spain and Norway

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Transportation Dedicated To The Elderly and Sick - Norway

As indicated in the spreadsheet, the only community that provides transportation services in Norway that is solely dedicated to the elderly and the sick in DISCA. The transportation program is available across Norway and seniors, and the sick can be accessed using vans or wheelchairs. However, while several transportation service providers were required, we only identified one. Below is a methodology that we used in an attempt to find this information.


The first strategy was to check for government agencies that provide transportation services in Norway. Some of the sources we looked at include Transport Norway, Norwegian Transportation Plan for 2018-2029 and the Ministry of Transport. Our objective was to locate any transportation programs specifically dedicated to the elderly and the sick. However, while there was information on volunteers and communities that provide transportation to this segment, it was not their sole target clientele, and they also served the public.
We also identified a senior transportation program for disabled citizens that was run by volunteers. The program was known as the Senior Transportation Program, a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization. It involved retired seniors who volunteered to use their vehicles and their time to transport the sick and seniors to medical appointments. However, the program was only mentioned in an article that dates back to 2010, and there are no current articles on the same, which makes it impossible to determine if the program is still running.

The second strategy was to conduct a search based on the Norwegian language while using ‘google translate’ to translate the key terms. Some of these include eldre, frivillig samfunnstransport, pasienttransport for eldre, tilpasset spesialtransport, and ridesharing app for eldre og funksjonshemmede. However, this strategy resulted in the identification of various communities and non-profit volunteer organizations like the National Council for Senior Citizens, Care Foundation, DISCA, and the Norwegian Association of Disabled (NAD). While all these communities are involved in enhancing the welfare of the elderly and the sick in Norway, it is only DISCA that offers transportation services that are solely dedicated to this segment of the population.

The next strategy was to check for non-profit organizations in Norway, such as Blue Cross, Autism Society, ADHD Association, the Norwegian OCD Association, LPP, the SOR Foundation, and Adults for Children. While these organizations catered to the mental and social development of people with various conditions such as autism and mental issues, none of them specifically focused on offering transport to the affected people. As such, this strategy was futile.

Our next strategy was to focus on digital applications like Simon ICT, Moovit, and Be My Eyes. We established that while Moovit and Be My Eyes provided public transit services in Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Sweden and Norway, their services were accessible to the sick and disabled, but these applications also served the general public.

We then shifted our search to market reports on the transportation market for the sick and the disabled and wheelchair accessible vehicles. In this case, we checked the global market report for taxis and limousines and the ridesharing industry. Our intention was to identify any taxis solely dedicated to the sick and the elderly and to check for standard vehicles that had been modified to fit wheelchairs for the sick and elderly. Some of the sources checked include Transparency Market Research Report, PRNewswire, McKinsey, World Bank Reports, Credence, and Deloitte. Companies mentioned included Lyft and Uber, although both companies also offer services to the general public. Additionally, we identified leading manufacturers, but there was no mention of communities that are dedicated to providing transportation services to the disabled and the sick.

Our final strategy was to attempt triangulation whereby the assumption was that communities that offer transportation services for the elderly and the sick across Europe also cater to the Norwegian market. Some of the sources we checked include Sage Traveling, Visit Norway and Transport Odisabili. Based on this strategy, only Sage Traveling provides transport services to the sick and the elderly in Norway and Europe, but it was a company and not a community as required. As such, it has been included as helpful findings. SIMON ICT platform also offers transportation services for the disabled and elderly in Europe, but the service is not available in Norway. As such, this strategy was also futile.

In conclusion, while there were several communities, ridesharing applications, and volunteers that provide transportations services to the elderly and the sick, most of them also serve the general public.



This is a community that provides transportation that is dedicated to the elderly and sick people in Norway through its transportation program. It is available all over the country, and the seniors can be accessed by wheelchairs and vans, based on their individual needs. The rides can be booked for medical appointments or dinner and shopping at local senior centers.


These are companies, applications, or communities that also offer transportation services to the sick and the elderly, but they also serve other target groups.


The company operates in the Bergen area of Norway and has 38 modern minibuses and 350 taxis to provide transportation to the disabled and the sick, whether they are using wheelchairs or stretchers. However, the company also provides transport to children and corporate teams.


This company provides transportation services to cater for the sick and elderly. Additionally, the firm has expertise in European accessible travel which enables it to provide customized accessible holidays for the disabled and senior regardless of their mobility issues such as the use of scooters, wheelchairs, or walkers. The company operates in Norway and requires all the information relating to the needs of the elderly clients to be provided before commencement of the trip, which ensures it is adequately prepared for each trip.


Moovit is an application that is used globally. It helps transit agencies, cities, and governments to regain control of urban mobility by providing an integrated and sustainable mobility platform that empowers smart cities. As such, it is used to provide public transportation services for the sick, disabled, and the public in Norway.


The VY Group provides transportation services to people with disabilities and the public in Nordic countries. It is owned by the Norwegian government through its Ministry of Transport and Communications. People with disabilities are entitled to travel with the company.
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Transportation Dedicated To The Elderly and Sick - Spain

Transportation services in Spain that are solely dedicated to elderly and sick people include Hazloposible Foundation, Gaztelan Foundation, SOMI, Canarian Foundation, VerdiBlanca, Joyners, FEPAMIC Federation, Adaptrans, and VENZE. All the requested information about transportation services in Spain that are solely dedicated to elderly and sick people have been populated in the attached spreadsheet.


We started the search by looking for a list of transportation services in Spain that are solely dedicated to the sick and the elderly in the community. We included services from a community, volunteers, ridesharing for seniors, or through an app or digital services. We looked into articles such as Elpais, La Moncloa, Expatica, and others. We also used transportation databases such as Ovid, iRAP, Capal, and others. However, the search did not yield any fruitful results and the only information we found was related to discounts for elderly tourists.

We then decided to compile a list of transportation services in Spain that are solely dedicated to transporting sick and elderly people. We were able to find nine organizations that primarily provide transportation services to the sick and elderly. These organizations include Hazloposible Foundation, Gaztelan Foundation, SOMI, and others. One of the services is an application dedicated to the elderly, the sick, and people with reduced mobility.

Hazloposible Foundation

The Hazloposible Foundation gives volunteer transportation services for mainly the elderly and the sick participating in various family events, community events, medical appointments, and other events. The foundation uses adapted vehicles to transport these people.

Gaztelan Foundation

The Gazletan Foundation is a foundation that provides transportation for mainly the elderly and the sick, including those with mental disorders. The services they offer include tours, medical appointments, and more. Their vehicles are well-equipped for wheelchairs, and they even offer volunteer assistance to give better services.


Somi is a service offered by the Calatan Society of Special Assistance. The service uses adopted vehicles for the elderly and the sick. The services they offer include visits to daycares, hospitals, Family events, and other recreational activities.

Canarian Foundation

The Canarian Foundation is a community-based foundation that primarily provides transportation for the elderly and the sick. Its services are available in Gran Canaria, and they offer door-to-door assistance with a confirmation call.


Verdiblanca offers transportation for the sick and the elderly who are contracted with the Science of the Junta de Andalucía and Ministry of Education. Their services include regular visits to rehabilitation centers and hospitals and more.


Joyners uses specially adapted transportation vehicles to primarily transport elderlies to their daily activities such as medical appointments, weddings, and more. Moreover, the services include well-trained caregivers with a 24/7 service. The organization offers flexible pricing with no contracts.

Fepamic Federation

The FEPAMIC Federation is a community-based foundation that primarily transports the sick and the elderly. Their services include regular visits to daycares, hospitals, family events, employment, and other recreational activities.


Adaptrans is a national organization that mainly transport elderly and sick people with the use of their adapted transportation vehicles. Their vehicles have a considerable amount of modifications which include mechanical aids such as door handles and side steps.


VENZE is the first transportation app made for the sick, the elderly, and those who have reduced mobility. The app assigns qualified staff members to various clients, to make sure that they receive the best services they need. The app offers a fixed price with no hidden charges. Additionally, it provides 24/7 customer service.


From Part 02
  • "The Association is equipped with three adapted vehicles, and exceptionally when the member does not have transport covered to attend medical appointments, family events, or activities organized by the association itself or in their community environment, this service is provided with staff volunteer that meets the requirements for driving private or collective transport of people with mobility problems."
  • "A service created to support and help families with dependents, serious mental disorder, elderly or disabled, to facilitate assistance to different services and programs. "
  • " It is an adapted transport (people who use a wheelchair, with little stability, etc.) and assisted (there is a person in charge of the care and attention of those people during the transfers). It is carried out from door to door (from the home to a center or from center to center)."
  • "For dependents and with severe mental disorder, the minimum frequency is 2 transport per week and the maximum of 2 transport per day. For the elderly and the disabled, the minimum frequency is 1 biweekly transport and the maximum of 1 daily transport."
  • "SOMI! It is a personalized service of accompaniment and transportation for seniors and of any age with reduced mobility, by means of adapted cars, to carry out any activity in which you need our support. "
  • "Accompaniment of entry and exit of a day center Accompaniment to visits to hospitals, to the visit of the family doctor and nursing Accompaniment at night to attend shows, for example the theater, opera, concert"
  • "Accompaniment for excursions or socio-cultural outings (also small groups) Accompaniment to make purchases of personal items or for example accompaniment for family celebration in the surroundings of Barcelona"
  • "The Canarian Foundation for the Promotion of Adapted Special Transport provides collective Adapted Transport services in Gran Canaria to all persons with disabilities and reduced mobility, who can not access regular public transport."
  • "It is a collective transport service (adapted buses) that allows people with disabilities and reduced mobility to travel without depending on regular public transport. Its function is to help eliminate barriers in its daily transport ."
  • "Specifically, there are 14 adapted vans of which VERDIBLANCA has, and that are specifically used to carry out door-to-door transportation for services contracted with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Junta de Andalucía and of Equality and Social Welfare, enabling minors with disabilities attend as normalized to carry out their school activities, or older people who attend day centers, or users of our rehabilitation center , our leisure activities and our center with occupational therapy 'Juan Goytisolo'."
  • "Need to be picked up from hospital? Do you have a medical appointment or wedding?"
  • "This service, carried out by the FEPAMIC Federation, allows access for people with disabilities and restricted mobility to any activity, which contributes to improving their quality of life."
  • "In short, it is about facilitating access to the different services offered by Fepamic, such as rehabilitation, employment, as well as other educational and leisure activities. For example, allow the transfer to people with disabilities to the university education system."
  • "ADAPTRANS is the main national company specialized in transport adapted for people with reduced mobility."
  • "Our work is carried out both in discretionary and school transport as well as in tourism and congress , as well as carrying out training support ."
  • "VENZE is the new application that allows people with reduced mobility to make transfers in 100% accessible vehicles . Our commitment is to transform cities and promote free mobility. You simply need to download the app and you can move, when and where you need it. Your journeys from now on have no limits!"
  • "A very important characteristic of Adaptrans is the specialization in the design of specific vehicle adaptation systems. For 7 years we have been working with different bodybuilders to improve the technical aids in transport and have designed various solutions in side steps and door handles , as well as an improvement in the floor of the vehicles to solve any difficulty in internal mobility ."
  • "The maintenance and safety of vehicles is a priority for Adaptrans , checks and verifications of all the mechanical, electrical and vehicle accessories are carried out periodically, making special effort in the control of all active and passive safety elements and adaptations of the vehicles (ramps, steps, handles ...) so that they are in perfect working order."